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Bella- Forks, Washington- Charlie's house(Bella's Room)

I was just lying there in my bed weeks after Edward proposed to me. I was thinking about him actually changing me if I married him. I tried to remember Charlie and Renee but the thought of being with Edward forever was unbearable. When I finally did get to sleep I felt something wet covering my nose and mouth. Someone was putting me to sleep. I thrashed wildly until the contents on the covering took hold and I went unconscious.

Edward-Forks, Washington- Cullen Manor

I couldn't be at Bella's tonight because I had to go hunting. I hadn't been in weeks. I had left early so I came back around midnight. I went home for a little to change clothes and I saw Alice looking petrified. "Alice what's wrong?" I asked her urgently. "Bella's been kidnapped." Alice told me not moving. I was shocked I hurried to Bella's to see for myself and sure enough she was gone. I feel to my knees.


I woke up to a black room. It was gloomy and the ceiling was dripping small bits of water. It looked kind of like a jail cell. Though there were no bars. I though at first it was night out, but then I realized there were no windows or doors. How did I get in here? The walls were bricks up about twenty feet above my head. There was no way anybody could find me now. Then I saw something walk through the wall. He smiled at me with a pleasant smile that made me shudder. "Good Morning Bella." He told me. His voice was like velvet, but then again all the vampires that I knew had velvet like voices. What bothered me was that it sounded exactly like Edward's! "Wh who are you?' I managed to choke out. "That really doesn't matter now does it Bella?" said the man. I couldn't see his face in the darkness. I could only see the outline of his figure.

Edward- Forks, Washington- Cullen Manor

I ran back to my house as fast as I could. My family was in the main room. Emmett looked perplexed. "What's up with you Emmett?" I asked, suddenly wishing I hadn't. "You went to go see Bella at eleven last night." He accused. "No I didn't Emmett I needed to go hunting." I spoke through gritted teeth, because they all saw me leave earlier yesterday morning. "Emmett's right Edward," Rosalie said. "You came back at ten forty-five and told us you were going to see Bella right away." I looked at Alice for help. "I don't know what to tell you Edward." Alice finally said. "We were all in the living room when you came in." "What are you talking about!You all saw me leave yesterday morning!" I was starting to get pissed off. I was so mad that I went over to the T.v. and I smashed it. "Why aren't you guys trying to help me find Bella!" I roared and with that I was off.

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