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Chapter 1

it's been 2 years sine the great racers end. And a lot has change eva was now a fames dancer\ singer and she was also a racer alone with her new friends(will meet them later on.) Her was taler her hair was longer . She still had the markings on her face but there was now a there was a new moon shape on her cheek like the one her mom had. She would be out of her home at months at a time. She lived with her dad, Rick, Stan and koji. They were all so happy that she was finally coming home for a brack . That they could sleep.

"when is she going to get here?" Koji asked

"Don said she be here in the morning we such try and get s--" before he could finish his senders there was a nook on the door. "will i guess don was wrong. They must have come earlier then they expert" Rick said as he open the door and to his surprise he saw prince Aikka.

"Hello!" he said "is Mo- i mean Eva home?" he asked R

Rick smile red "will come in she be here in the morning. I hope. Stan go tell the price were he can put his thinks." he said letting him inside

Aikka was a little confuses "don't she live here?" he asked

rick nod "she dose she just not here most of the time." he said as he turn to Aikka "you can take the sparer room Eva will be here by tomorrow morning" Aikka nod and follow Stan.

It was 12 o clock and Rick was still up he want to be the first to greet his 'little mouse' these past two year have been good. He love it when she come home. And he like seeing Eva growing up into just a beautifully girl. He could only image how much she change in these pass few months. He of course saw her on tv but it wasn't the same to him it was like having his little sister or daughter away to collage. He thought of the first time he meet his little moues. At that moment there was a nook on the door he stood up and open the door .

"RICK!" all of a sudden there was a 17 year old girl hugging him

"hey little mouse i thought you would be back in the morning." he said as he pick her up and tweed her around

"i was but then my flit come elyer but if you want i can go to a hotel and come back tomorrow if you want?" she said as her father come in

Rick still was holding her "i don't think your old man will was to drive you to a hole at this time at night.." he said "you can go to sleep don I'll make such that little mouse goes to sleep." don nods and he walks to his room. "lets go little mouse it way past you bedtime "

"ah i don't wan to am not that tired" she said

Rick smiled "oh you not we'll see about that little mouse."Rick said as he pick her up again but this time he pick her up like she was a baby. "you know that we have a surpish for you in the morning so you better get to sleep" he said

"Rick" she said happily as he pick her up. She laught "its so good to be home." she said as Rick cared her to her room Rick put her down to her bad and they both sleep together. "its good to have you back little mouse . Rick said as they sleep

the next morning

Eva woke up the next morning and get in the shower she put on a pair of shorts that want just upave her knees, And she wear a sport brow, when she enter the living room she saw her friends and Aikka "AIKKA!?" she ran over to him and hugged him.

"what are you doing here?"

"i come to vist you i hope you dont mine." Aikka said

eva shook her head "no not at all am so happy to see you" eva said still hugging him

"un eva who is this?" one of the girls said eva and Aikka both seperated. bothe brushing .

"oh this is Aikka. AIkka this is ray lital over ther in the green dress,amy is in the blue one and that minta there good friends of me. girls this is Aikka." she anwered

"oh nice meeing ya Aikka." said ray

"it a placher" siad amy

"wow you kina look like my Ex-boyfrined." siad lita (yes this is a mix of oban and salior moon)

"man lita you said Adme look like your ex-boyfrined" mita siad

"it a plersh to meet all of you." Aikka said with a bow

"wow cute and pelit i like think guy Eva " siad lita everyone laught

"Aikka we'er going to rehord later on today you want to come?" eva asked

"such." aikka siad he smilerd at eva oh he so miss his earth prcsses

"ok but frist lets eat am sooo hungey. " eva said with one hand in her stomge

"your allways hunger" ray siad

"can it ray." eva snap at her palfuly as the walk to the kichen.

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