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Chapter One- Female Problematics

"Man is defined as a human being and a woman as a female- whenever she behaves as a human being she is said to imitate the male." -Simone de Beauvoir

"Ooohh, I hate my time of the month!" Selphie complained. More like whined in my opinion.

"Do you have to announce your female problem to the whole world?" I drawled, inwardly disgusted that she mentioned her business.

"You don't understand how painful it is to experience it every single month for one whole week!!" I sighed in exasperation.

"Why are you complaining to me? Wouldn't Kairi benefit more from your whining? She is a girl that could relate to you." How did we come to this point of the conversation in the first place? That's my question.

We were just finished with school for the day, and I reluctantly obliged for Selphie to walk with me back home. Well, to say it in better words, her house is in the same path as mine, and I live farther down.

Unfortunately, Sora lives in the opposite side of this town from me and Kairi had to stick after school because Tidus got her in detention. Just imagine the now tanned and tall boy flirting with my dear female friend, who reacted with an insulted punch to his face.

Tidus's dear crush just gave him a knuckle sandwich from yours truly, because Kairi struck him before I could, and that made me smirk in approval. I think that's why I liked Kairi as my crush when I was fourteen. She was always feisty by nature. But now I matured in age since I'm sixteen now. And Selphie is not really consoling my lonely life right now.

Let's hope we can reach her house soon so I can get rid of her.

"If only you knew. Why don't you acknowledge that a pretty lady like me is under such horrible stress?" she huffed, crossing her arms while I smirked lazily. I'm so used to her incessant babbling that it's beginning to get tiring.

"Because you aren't a lady, and your female problem is not stress. You just lose blood, that's all." How complicated is a woman's period, anyway? It can't be that bad. Well, I'm a guy, so I wouldn't know.

"Ugh! I hate you, Riku! You have no feelings for any human being!" Her glazing emerald eyes glared in my direction, and I could've sworn I detected some killer intent in them. Heh, Selphie's too bright (not bright smart) and cheerful and annoying to be murderous…

I think.

I brushed my fingers through my long, silky silver hair, trying to ignore the squelching feeling in my stomach. Maybe Selphie has a separate personality and she might possess a mind of a molesting assassin. I twitched. Damn my imagination. I should stop watching thriller and horror movies.

"Hey! I'm talking to you! Helloo--!" Selphie was practically waving her hand vigorously in my face and I smacked it away in irritation. I'm not a retarded deaf person! I was just… out of it today.

"Yeah, yeah, I hear you." I waved her off absently, because her voice can drone on for so long I might fall asleep. That's a comforting thought.

"Well, girls suffer from more than just a period." For girls, their period is serious business, which they rarely confess to anyone, especially boys so they can spare the bloody visual. However, Selphie is the only known female in existence who doesn't even mind declaring it to the whole universe. "Girls, like me, strive to get a boyfriend, and when you are a girl, you have to worry about how you look; such as if your hair is ruffled or maybe you look ugly wearing a ponytail or if you didn't add enough makeup or your orange tank top doesn't even match your green miniskirt—."

"What girl would want to wear a miniskirt, and I know a tank top is just an understatement." You should see the girls who (I am amazed to say) look like strippers or dare I say it… sluts? I am disgusted to go further into details.

"A girl who wants to look good."

"Kairi looks good enough and she doesn't wear that stuff."

"That's what you think." Oh God, she's giving me that twisted evil/mischievous smirk/grin. Only Selphie is capable of that kind of double face and it's usually reserved for when she has something planned in her head. Kairi, forgive me if I crossed the line. While I briefly shuddered from my regretful thoughts, someone was poking my arm.

"Earth to Riku." She is giggling. What's so funny?

"What?" I snapped. Damn, she's getting more annoying as they come. Selphie frowned in frustration.

"What's wrong with you? No need to be so angry, I just wanted to tell you something."

"Something? Another problem? The hell is wrong with you? How many freakin' problems do you have!" Uh oh, I'm about to burst. It was bound to happen soon. And it doesn't help that I'm too tired to tolerate this girl. Annoying yellow dress… Those still fit her? She's fifteen, isn't she? "Don't you even notice how freakin' annoying you are?!" I shouted in disbelief. Man, this girl is dense. "It surprises me how much I can take from you talking so much! Can't you fu—."

