A/N: Short I know, but I prefer to call it poignant.

She had been early, instead of on time. Cuddy had been beyond pissed, she had scheduled a c-section and then gone into labour five days before the scheduled date. She had screamed about it on the way to the hospital, and continued to yell about it once arriving. At least at that point she was yelling at the OB and not him. Once the anaesthesiologist arrived two long hours later, she had stopped yelling and started worrying. They weren't ready. She wasn't ready. He hadn't known it would be this difficult. He had figured she would scream at him, and he would let her until there was a baby there to distract her. He didn't know that suddenly he would have to become the calm one. The sure one. A role he wasn't used to, but she had latched onto his words when he spoke to her, low and in her ear as she gripped his hand tightly. "You can do this. I know." She had nodded, not speaking but her hand had tightened almost painfully.

Later, he wouldn't be able to tell anyone quite how it felt. The knowledge that your heart was sure to beat out of your chest as they laid a tiny baby in his arms and she had watched with tears in her eyes. He thought he didn't like kids, and really he still didn't but she was different. She was perfect. Wide blue eyes staring up at him intensely from an extremely pissed off face as she sucked on her fingers contently. She had frowned up at him and he had almost laughed out loud because in that moment she looked so like her mother it was comical. He hadn't laughed though, merely leaned down as best he could so Lisa could see her, and watched as her eyes filled with tears and she reached out a finger to brush against the baby's cheek. She had sobbed, trying to explain that she wasn't upset, but he had told her to stop talking, he knew.

Now he stood, staring down at his sleeping daughter as Lisa slept in the bed a few feet away. She was cleaned up now, fed and content to simply stare up at him thoughtfully as if searching for an answer in his face. Lisa had fallen asleep a while ago, and he let her sleep, knowing she needed it and content to have this moment. When the door whispered open after a small knock and Wilson crept in,followed by his team, he could only stand there with a stupid smile on his face that he was sure he'd never live down, but he was past caring. They all inspected the baby dutifully, but Cameron was the one who reached a hand out, with a whispered "She's beautiful." He nodded, because of course she was. After a moment they all left, leaving him and Wilson and a sleeping Lisa in peace.

"So what's the name?" Wilson's voice was quiet and he looked up from his daughter's gaze.

"Abigail Cuddy House. I like it. She wouldn't tell me before hand though." He laughed dryly and Abigail startled at the sound, raising a hand to her face and blinking for a moment before settling back down and closing her eyes.

"It's Hebrew." Wilson spoke softly, his voice sure and knowing but warm.

"Do you know what it means?"

"Father's joy." Her voice answered instead of Wilson's and he glanced across in surprise. Rising he walked over to the side of the bed, carefully depositing the now sleeping baby in her arms and watching as she stared at her in wonder, an expression he was sure he was sporting as well.

"It's perfect." He whispered next to her ear, not noticing as Wilson left the room silently sliding the glass door shut behind him. She looked up at him with a smile and oddly serious eyes.

"I know." He kissed her softly, sweet and lingering for a moment before the baby squirmed between them and they broke away with a smile. Outside the rain fell steadily, a soothing pattern against the window.