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Sirius and Remus walked down the hall to charms class hand in hand. The day had been fun so far what with scaring the bejeezis out of James and Peter (but mostly Peter :P). They walked down the corridor for a while, not really minding the fact that the whole school now thought that they were gay. Remus looked up all of a sudden.

"Rat and stag at," he looked at his watch, "1 o'clock". Sirius, thinking quickly, pushed Remus up against the wall and started to move in to kiss him but stopped as if he had just noticed James and Peter walking towards him.

"Oh, sorry guys didn't see you there". Remus let out an accidental laugh and pulled Sirius into a nearby broom closet to cover it up. Sirius gave Remus a puzzled look as the small blonde boy put his ear against the door. He paused; then:

"Ok, I think they're gone"

He smiled at Sirius and sat down against the wall. Sirius smiled back and copied his friend. He looked at him with a worried expression.

"So I noticed that there's a full moon coming up".

Remus looked at Sirius with a weary look on his face. Then he started to talk.

Sirius wasn't sure when he had stopped listening but he remembered when he started to look at Remus in a whole new way.

The raven haired boy looked at Remus as his lips moved and the way he used his hands when he talked passionately about something. He was actually a little surprised that Remus hadn't noticed that he was basically just staring at him. Before he even knew what he was doing he leaned forward and kissed his sandy haired friend passionately on the lips. He wasn't even sure if Remus was kissing back but he didn't care. He was kissing with utter abandon and a desperation that he didn't even know was there. It was a little while before he realized that Remus was kissing him back and with the same kind of abandon and desperation. Sirius ran his hands through Remus' hair and pulled him closer.

If anyone had walked in on this particular broom closet they probably would've seen two boys that were completely and totally in love with each other. However this did not happen.

The two boys finally broke apart and looked at each other. Remus gave Sirius a confused look and took his hand. Sirius smiled, pushed the door open, and took his lupine friend around the waist and pulled him close.



"Can we please skip charms class, just this once?"




Sirius pulled his friend into a chaste kiss and grabbed his hand. They made off at a run towards the Hogwarts grounds.

They collapsed, panting and laughing under a willow tree.

"That was fun," Sirius said trying to blow the bangs out of his eyes. Remus nodded and moved the bangs out of Sirius' face. He turned away but Sirius grabbed his wrist and pulled him into another kiss.

"I guess the prank's turned into reality," Remus said as he sat down and drew his knees up. Sirius nodded and they watched the giant squid make bubbles on the lake. Their fingers entwined in the others', they didn't care about the school, or their homophobic friends; they just knew that they were together and that's all they had and needed.