I immediately paused, covering my mouth so I can prevent that word from escaping my lips. It was that look she gave me that made me stop. Why does she have to look at me with those eyes that were glistening from hurt?

It was tensely quiet, and I didn't dare open my mouth until I was sure to calm down. Talk about your daily vexation. And yes, Selphie is my official daily vexation of my life. Before I could utter a grudging apology, Selphie surprised me with her blaring voice.

"DON'T YOU DARE SPEAK TO ME LIKE THAT!!!!" I practically shrunk when she painfully jabbed her skinny finger on my chest. Damn, that would leave a bruise.

"Excuse me?"

"DON'T YOU EXCUSE ME, BUSTER!!" Is she mocking me? What the hell is her problem? From the extreme volume of her powerful lungs, spit was flying out of her huge mouth.


The next thing I knew, she fled to her safe security of her house (which I didn't even notice we reached), leaving behind a flood of tears in her wake. I feel sorry for her parents who had to raise such a troublesome child. I grimaced when I wiped off Selphie's saliva from my smooth face. The first thing I do when I reach home, take a half an hour shower. Hey, that rhymed.

"Say it, not spray it…" I grumbled, proceeding to walk back to my house.

I had only walked for another ten minutes of my precious life, and my eyes were beginning to refuse to stay open. To prove my point of being 'out of it,' I almost tripped when my shoe hit a conspicuous crack on the sidewalk that I did not even see. And I wiped my forehead from the heat of the spring sun seeing as my pace began to slow. Why is it so hot…?


"Huh?" From the call of my name, I stood straight and turned around to notice Sora speeding in my direction. It's good to know my skinny friend is exercising by riding a bicycle to my house. Unfortunately, my house is still 20 minutes away by walking. Maybe Sora can give me a lift.

"What's up?" he greeted with his trademark smile as soon as he reached me.

I smiled small. "The sky." His eyes glowed with a cheerful sparkle, unlike Selphie's bouncing eyes that seem to annoy you. His eyes remind me of the sky.

He merely grinned. "Riku, the only time you act literal is when you're either tired, lazy, and/or drunk like that time your dad offered you alcohol when you turned sixteen. And really, you could not take a joke from someone who said that your white hair was a sign of extreme aging."

"Well, my uncle had it coming." I smirked, remembering vaguely being berserk and attempting to maim my uncle with a broken beer bottle that I had devoured empty. "I don't have cancer and I'm not getting anywhere near old. I'm only that handsomely young." I can tell Sora was holding in his fits of laughter from my comment.

"Yeah, yeah, keep talking, Riku. You're not handsome." My eyebrow twitched. I forced a haughty smirk.

"Excuse me?" Sora had to balance his legs on the cement so he wouldn't fall off the bike while he wiped a tear from his eye.

"Even though you have muscle, and you dress like a dude, and you act like the best friend I know and love," he paused, trying to calm his giggles while he didn't notice me tense from the word 'love,' "You look like a girl with that long hair of yours." Okay, that's crossing the line. No one, and I mean no one, not even Sora, puts me down because of my hair.

"It's no big deal for a guy to have long hair." I bit back my annoyance when he chuckled naively.

"Sure it is."

"Yes, it is. And the last time I checked, I was the guy with the long hair who girls deemed as 'hot,' 'sexy,' and 'handsome.'" I smirked when Sora flushed from embarrassment. He can't earn a girlfriend even if it costed Kairi's life. That's how pitiful he is, but I'm not sure if Sora still likes her.

"Most guys have short hair, and they look nice. But just because you're the cool and mature type doesn't mean you're the only one who can have a girl." I scoffed, smirking wider. Did he even notice he made no sense?

"Whatever." I shrugged, and his face was marred with feeble anger. Hah, Sora is not capable of expressing such deep anger or hatred. That's my job. He's too nice and carefree for his own good. "Anyway, care to give me a ride back to my house? Since you're here and all…" I trailed off because I didn't need to explain myself even further.

