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He can't see her as much as he'd like to. She doesn't live far away, but she's busy with school, and so is he, with work.

She seems to have adjusted pretty well to her new life. It's good that she came to live with Nathan. She speaks to her brother and mom on the phone a couple times a week, her father on the holidays. She still calls Nathan by his first name, but she gave him a Father's Day card this year, which is a good sign, right?

She's not a great cook, but she can bake well. Sometimes she brings him cookies, or almond cake. He likes that the best. He likes to eat a slice of the cake with milk, just before bed.

He's glad that she likes her new school. When she got the uniform, she modeled it for his family at Easter, twirling in the skirt and vest. It's a private, all-girls school, which is a good thing considering what she looks like. He doesn't trust any boy around her.

He likes the way she worries about him. He likes how, every time he bumps into a table or gets a paper cut, she comes running over.

When the family meets for Nathan's photo ops, they love to exchange Looks – the, "Oh my God, this is so cheesy" ones, as they pose with their hot cocoa mugs in front of the fire. Political dynasty photos, she called them once, which made him smirk and ruin one of the shots, getting a dirty look from Nathan.

For Christmas she knitted him a scarf. It is knobby and uneven on the ends. It's bright red, a color that he doesn't like to wear if he can help it. But he loves this scarf. It made her smile when he tossed it around his neck on Christmas morning. He wears it now in the hopes it'll make her smile again the next time she sees it on him.

She's fun. She makes him happy, makes him laugh. She teases him about his hair, and pushes it out of his eyes.

His niece. Sometimes he swears she smells like almonds.