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Chapter 1

Santa Fe was different to New York City. It was warmer, for one thing. Quieter and less busy. But, Roger supposed that it would be the same everywhere. Angel's voice came into his head.

"It's a comfort to know," She had said whilst walking down the subway steps. "When you're singing the 'Hit the Road' blues, that anywhere else you can possibly go after New York would be … a Pleasure Cruise."

Roger smiled to himself. She was right. Angel was always right, he realised. But now she had gone. And he'd left New York for Santa Fe. Left New York, Mark, Collins and …

"Mimi." Her name fell from his lips in a whispered sigh.

He saw her everywhere. From in the street where he was performing to sitting in the bars that he sometimes played at to test the public's reactions to his music.

Roger was walking to the bar he was scheduled to play at, when he thought he saw Mimi to his left, leaning against a wall, smoking. He turned around quickly hoping to catch her before she disappeared. She always disappeared. It only took the time for Roger to blink before she vanished again this time. She had gone.

"Because you left her behind in New York." Roger muttered, angry at himself. "Of course she's not going to be here."

It had been a month since he'd left New York after Halloween. Now it was nearing December and was getting colder, even in New Mexico. He hadn't spoken to anyone from back home in a while - conflicting schedules, he supposed.

Roger went about the motions of preparing for his set. The first night he had performed again was at on open mic night two weeks after his arrival in the city. He had chosen to sing one of his old bands songs.

The rush of performing in front of a large audience had come racing back to him after that. Roger remembered why he'd loved it so much.

He picked up his guitar and took a deep breath, calming himself before walking into the bright stage light.

"Uh, hey everyone," He addressed the audience, speaking into the microphone. "It's me again."

The audience applauded wildly causing Roger to laugh deeply.

"Alright," he chuckled. "Let's see if you feel the same way after you hear this."

Then he began to play. It wasn't exactly a Roger Davis original, the song he'd chosen to sing that night - his band had played it all the time back in college, before they'd all gone their separate ways - but he had tweaked a few chords and changed a few lyrics to make it his own. Besides, these people from Santa Fe didn't know the difference.

"This,"Roger sang the last line with his eyes closed, putting as much effort behind it as he could. "Is The End."

His fingers danced along the guitar strings, pulling the song to a close.

The crowd once again applauded wildly and whistled their encouragement.

"Thank you!" Roger called out to the crowd before leaving the stage and mumbling to himself.

"Roger Davis?"

The man in question jerked his head upwards at the unfamiliar voice he heard.

"Maybe," he answered. "Who wants to know?"

"Oh, my apologies," the man said whilst handing Roger a business card, "I'm Michael Turner from SF Records. We've heard your music before tonight and were wondering if you would consider recording a demo with us."

Roger took the offered business card and stared down at it in shock. This could be it. His one chance at Glory.

"Oh, um, Mr Turner, was it?" Roger managed to splutter out.

"Call me Mike," Mike smiled kindly.

"Right, Mike. Okay," Roger was cursing his inability to make sense at that moment. "Listen, I'm thrilled to be offered, but I would appreciate it if you could give me some time to think about this?"

Mike blinked, obviously not used to having people answer that way.

"Of course," was all he said, however. "My number is on the card. Call us when you reach a decision."

Roger's beeper went off then.

"Shit," he mumbled to himself, turning off the beeper, before looking up at the businessman in front of him again. "Yeah, I'll be sure to do that. I've got to go."

Roger barrelled past Mike without waiting for a 'goodbye' and towards his 'changing room' - which was really only a small closet where Roger kept his stuff while performing - to get his AZT.

Taking the small white pill in his fingers, Roger looked at in disgust before swallowing it with a grimace. Then he sat down on his guitar case and thought about what had just happened.

He'd been offered a record deal. Strange that he hadn't been noticed back in New York where he had a higher possibility of making it, but Roger wasn't going to dwell on that information.

He couldn't help the smile that overtook his face. This was it. His chance to leave something behind. Not only one song as he'd originally planned but possibly an entire album. There was no way he was going to pass up this opportunity.

Roger quickly gathered his coat and guitar and after receiving an awkward congratulatory hug from the owner of the bar, he raced back towards his motel, eager to tell his best friend the good news.

Opening the door to his cheap room, Roger dumped his stuff by the door and jumped onto the bed, snatching up the phone as he did so.

He was practically jumping with excitement as he dialled the familiar number.


Not even receiving the answer phone could dampen his mood. Mark hardly ever picked up the phone.

"Hey, Mark. It's Roger," he babbled in a rush to get everything on his mind out into the open. "Look, I've got some really good news -"

"Roger." Mark said as he picked up the phone, cutting Roger off.

"What's wrong?" Roger knew instantly that there was something wrong by his friend's tone. Roger's news could wait.

"I really wish you were here right now." Mark stated.

"That's what's wrong?"

"No." Mark sighed. "There's something … With Mimi."

Immediately Roger's heart skipped a beat and a cold shiver ran through him.

"What about Mimi?" He asked, shutting his eyes and bracing himself for the worst.

"She's missing."