Title: Warning Signs
Disclaimers: Ryan Murphy is the genius.
Genre: G/Drama/Angst/Romance/sickfic.

Rating: PG.
Summary/Set/Pairing: Matt gets very upset when Christian takes a DNA sample from his wife's womb and a jealousy clash between them leads to some unforeseen circumstances. Matt/Kimber/Christian.


Liz came out the supplies room with the Tuochy needle she had to get heading behind the counter to find the patient's files. She heard the door opening, then Christian's irritated sounding voice.

"Where's Sean?"

"Dunno," she didn't look up. Christian could be annoyed for whatever reason, she didn't care. She was a little annoyed with him herself for being late back from lunch again. Of course, she saw his car revving away in the fitness club's direction earlier, not that he couldn't eat there, but it was more likely some kind of physical activity he had been busy with. Something pleasurable he couldn't finish in time.

"Liz. I need Sean. Now."

This time, the voice sounded more urgent and she looked up. He was standing right in front of her, unmoving like a statue with a blank expression on his face. She shrugged, "probably getting washed in. I'll go in a minute as well it's just that I had to administer meds, draw blood, do pre-op examinations cause well, somebody didn't come back in time...what?" She paused as she almost bumped into him having found the files she was looking for. He was still standing in the same place and slowly lifted his jacket.

The shirt was ruined soaking in blood and there was a tiny circular hole in it.