"Okay, hop on." With Sora back on the chipper mood, I smiled gratefully, not possessing the energy to walk the rest of the way. I climbed on his red bike and placed my feet on either side of the wheels, so Sora could have his space on the seat to ride. Placing my calloused hands on his shoulders to keep balance, Sora took off.

Thank God, Sora's not crazy and highly energetic when it comes to having the need for speed. Maybe not God. Thank Sora's parents for giving birth to such a tolerant and carefree best friend. I would say it was destiny, but I'm not one for dramatics and angst.

The rushing wind streamed against us as Sora turned down a block, my long hair whipping behind me like a flag. The wind and the great speed feels cool and refreshing. I can see a smile tugging at Sora's lips from such a light feeling. This might sound utterly corny, but it feels like we're flying.

I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling; feeling reassured that Sora was my comfort, my balance. Literally, he is my balance. Without him, I would've fallen off and broke open my skull, my brain meat splattering across the ground. That's too gross a detail for such young readers.

Before I knew it, Sora slowed down, and stopped in front of my front yard. He got off first without waiting for me to jump down, and I almost stumbled on the green grass if I hadn't latched onto Sora's shoulders in time. Geez, from such a light, blissful experience, my legs feel weightless. Besides, I was momentarily drowsy because of my 'out of it' state. I need to sleep…

"Riku, you can let go of me now." Sora's voice brought me back out of my sleeping mode and I smiled wistfully. Just to tease the boy, I hugged his shoulders, breathing in his airy scent because of the bicycle riding. I felt him tense.

"Hey, Sora, do you know that you feel so snuggly?" I inquired. The smirk wouldn't even leave my face when I felt his face heat up. Aw, cute, he's embarrassed. "I wonder how you smell like…." Sora's body went rigid when I leaned closer, and I lost all sense of thought.

Without bothering to hold my body weight up, Sora stumbled on the grass face flat. Geez, I'm too heavy for this skinny pack of meat below me. Something's wrong with my common sense today.

"Riku… Get up." The problem was… I couldn't. I'm practically a crippled person now. I'm too worn out and dizzy. Do I have a fever? When he didn't get a response from me, Sora tried to squirm away but I wouldn't budge.

"Riku? Riku! Answer me!"

"I'm not dead, bimbo. I just can't move…" Ugh, my head won't stop pounding and I couldn't even hear the words coming out from Sora's mouth. It's not good that I'm showing weakness in front of my best friend. Have… to… move. Damn, my body refuses. It's practically dead weight.

"…try moving. And I'll drag you back into your house."

"How can you do that when you earned an F in weight training?"

"If you don't appreciate my help, then I won't give it to you." With me lying on top of him, he couldn't cross his arms with a huff.

"Whatever. I'm comfortable in this position anyway." I can picture him pouting, and I sighed. How long till my parents get back…? Maybe six o'clock. They always work the morning shift. Suddenly, Sora squeezed all ounces of his strength to push me aside so he could stand up.

"C'mon, Riku…" Reluctantly, I let Sora take a hold of my arms and he guided me (more like dragged my body) toward the two-story house of mine. It took a lot for Sora to carry my body through my adequate enough house, up the stairs to the second floor, and finally to my neat room. Well, the reason it's neat is because I don't keep much in it compared to Sora's pigsty of a sleeping space. And you'd think by now that Sora would outgrow those bionicle toys.

"Whew…" Sora pushed me on the bed and relieved the ache in his arms. I raised a hand to my forehead, trying to think the pain away. With too much pounding in my head, I didn't have enough bearing to think at all. Great, I was starting to perspire.

"Hey, Riku. Maybe you should sleep off that fever or something."

"How do you know it's a fever?"

"Who said it was, but you look awfully hot." I smirked.

"Why, thank you, Sora." He flushed. Sora slapped my arm playfully, his gloved hand reducing the friction.

"Get over yourself. I didn't mean it like that." I sighed. Maybe he was trying to help.

