I'll Find You


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Chapter one- Anti-social

Roxas sat at his desk, doing nothing, just staring out the window. The blond boy was very bored, and it looked like nothing was going to change that any time soon. But he was wrong. Oh so very wrong. He was listening to his music, so he didn't hear the classroom door open, didn't hear when the secretary told the teacher that the new student was going to be in this class. Didn't hear the startled gasps and whistles as the new boy walked in.

Axel looked over to his friend, noticing that he was in his own world again, so he nudged the boy with his elbow. Roxas turned to look at Axel, annoyed at being interrupted from his busy schedule of doing nothing. "What?" He sulked, turning off his music.

"Hey, did you see the new kid?" Axel whispered, pointing towards the front. Roxas rolled his eyes, shifting his gaze from the red haired boy beside him to the front of the room, where a boy was standing. Roxas's eyes widened, and his mouth opened the tiniest bit. Something Axel didn't overlook.

At the front of the room, a boy with cinnamon colored hair, multiple ear piercings, and all in black stood, glaring with intensely blue eyes. Roxas noticed that he wasn't glaring in any direction, it just looked like he was permanently angry. The boy also liked chains, and was wearing black eyeliner. His shirt was a short sleeved black button up, with a black tie around his neck. He was wearing a pair of black fingerless gloves, and had some bracelets on his arms and wrists.

"Class." The teacher nervously took a look at the kid. "We have a new student. His name is..."

"Sora." The kid, or now we know, Sora spoke up, his voice deeper than Roxas had expected, sent chills down his spine.

"Right, Sora. Why don't you tell us a little about yourself?" The teacher said, taking the opportunity to take a couple of steps back.

Sora nodded, leaning against the chalkboard. "My name is Sora. I'm here because I got kicked out of my last school. I don't like people, so don't talk to me unless you have something important to say. And stay out of my way." Sora glared at the class, standing straight.

"Right." The teacher was even more nervous now. "Well, the only empty seat appears to be next to Roxas. Roxas raise your hand please."

I felt a jolt run through me, and I raised my hand. Sora briefly nodded, and walked to the seat. He sat down, leaning back in the chair, not saying a word.

The teacher continued to teach the lesson, not looking in Sora's direction at all. It seems like Sora really unnerved him. Sora paid no attention, pulling a black book out of his backpack. He also got out a shabby looking pencil case, pulling out a pencil and an eraser. Roxas watched as he opened the black book, and lightly started to trail the pencil across the page. Roxas leaned over a little, to look better at the page. He was surprised when Sora looked up, studying his face, before flicking the pencil across the page once again. Axel was surprised as well, not being able to see the picture. The teacher continued the lesson, mindlessly droning on about some guy that no one cared about. A few minutes later, Sora looked up at me agin, raising his eyebrow, then bending over his book once again. He frowned as he realized that something was wrong, and grabbed his eraser, scrubbing the page with it, easing the pencil to draw the curve better this time. He nodded once, and I turned my music back on, waiting for class to end, bored with sitting there and doing nothing but watching the new kid. My music was loud enough to hear from the next few seats over, but no one complained, liking the distraction. The teacher didn't hear it, but Sora did, his hand stopping, pausing in mid-motion, sitting very still. The lyrics came on, and they were loud enough for Sora to hear apparently, as I saw him give a tiny smile, mouthing along to the lyrics.

Are we so alone, so distant, so forgotten

As we think ourselves to be?

These are our lives, but did they even matter?

Are we even worth remembering?

These machines feed on the tears

Of broken lives and dying dreams.

Throwing wrenches in the gears

Our lives will not be lived in vain.

When this is all said and done

We spent this life on the run

Judged by the company we keep.

Our language buried deep inside

These lungs that keep us alive.

We breathe so selfishly.

Promises we plan to break

Are made in whispered voices

Our despair knows many names

We make mistakes.

But we apologize with roses

That we never stopped to smell along the way.

