Edward woke up slowly, dimly becoming aware that he was in a strange house, a strange, warm body pressed to his back, and he wasn't wearing any clothes. Opening his eyes fully, he sighed a little in relief as he saw Roy lying next to him, still sound asleep. He smiled to himself as he brushed some of the man's raven hair from his face.

"Why do you look so cute when you're sleeping?" He wondered aloud. "Maybe because you're not aware someone's watching? Or is it because your mouth is just plain shut?" He smirked. Suddenly, he got an idea, and a nefarious smile crept over his lips as he scooted in closer. He just couldn't resist how…tempting his lover looked at this very moment. He pondered for a moment whether it would be worth it to do this; if Roy would yell at him or kick him out if he found out about it later on. Deciding it would in fact be worth it; he smiled softly and pressed his lips to those of his sleeping lover.

"…Neither." Roy murmured lowly as the blonde's lips left his own, his voice thick with sleep.

"EH!? Y-you, you're awake?!" Ed squeaked nervously. He blushed furiously, but was cut short once Roy pulled the younger boy down in another kiss, delving deeper and passionately. Despite all that had happened last night, Edward still felt a tremor going up his spine, despite all that had happened last night.

Pulling back for breath, the Flame Alchemist smiled, running a hand through the Fullmetal's long blonde hair.

"Good morning, Edward." He whispered, nuzzling his younger lover.

"Morning, Roy." He smiled, brushing his flesh hand against the back of Roy's neck.

Both men were then abruptly startled out of this calm, half-sleepy moment by the loud and insistent ringing of the telephone out of the room. Roy frowned.

"I guess that's for me." He mumbled, "It'll probably be Havoc or Hawkeye." He said, showing in his voice how momentarily unappealing the notion of work was.

Ed nodded understandingly and watched as Roy grabbed his dress shirt up from the floor and headed out of the room, buttoning it halfway as he walked. The Fullmetal stretched a little bit before he heard Roy's voice calling from down the hall.

"Ed? It's for you…" He said a strange note of what seemed like embarrassment in his tone.

Blinking, he got off the bed, grabbing his boxers and pulling them on before going off in the direction of the older man's voice. Stepping into the kitchen, he took the phone from Roy's outstretched hand, slowly putting it up to his ear. Covering the mouthpiece he asked,

"Who is it?"

Roy scratched the back of his neck. 'Alphonse.' He mouthed. Ed nodded.

"…Yes? Al?"

"Brother!! Oh my god, are you okay!? You're fine right, Nii-san? He didn't do anything to you, did he? Did he hurt you?" Al squeaked in a rush.

"W-what?! Calm down!! I'm not hurt…" Ed gave Roy a worried look. 'He found out?' he mouthed.

His lover merely shrugged.

"You're okay….? That's a relief." His brother said, sounding calmer now.

"What makes you think he would do anything in the first place?" Edward nervously wrapped the phone cord around his finger, leaning on the counter slightly.

"Uh…well…before, when you asked me to give that note to colonel Mustang…I erm...kinda read it, so…" he trailed off.

Ed gulped. 'He'd been watching us?' he asked himself. "uhhhhh…."

"You guys didn't…do anything, did you?" He asked suspiciously.

Ed paused. What could he say? 'Oh, yeah. He took me home with him and I ended up loosing my virginity, how was your night?' Sure.

"Oh, my god…he did, didn't he?" Alphonse said. "I'm going to get him…."

"H-hey…! Wh-what are you talking about?! Don't do that…" Ed blinked, squeaking slightly.

"Give him the phone…now…" His brother said in a low, scary voice.

Ed was by now too frightened of his younger brothers' uncharacteristic tone to object at all. Wordlessly, he slowly took the phone from his ear and handed it to Roy.

"…Hello?" Roy hesitated.

The quiet, unsure reply was met immediately by a loud, indiscriminate line of shouted rubbish emanating loudly from the receiver. Roy flinched, holding the phone back an arms length while Ed merely stared in astonished horror for a moment before snatching the phone.

"AL! ALPHONSE!! CALM DOWN!" He nearly shouted. The yelling stopped. "I'm okay, seriously."

"You're sure…?" His brother hesitated.

Ed smiled weakly. "You think that even if he did hurt me, I'd let him get away with it?" He winked at Roy.


"Then you've got nothing to worry about." Ed grinned. Roy smirked a little as he seated himself at the table with a steaming mug of coffee.

Al hesitated. "Well….alright."

Relief washed over the blonde teen. "Thank you. I'll come home soon."

"Alright." Said Al, and he hung up. Ed knew that he sensed the lie, and for some reason, he didn't care. He slumped forward, relaxing as he placed the phone back on its cradle.

"You'll be okay." Roy said from strangely close behind him as he reached out and grabbed Ed's ass playfully.

"Hey!" The blonde mock-scowled, then broke out in a mischievous grin. "You having fun back there, eh?"

Roy seated himself once again with a smug look. "…Maybe." He quirked an eyebrow and took a sip of his coffee.

"Hm…." Ed rounded the table again, then came behind Roy, sliding his hands over and around his lover's shoulders and around his neck, holding him from behind. He stayed that way for a moment, then smirked and began to slide his hands down Roy's chest.

Roy shivered pleasantly, smiling as Ed's hands spread over his stomach, hot and cold at the same time. He tilted his head back slightly, capturing Ed's lips in a passionate kiss.

And then came a horn blast from outside.

"Shit." Roy grumbled, breaking the kiss. "I've gotta get dressed." He said, standing and turning to leave. He looked Ed up and down for a second. "You should probably put something on too." He smiled wryly and headed quickly upstairs.

Edward scrambled out into the living room to find his clothes, pulling his shirt up over his head. He knew his pants were upstairs, but he would get that later. "Where's my frickin' hair band?!" He growled. He found it dangerously close to being lost forever underneath the sofa. Grabbing it up, he pulled up his hair with his automail hand in preparation for braiding. He skillfully started to part his hair when it snagged unexpectedly in the mechanism of his automail.

"Shit." He growled, attempting to tug his mechanical arm from his hair. This always somehow happened when he was in a hurry. Grumbling, he flexed his fingers, trying in vain to extract his fingers from his hair.

"Problem, Ed?" Roy's voice suddenly sounded from behind him. Ed jumped.

"You scared me." He said, flinching as he turned.

"Let me see…" Roy said in a calm voice, stepping closer to Ed. Gently, he took Ed's automail hand and slowly but surely began to ease all the hairs out of the mechanism, stretching the finger joints to loosen the tangle.

Before Edward knew it, it was all over. Roy smiled and gave Ed a quick kiss, turning to leave. He waggled his fingers at his lover as he opened the door, secretively. Ed fumed slightly, but when the door closed, he was overwhelmed by a sense of loneliness. And that was when Edward realized that he may very well be in love with this one man, the last one on his mind when it came to romantic attentions. He stared at his mechanical arm silently, a small smile lifting the very corners of his mouth.

Roy slid into the back seat of the car, smiling contentedly. "What took you so long, chief?" Havoc's blue eyes met his obsidian ones through the rear-view mirror. The colonel's impassive black eyes smiled even more. As he thought…life around the office was about to get…interesting…

"I was taking care of a stray puppy I happened to pick up last night."