It was May's first day of preschool, and she'd been given a pretty new dress for the big day. May loved her new dress, partly because it was light blue, and partly because it was FLUFFY. She could make it twirl around her if she danced about in a circle, which was, for the three-year-old, pretty much the coolest thing EVER. Her mommy had to remind her to calm down a little so she wouldn't spoil the dress at preschool; she'd promised that she wouldn't.

Taking her mommy by the hand, May led the way down the road, around the corner, and up to the big, fancy Daycare building. Once inside, though, May squeezed her mother a quick good-bye and was off like a shot, a blue blur among a sea of blurs, kids running around, saying good-bye to their parents, some begging not to be left alone in this miserable hole... You know, the usual first day jitters.

Caroline Maple couldn't help but laugh to herself; May was certainly eager to make friends out here. She waved good-bye to her daughter, and turned to leave. May waved good-bye, and then turned back to her classmates.

"Okay, everyone! Listen up!"

May shuffled along with the rest of the class into some semblance of a square. She immediately became best friends with the girl she'd discovered sitting next to her, a girl named Anabel, whom she immediately began to strike up a conversation with. As they talked, May looked around, trying to see if there were any other people worth making friends with. The only person who caught her attention was a boy who seemed to have collapsed on his side.

Upon closer inspection, however, May discovered that he was merely asnooze. Much to Anabel's delight, she prodded him hard in the side. "Psst!" she whispered at the top of her voice. "Wake up!" Much to her dismay (and ire), the boy merely mumbled something and flopped a sleepy hand at her. Harrumphing audibly, she jabbed him harder in the side, and watched (with no small degree of satisfaction) him bolt up with a small yelp.

"Whatchoo do that for?" mumbled the boy, looking sulllenly at her.

"Ya shouldn't sleep here, dummy," May informed him with a definite layer of matter-of-fact in her tone. "You should be awake and pay attention!"

"You're absolutely right, May!" said a voice behind her, and May whirled around. Standing in front of her was the daycare-lady, Miss Roxanne.


"This is all your fault!"

May was NOT happy. The other kids were out having fun, and where was she? Sitting next to stupid Bread-Head (technically, his name was Brendan, but he'd gotten her in trouble, so he was Bread-Head), who was ASLEEP again. Sheesh, stupid Bread-Head. She hated his guts.


May looked up sourly at the newcomer, some oversized four-year-old who was looking for someone to bully. "What do YOU want?"

As he was hardly as well-endowed as regarded his brains as his brawn, it was easy to discern what he'd come for; making fun of her (his force was directed mainly at May, as there was no real fun in making fun of a kid who did nothing but snore in reply). "Ah~ha, look at you! All stuck in time-out for blabbing!"

"Sh-shut up!" stuttered May, furious (in a calmer state of mind, she might've clasped her hands over her mouth in shock at the bad words she'd just uttered). "Go away!"

The bully laughed harder, his simple jabs getting sufficiently under May's skin to make her mad.

"Go away!" May had risen to her feet, and had managed to shove the bully back a few feet, only to stoke his displeasure.

"Now that wasn't nice," the bully rumbled, seizing a hold of May's wrist. "Say your sorry, or I'll tell teacher!"

May winced as he tightened his grip. "Leggo!"

"Say you're sorry!" demanded the bully. "You stupid girl, say-"


May grasped and massaged her wrist, as it had been freed from the clutches of the mean boy. This seemed to have occured because the boy had had his attention grabbed by someone else. May looked over to see Bread-Head staring down somberly at the bully (whom he had actually tossed over his shoulder), who wasn't sure whether to remain silent or burst into tears, finding an unsteady compromise in whimpering.

"Don't wake me up," mumbled Bread-Head, sitting back down. "And leave her 'lone."

The bully, recognizing good advice, proceeded to skedaddle, and May sat back down beside Brendan, looking at him curiously.


Miss Roxanne had showed up again. "Time Out's over, you know. You can leave and go play."

May looked out at the playground, and then back up at Miss Roxanne.

"Umm... is it okay if I just sit here?" she asked.

Roxanne, surprised, shrugged and walked away. Finally in blessed peace, May looked over at the once-again snoozing Bread-Head.

Maybe... Just maybe, she might get to know him better.