"Why don't you go down and make some chicken soup or something. If you're so concerned…" Ugh, I regretted saying that sentence the moment it came out of my lips. Sora shot out of the room like a bullet after he flashed me with those sparkling indigo eyes of his. The boy has such a mysterious keen interest for cooking.

It wasn't long before I could hear kitchen appliances banging and clashing clumsily downstairs. Sora couldn't cook for his life. I must be sick if I forgot about that.

"Maybe a shower might calm my nerves…" It only took seconds for me to rid of my grey shirt and strip off my pants and boxers. The next thing I could comprehend, cold, refreshing water hit my face and cascaded down my bare body. I sighed heavily, scrubbing my hair with my favorite shampoo. I always did like the smell of vanilla. Don't know why… such a girly thought.

My body's on autopilot since I can't recall having a towel wrapped around my waist, and I'm glancing at myself in my bedroom mirror. Hmm, I look… pale. Pale? Since when? I leaned in closer and rubbing the drowsiness from my eyes, I caught something.

I… look short. Well, maybe not short short but I'm not as tall as I remembered to be ten minutes ago. My body doesn't even feel as heavy anymore. On the contrary, my chest feels alot heavier…

Wait a second… I patted my chest so as to prove my eyes weren't deceiving me. What… are… those… DOING ON MY CHEST?!?

Okay, my eyes are probably bulging out of its socket when I unwrapped my towel to see… Oh God, I might faint from the revelation. And I'm skinner, too. I look just like a………

"Hey, Riku." Sora better not barge in. "Sorry, man. I think I broke a few things…" Sora's voice chuckled nervously behind my door and I fumed. Wait, what he break this time?

Last week it was my mom's antique dishes when he volunteered to get them for us at dinner. And last year, my dad left his room unlocked, and the reason why I couldn't find Sora was because he was messing with my dad's glass Dalmatian collection, throwing them around like they were plastic toys. And the other month… My mom couldn't even forgive him for losing her wedding ring. Yeah, that's my best friend, Sora, the boy-who-lived-to-lose-and-break-stuff.

"Why you little…" Unmentionable profanity spilled out of my mouth while I stomped toward my door. Slamming the door ajar, I opened my mouth to tell him off.

"What the hell did you do?! No wait, scratch that order, because I don't even want to know what you broke!"

"Geez, I'm sorry! I just—." Sora was frozen in place, ogling at me. What the? Girls, for one, do that all the time. But it disturbs me when Sora is doing that.

"What are you loo—!" Realization slapped me cold hard on the face when I noticed my predicament. My wet towel was strewn halfway across my torso, leaving the rest of my body and, most importantly, chest to be mostly exposed. My eye twitched when I noticed Sora's eyes were fixated on my body lower than they needed to be. "Stop that!" I didn't expect to slap him on impulse and it seemed he was snapped out of his trance.

"Riku? Wh-what happened t-to..." Sora was gaping like a fish out of water. He couldn't comprehend this situation nor can I. And I'm the victim! I, flustered yet speechless, began rubbing my temple to digest the situation.

"Horrifying, I know, isn't it?" Well, the upside is, (if there was any) my fever seemed to have miraculously vanished, and my head finally stopped pounding. The only thing that feels different is my weight and height. And the pair of balloons that are hanging off my chest.

It seemed Sora avoided eye contact from me, flushing like a dark cherry.

"Can you… u-um, p-put some clothes on!" He squeaked that uncomfortable request, and pink tinted my cheeks.

"Yeah, I'll go get some." It happened in a flash where I was practically shoving through my clothes, which most of them were too large for my frame to even fit. Clothes sailed everywhere in my spacious room until I finally shoved a white t-shirt over my head, sliding on the smallest pair of boxers I had, and some baggy pants. I had to use a freakin' belt to keep it where it was supposed to be from falling off my skinny waist.

I glanced at Sora who didn't even move from his spot, some of my large sweaters smothering his still form.

"Dude, don't just stand there, call Kairi or something!" It irked me when he was standing there the whole time, without uttering a single word. If I wasn't so proud and mature, I would've been as shocked as he was, maybe even worse. It wasn't everyday you would randomly transform into a girl!


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