So, did you like it?"

"Not much ..."

"Oh…Sorry for suggesting… "

Hermione kissed Ron's mouth slowly. "Stop worrying, silly! I just loved it. We have to repeat that again."

Ron snuggled his girlfriend's naked body against his, laughing. "You scared me, love, although your face and those moans were saying that you were enjoying my performance very much!"

Hermione kissed Ron's chest, stroking his navel with her hands. "I was teasing you. I never thought that would make me feel so hot, that's… powerful. I have to say you have a talented tongue, Mr. Weasley."

Ron stroked her breasts softly, teasing her nipples. She snuggled closer to him.

"I'm flattered by your praises, Miss Granger. But I want to remind you we aren't done yet, at least with the powerful uses of my body."

Hermione pushed Ron against the mattress, sitting in his lap. He felt his groin start heating. Hermione started kissing his chest, groping the flesh of his back with her softy hands.

"As we are in a experimental mood today, how about we test others talents you don't know yet. Well, I hope being talented doing them too-"

Is she suggesting using her mouth on… Am I dreaming?

Hermione bit her lip. "Only if you want to, love. I…"

Of course I want to. I have fantasized about that so many times.

Ron stroked her face with his thumb. "You are good at everything, so don't worry.
And I do want to feel those marvelous lips there. Only if you feel comfortable doing it."

Hermione smiled sensually. "Do you know how steamy you make me feel?"

Ron winked. "Show me.