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December 25th, 1991

"Merry Christmas!" Roger called as he walked back into the loft.

"There he is!" Mark pointed his camera at the new arrival. "Mr Superstar himself."

Roger looked away from the camera, made his way over to where Mimi was sitting and kissed her while the camera still rolled.

"Can we help it if your debut album got a gold disc, Mr Davis?" Mark continued.

Roger shrugged.

Christmas this year had been slightly better than the last, due to the more money that everybody had been getting. Roger from his album, Mark from his documentaries being televised; even Maureen had gotten a small role in a television sitcom.

"Not a big deal," Roger stubbornly insisted.

"It's not a big deal?" Mimi repeated incredulously. "Are you crazy?! You did it, Roger! You wrote your one song - as well as another 12 to go with it. You got what you wanted!"

"I got what I wanted," Roger looked straight at her, "when I found you again last year."

Mimi's cheeks coloured slightly. Roger smiled at her before leaning in to kiss her.

He still had his eyes shut when they pulled apart.

"Please," he started. "Do not tell me that you filmed all that?"

"Every second." Mark grinned.

At Roger's exasperated look, Mark rolled his eyes.

"Don't even ask," Mark said. "Because I am not erasing it."

"I wasn't going to ask," Roger informed. "I was going to steal it when you weren't looking."

"Please!" Maureen interrupted, hearing the last part of the conversation from the stairwell. "You guys know you're cute together. And Roger's just loving the attention. Haven't you gotten enough of that yet?"

"Okay," Roger stood up and looked at all of his friends. "Would everyone please stop making remarks about the CD? It's really no big deal. I'm the same guy, just with a bit of extra money."

"A bit." Maureen muttered, stopping when Roger shot her a look. "Fine," she relented.

Mimi stood up also and wrapped her hand around Roger's. She looked at all of the faces that surrounded them.

"A Christmas isn't a Christmas," she began. "Without presents."

"And alcohol!" Collins put in.

"Exactly!" Joanne smiled.

"What are we waiting for?" Mark.

Laughing, the six friends circled the small Christmas tree that they'd bought and began exchanging presents.

Things were finally looking up for the group, even the threat of AID's seemed to have died down for the moment, all of the victims of it having perfect health. Nineteen Ninety-Two was going to be a good year. Better then the last.

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