These machines feed on the tears

Of broken lives and dying dreams.

Throwing wrenches in the gears

Our lives will not be lived in vain.

We fell from the sky today

We melt into balls of clay

We sell ourselves everyday

Don't tell me how to live this way.

Pushed so far to the edge

We teeter just on the brink

You can lead me to the bloodbath

But you can't make me drink.

These machines feed on the tears

Of broken lives and dying dreams.

Throwing wrenches in the gears

Our lives will not be lived in vain...

The song trailed off, but another song didn't come on. Roxas looked at his mp3 player with confusion, scowling when he noticed the problem. The battery had died on him. Great.

Axel looked over at the small blond boy, surprised when the boy moodily pulled the earphones out of his ears, and stuffed the mp3 player into his bag. Sora was still drawing, and the teacher was still droning. Roxas leaned over to look at the picture, but before he could see it, Sora snapped his head up, and glared at the blond. Roxas blinked, and leaned back to his seat again. Bored, he laid his head down on the desk, sighing.

"Bored?" Axel raised his eyebrow, snickering at the look on the blond's face.

"Gee, how could you tell?" Roxas rolled his eyes, dropping his head down on his desk with a 'thud'once more.Sora looked up once more, located the source of the noise, and raised an amused eyebrow. He shrugged it off, looked at the blonde once more, and continued to flick his pencil carefully and quickly across the page once again. Roxas was curious about the picture Sora was drawing, but didn't dare to try and look again. The scratching noise of the pencil ceased, and Roxas turned his head to see Sora laying his pencil down, glancing at the clock, and putting his book away after tearing out the page he had just been sketching on. Roxas too looked at the clock, mentally counting down the seconds until class was over. 5...4...3...2...1...BRING!

The loud bell that sounded suspiciously like a phone rang, students all stampeding towards the doors, trying to get out so they could talk to their friends before next class started.

Roxas was startled however, as someone poked his arm. Turning, he saw Sora, standing beside him with a piece of paper in his hand. "Here." He shoved the paper at the blond, turning and walking out the door as well. Roxas blinked, and shrugged, hurrying to catch up to Axel, who had seen the exchange.

"So, what's that?" Axel pointed to the paper.

"Don't know." Roxas shrugged, flipping it over, gasping in shock, Axel doing the same. On the paper was a perfect image of Roxas, sitting at his desk, propping his head up with his hand, a small smile on his lips, looking off into space.

"Oh my God!" Axel yelled, catching several people's attention. One in particular, a tall blond who looked a little like Roxas stepping out of the crowd, walking over to the boy's side, curious about what had gotten him and Axel all worked up.

"Roxas, Axel." the blond boy said, nodding at the two.

"Hey Cloud." Roxas nodded back. "What's up?"

"I was just walking by, and I couldn't help but notice that you looked a little surprised, and since you don't get surprised easily, I decided to see what this was all about." Cloud explained.

"I see." Axel smirked. "Checking up on little Roxy?"

"Roxas, Axel, ROXAS!" Roxas scowled, muttering threats under his breath.

"Yeah, yeah, whatever." Axel shrugged. "But Cloud, you know how we got a couple of new families that moved here recently?"

"Yeah, what of it?"

"Well," Axel continued. "One of the new families had a kid in our class. He's even moodier than you and Roxas put together. He's really anti-social, but he seems to have taken a liking to Roxas here." Axel smirked. "He drew a picture of him. Show him Roxas."

Roxas held out the paper to Cloud, who took it, his eyes also widening in surprise. "Man, this kid's great!"

"Great?!" Axel all but shrieked. "He's FANTASTIC!"

"Yea." Cloud nodded, looking to the scrawled signature at the bottom. "S.D.?"

"His name is Sora, but we don't know his last name." Axel shrugged, Cloud shrugging as well, before handing the picture back to Roxas.

