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I smiled up at him blushing, and slid from his lap. I started blowing out all the candles around the room, and Edward quickly joined me. Within no time all the candles were out. I reached under the table for my bag and grabbed Edward's hand leading him from the room.

"Where are we going Bella?"

"To our room."

He froze where he stood and just looked at me. He seemed a little shocked. I stopped and looked back curious as to what was wrong. Then it hit me. He thought we were getting a hotel room for… My eyes opened wide with shock and I blushed deep red.

"Edward it's not what you think…I mean…I just…we don't…" I stammered. I quickly looked down and took a deep breath before I could continue. "I just thought it would be nice to be alone for one night together, that's all." I said sheepishly. I hoped I hadn't ruined everything. Tonight had been so great. I had pushed him too far.

I felt his cold hand cup my chin and raise my face up. He looked into my eyes patiently with only love there. "There's nothing I would like more. Lead the way." He smiled at me washing all my doubts away. He gently reached down and kissed the tip of my nose, as I grabbed his hand leading him to our room. I got the best room they had. I wanted nothing but the best for him. I had the same candles and flowers from before, in this room and the scent was intoxicating.

As soon as the door shut I felt Edward wrap his arms around me and lift me up placing me on the bed. I smiled at him depositing my bag on the floor. Edward looked quickly at the bag then back at me.

"What's in the bag?" He asked curiously.

"Just supplies for an over night stay."

He arched one of his eyebrows at me and smiled mischievously, "Supplies? What kind of supplies?" Before I could answer he had snatched the bag from the floor and was looking inside. I didn't really mind. There were no surprises in there.

"Bella who packed this bag?" There was something in his tone that made me weary.

"I did why?"

"Are you sure?" There it was again, the tone.

"Yes. What did you find?"

"I think Alice may have made a few substitutions while you weren't looking."

"What do you mean substitutions?" I said nervously. What had Alice done!?! I reached for the bag but he held it out of my reach.

With a wicked grin he leaned down and purred softly into my ear, "You'll find out later tonight." I turned deep red and cursed Alice silently crossing my arms across my chest.

"Don't worry love she made substitutions to my wardrobe as well." I felt a smile stretch across my face. At least we would both suffer. "Actually, it's a good thing she made the substitutions. If she hadn't I might not have let you change."

He sat me on my feet just then drinking in my body with his eyes. "Did I tell you how insanely beautiful you look tonight?" I blushed shaking my head, no. He pulled me to him and began kissing my neck softly. "How rude of me." He whispered against my neck. "I'll have to make it up to you." He lifted me into his strong arms, and placed me softly on the bed leaning over me. He increasingly lowered his head until his lips met mine. He kissed me sweetly and softly before moving to my neck. I wrapped my fingers in his hair and pulled him closer to me. I felt his hands roam down the sides of my body moving lower and lower. He started to gently caress my bare legs and the sensation caused me to moan with pleasure. "Edward." I whispered.

All too soon he stopped and pulled away, his boundaries of course. I was frustrated and disappointed, but we had gone farther than ever before so I was at least thankful for that. I sighed deeply looking up at him. I pushed on him softly so he would let me up. "I better got shower and change." I said warily.

"By all means." Edward gestured with one of his hands for me to continue. I reached for the bag but he snatched it from before I had even reached it. I looked at him confused. I thought he wanted me to change?

He quickly grabbed a few things from the bag then handed it to me. "I have to change too." He reminded me. I grabbed the bag roughly and went to the bathroom. I was thankful to get out of my shoes. My feet were killing me! It took longer than I though it would to take my hair down. How many bobby pins had they used anyway. As I turned on the water I reached to the back of my dress for the zipper. It was stuck. No. This is not happening. The dress was simply too tight for me to slip out of it. I needed help. I turned bright red at the thought. Finally I took a deep breath and went to the bathroom door.



"Um…I kind of need your help." I felt like an idiot.

"Help? With what?" He was standing outside the door and I could imagine the look on his face.

I decided to just get it over with and I cracked the door open slightly trying to hide my crimson red face from him. "My zipper is stuck. I'm trapped in this damn dress!"

I saw him starting to shack with laughter. "It's not funny! Are you going to help or not!?!" It wasn't my fault my dress decided to mal function.

"Turn around." He said softly. I could still hear the humor in his voice but I obeyed.

He gently ran his hand down my back very slowly causing me to quiver. He reached the zipper and deftly unzipped my dress. I felt his hands lingering on my back and I was frozen where I stood. After a few minutes he stopped and I reluctantly turned back into the bathroom to continue my shower. As I was drying off it hit me that I still did not know what my wardrobe substitution would be. I hesitantly reached for the bag and looked inside. There was a black satin tank top and matching shorts. The tank top had spaghetti straps and barley covered my abdomen. The shorts were so short it felt like I was wearing almost nothing. I blushed deeply and whispered, "Alice!" I heard Edward laugh in the other room and knew he had heard my outburst. I quickly ran a brush through my hair, took a deep breath and opened the door.

I found Edward lying on the bed in short black satin shorts of his own and nothing else. My mouth fell open in shock and pleasure. He was beautiful. I heard him laugh softly at my reaction and I shock my head quickly to regain control of myself. I walked leisurely over to where he was on the bed and sat beside him indian style. He wrapped his arms around me and pulled me on top of him. He gently rubbed circles on my back, and I wrapped my arms around him.

"Remind me to thank Alice later." He murmured wickedly.

"I know." I turned my head to look up at him and winked. We stayed in each other's arms until I involuntarily yawned. He picked me up with one arm and pulled back the covers with the other. He laid me in bed covering me securely with the blankets before lying down beside me. I moved closer to him and sighed happily.

"I love you Bella Swan. Thank you for tonight. It was amazing." He gently leaned down and lightly kissed me on the lips.

"I love you too Edward Cullen." Tonight had been perfect. I sighed happily and quickly drifted off to sleep in the arms of the only man I would ever love.

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