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"Whats that pink thing? Shes hott!!" Kisame said grinning his shark grin. Sakura pouted. "AWW!! That means you don't remember me. Heres a hint, I came at you from behind and hit you in the jaw so hard you flew about 10 miles back." Sakura said with an innocent look. Kisame twitched, now he remembered her. "Sakura.." "Yep!!" Diedara began laughing. Seeing Kisame twitch was just too funny. "For those who don't know me, my names Sakura! I'm here cuz I'm gunna marry one of you!" Sakura said, smile in place. Sasori sweat-dropped, was this girl for real?

"I'll bug you guys later, I'm gunna go explore!" Sakura walked away, leaving a room full of guys to watch her go. Sasori and Diedara both looked at eachother. This was their chance to get some answers. They left the room while everyone was talking about the new hott girl.

Sakura was wandering around, looking for something to do. Her ring and clothes wont be ready till later. Mybe she should have stayed with them a little longer. They sure made a weird group though. 'Dead end..' Sakura turnedaround and slamed right into Diedara's chest. She fell backwards. "That hurt..." She got up with some help from Sasori , who for some reason felt the need to help.

"I'm totally lost! Everything in this whole place looks the same!!" Sasori and Diedara both looked at her with serious faces. Sakura stoped playing around. 'Should have known they would ask...'

"Why did you heal me? You could have left me there to die and taken the glory of killing on Akasuki member." Sakura looked around, no way out. She sighed. "Shouldn't you be happy to be alive? You know, one of those things that is better left unquestioned." "We are grateful, but we still wanna know." Diedara said. 'No un, or yeah...' Sakura thought as she looked down to her feet.

"I healed you for a stupid personal reasons. Lets just leave it that way..." She tried to walk around them, but niether would let her pass. "What did you have to gain by helping me?" Sasori asked, looking down at the girl tring to escape.

Unknown to them, Pein and Konan were lostening to this intresting conversation.

"I had nothing to gain." "Than why did you help me?" Sakura took a step back. She mummbled something. "What?" "I said, because you reminded me of my big brother!" She yelled. "My big brother took me on a mission with him because he couldn't get me a babysitter. He was beaten.. His teammate left him to die! When the enemy left, I got to my brother, he was dieing of blood loss, and I couldn't save him... For some reason, I couldn't get you or him out of my head.." She gave a laugh that sounded like a sob. "You two are soo diffrent, but..." Sakura took a shallow breath. "I know I can't go back in time and save him, but saving you made me feel better.. Cuz now I know I can save someone..."

Pein and Konan walked away.

"Now you know!" Sakura said as she pushed by the two shocked guys.

'I wounder if they'll buy the sob stroy? No way I would tell them the truth!' Sakura smirked as she made her way down the hall. 'Thinking about it, a lot of the guys around here are hott.. Yeah!! Did you see Leader!! His spiky hair beautiful eyes!! Holy flying random pices of shit!! Your back!! Well yeah- Inner was cut off by Sakura slaming into a wall. Sakura twitched as she heard laughing.

She looked up to see Kisame laughing his ass off. She stuck her tounge her tounge out at him. He gave her a sharkish grin and held his hand out for Sakura. Sakura grined and took it, he pulled her up. "Whats wrong pinky, can't see right?" Sakura stuck her tounge out. "Maybe. but I'll see you around gold fishy!!" "WAHT!?!?!" Sakura ran, Kisame hot on her trail. She took 2 left turns and a right. She ended up at a dead end.

Sakura faced Kisame, bitting her lip. She knew he was playing, but she'll be damned if she lost.She saw Sasori walk by. She ran toward Kisame, slid between his legs and ran to Sasori. "Help!! Gold fishy is tryin to kill me!!" Sasori turned toward her with a raised eyebrow. He knew she wasn't telling the truth about the whole big brother thing, but he couldn't help himself. He placed his hand on Sakura's head and slightly glared at Kisame. He slowed to a stop. "Did you hear what she called me?!" Sakura shuffeled behind Sasori. "You'll live..." Sasori said. Sakura stuck her tounge out and grabed onto Sasori's arm. Kisame's eye twitched. 'The lttle runt can minipulate!' Sakura walked away happily, holding Sasori's arm. If you looked at them it would look like he was the big brother and Sakura just relized he is her hero.

"Thanks for saving me!!" Sasori looked at Sakura. "You could have saved yourself you know." Sakura just smiled up at him. "Yeah, but your fuckin awsome!!" Hidan laughed. "Little girl has quite a mouth!" She flipped him off. "For your info, I'm not a little girl! I'm a teenager! Big diffrence!" Sakura said pouting."I'll be back.." Sasori said, gently removing Sakura's hands from his arm. He walked away. Sakura looked at Hidan.

"Your Hidan, right?" "Yea, what bout it?" Sakura smiled brightly. "I find your religon is really intresting!! It's not something I would practise, but it sounds cool!!" Sakura smiled as Hidan smirked. "Maybe it wont be so fucking bad having you here!" Sakura laughed. Sasori came back, kinda afraid that Sakura would end up hurt, silently cursing himself for leaving them two together. Can you guess the surprise when he saw them laughing, togeter... Sakura saw Sasori. She smiled and hugged Hidan, then went toward Sasori. 'Why is hanging out with Sasori so relaxing? Cuz he is sooo big bro material!' Sakura giggled. Sasori raised an eyebrow, but befor he could ask, he noticed his partner.

Diedara came walking down the hall, he spotted the 2 and slightly hesitated before walking toward the two. He had his eyes toward the floor, you could feel the guilt coming off in waves. He blushed slightly. "Sorry.. I mean... Well..." Diedara started. Sakura smiled to herself. 'He is just too cute!!' Inner yelled. Sakura walked towrd Diedara, he flinched, thinking he might get hit over the head. Sakura slightly tounched his arm, raised herself higher by standing on her toes, and gave Diedara a nice big hit to the head. Diedara flew into the wall and just sat there. Sakura went toward him and frowned. "That was for bringing it up after I let it go" She kissed him on the lips. Diedara's eyes went wide and his face went red. "And that was for saying that you were sorry." His face went toward dreland. "Hey!! Don't you dare think to much into that! Its how I was taught to say thanks you!" 'Cha right! You knowyou wanted to!!!' Diedara gave a goofy grin.

"You didn't thank me like that." Sasori said, loving how she looked thinking, it reminded him of a little kid with their hand stuck in a cookie jar.Sakura blushed. "your way too much like a big brother." Sasori smirked. She was vey good at leingHe chuckled, "Right..." Sakura gave him a , 'I'm so cute and innocent smile and then looked at Diedara.

"Weren't you looking for something?" "Yeah! Sasori-donna, Leader wants to talk to us, un!!" Sasori nodded. He placed a hand on Sakura's head. "Don't get lost." Sakura gave a toothy smile. "Yes sir!" She did a mock salute and giggled as she went the other way.

Sasori looked at Deidara. "10 bucks says she gets lost." Deidara smirked. "Your on!!"

' I can't belive I kissed him!! I can! His lips were so soft! I wonder how Itachi's lips would feel...' Inner said as she went into dream land, leaving a blushing Sakura to take in her surroundings. Sakura looked around and sweat-dropped. ' I'm lost...' Sakura sighed and opened the door closest to her.

Inside the door was a half naked Konan. Sakura closed the door quickly and kept yelling sorry. She was gunna turn away, when the door opened. Sakura looked at Konan, who gave her a surprisinly warm smile. "Would you like to come in?"Sakura nodded and smiled as she walked into the room. "Let me guess, your lost."

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