"Well, sounds like this kid's fun. Just be careful little brother." Cloud patted Roxas's head, the younger frowning and whining at the taller blond. The much taller blond.

"Cloud!" Roxas slapped the older's hand away. "Don't!"

"Awww..." Cloud smirked. "But it's so fun to tease you!"

Roxas grumbled under his breath, Cloud and Axel snickering.

"Well, I've got to get to class now, you two should do the same." Cloud said, waving to the two boys. They waved back, watching Cloud blend into the crowd of students.

"Well, might as well get to class like he said." Roxas sighed. "We've got a minute and a half to get to math."

"Alright." Axel nodded, following the smaller boy up to the math room. And wonder of wonders, there sat Sora, his feet propped up on the desk, already working on another sketch. He was staring at his paper so intensely, that Roxas was afraid he would burn holes in it. He seemed to be in his own little world, when Axel and Roxas sat beside him, one on each side of him.

Sora said nothing, just continued to sketch what it was that he had been working on. It was a sketch of himself, but he appeared much younger, standing beside an older boy who looked like him. Sora was sitting in the grass, the older boy leaning against a tree.

"Who's that?" Axel pointed to the other boy in the picture, startling Sora, who didn't notice them come in. "Sorry," Axel shrugged apologetically. "Didn't mean to startle you."

"It's fine." Sora blinked, and turned back to his sketch.

"Okay then." Roxas shrugged at the red haired boy, who shrugged back.

"Wow, Sora you draw really well!" Axel tried to start another conversation.

"Thanks." Sora nodded.

"Where did you learn to draw like that?" Roxas asked.

"My mother taught me." Sora's face saddened for a second, but returned to it's neutral state almost immediately.

"Neat." Roxas smiled ruefully. "I've been trying to learn how to draw for a long time now, but I just can't get it."

"Would you like some help?" Sora turned to face the blond, interest flickering over his face briefly.

"Really?!" Roxas was very enthused about the idea. "You would really help me?"

"Why not?" Sora shrugged.

"Hey, can you help me too?" Axel asked, hope lighting his eyes. "I'm hopeless at drawing. I'll fail art class if I don't learn."

"We can't have that, now can we?" Sora smirked, but nodded. "Fine. I'll teach you both."

"Great!" Axel smiled, Roxas also smiling at the brunet. "Hey, do you know anyone here?" Axel asked.

Sora shook his head no, and Axel grinned. "Wanna sit with us at lunch then?"

Sora shrugged, but thought about it for a minute, debating whether or not it was a good idea to get involved with people again. Sora nodded, Axel smiling at Roxas across the table.

"Great!" Roxas smiled. "Lunch is next, so we can go right from here to outside."

"Sure." Sora nodded, finishing a curve on the older boy's body on the paper.

"Sounds like a plan!" Axel commented, looking at the sketch once more. "But who is that?" He pointed to the older male in the picture. "He looks a lot like you. Minus the crazy spikes of course."

"It's...my brother." Sora said, sadness in his voice. The bell for class rang, the teacher standing at the front of the class, calling for the class's attention.

"Class!" The teacher yelled, eventually getting loud enough for everyone to hear him, and stop making noise. "That's better. Now, we have a new student joining us today. Would Sora Dark pleas stand up."

Sora glared, standing up slowly. The teacher smiled, and Sora just continued to glare.

"Now, I'm sure you know what you're doing in math, as your mark in your last report states." Sora nodded, and sat back down. "Right then." The teacher looked at some papers in his hand. "It sais here that you actually enjoy math."

Most of the students turned to look at the brunet with shock written on their faces. Roxas and Axel included.

"What?" Sora's voice was cold, scaring some of the students into turning around. The rest didn't want to start something, and also turned back to face the front.

"Is something wrong?" The teacher looked back to Sora, who shrugged.

"Not anymore." his voice was a little less cold now.

"Good." The teacher turned to write something on the blackboard, starting the lesson. It was a very boring class.


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