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"If you leave now you wont ever get back...I made the villagers trust you! I trusted you! I thought you guys were true to at least me! You guys promised me you guys didn't work for Orochimaru!" The girl yelled."Sakura-chan-" Naruto started.

"NO! Don't Sakura-chan me! Do you know what I went threw to get this village to take you guys back! I welcomed you back into the village and my life! You..." Sakura's shoulders began to shake.

"Do you know the things I had to take,the things I had to put up with?! The things people said about you! The things that were said about me!" Kakashi looked away. Sai looked down.Sauske turned around.Naruto looked right up at Sakura.

"If you leave now, don't come back...If you leave now,the next time we cross paths...I wont hesitate to kill any of you..." Sakura looked at them with anger in her eyes.

Naruto looked down to the floor. "Sorry Sakura..." With that the 4 boys left without a trace. Sakura turned around.

'I've cried for you guys too many times. Yeah! They think they could leave us like that! I'm gonna take the offer that Tasunde gave us... You mean? Yeah,I'm gonna ,marry one of the Akatsuki...' Sakura dissapered in a flerry of cherry blossems.

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