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Eva looked at Aikka and smiled. he was waring a white t-shurt bule pair of pants and black shose which made him look so much cuter.

"You look grat Aikka." Eva said smiling.

"I better go see you E" Darien said as he stood up and messed up Rini's hari.

"Oh Ya see ya D. you will come back later right?" Eva asked him.

"Ya such take care." Eva nod and he left. Aikka sat next to her.

"Eva how was your day?" Aikka asked her.

"it was fun me rini and Darien when supping for her and then we come back nothing new.

"how are you feeling little mouse?" rick asked as he come back in

"grat! " Eva said as she stood up and went to cook something. 15 minutes later they were siting waiting for the others. Rick had taken his meds but only after Eva made him. he then want to his room to take a nap. Rini went to her room to get some sleep as will. she was so tired of what happen.

"you have a great family Eva." Aikka said as he eat.

"Yes and grat friend i dont know what i would do with out them." she said they both looked into eachother eyes. and smiled. Aikka then Kiss Eva on the lips lightly. Eva blush...

-3 weeks later-

eva and Aikka had been spending so much time togeter. they were some what going out. Aikka dont want to go. but he know he would have to vary soon. it was dark and Eva and her friends were at her house. they were playing cards. Eva was winning of couse thanks to rini would go around then would go to Eva and wisper what her friend had.

as they were playing there was a knock at the door. Eva was the one that went to get it. when she open it she saw a Nourasian girl.

"Um hi is Aikka here?" the girl asked

"ur ya why who are you?" eva asked.

"am Aikka's fiancee" Eva stood still for a moment as her friend adn Aikka come to see who it was. A few teas come in Eva's eyes she took her bag and ran to the studio. she ran out.

"Aikka you mother and father told me to come get you." the girl said

Aikka nod and when to the room and sneek out of the window. to follow eva. he found Eva in was already dance as he watch he saw that she was crying. he was out side in the windo. he was about to go in when he saw Darien come in.

"Eva." Eva stop and saw Darien,

"Hey what you doing here?" Eva asked not nothing that she was crying.

"i was about to asked you the same think. Aikka did something to you dont he?" he asked

"i dont know what you talking about D. am find i just want to dance." eva said as she tun alway Darien waked over to her.

"dont act dumb i know you too will you always come and dace when you sad or mad. now tell me who was that girl?" he asked wiping Eva tears.

"she she his F--that his Fiancee!!!" eva sodded and cryed in his arms.

"Oh eva am sorry dont worry you can do so much bitter i mean you the princsses of the moon after all.

"dont be stupit am not her anymore. am nothing like i was in the moon kingdom."

"oh yes you are you strong, smart, beautiful, caring and everyone love you.." he stoped for a moment

"I love you" he said formally.

Eva looked up at him and he band sown to kiss her and she let him. Aikka tun alway adn walk back it was clear to him that Eva would be find.