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Once upon a day, something unusual happened to the JLA. Well, something even more unusual than normally. They just came back from a mission; all happy (except Batman), satisfied (except Batman) and looking forward to something not so epic and from global importance (especially Batman).

On this mission they had received help from an old "friend" of the Batman, Catwoman. Which was the main reason why she was with them up in the tower. Officially. No one really noticed that she was very close with Batman. OK, everyone noticed it but was quickly silenced by the bat-glare. It´s one way to ignore an ex-villain with amorous affection for one of your teammates, but another to ignore Catwoman who was basically clinging to Bats all the time. Who didn´t seem to mind it one single bit. While everyone was busy ignoring them, it slipped past everyone that they had already left the room.

The two were found roughly ten minutes later.

In a closet. In an advanced state of undressal. Flushed. Kissing. Moaning. And groping.

The universe blinked.

When the JLA tried to focus they faced an rather unusual problem. (Yes, more unusual than Bats and Catwoman locked in a closet and enjoying it rather enthusiastically)

Somehow, all of them had changed their gender.

They looked at each other. Then at themselves.

The reactions were...various.

Superman looked at his breasts. Then at his butt. Then he(?) combed his hair with his fingers quickly. "I didn´t expect to have curly hair" he announced.

Diana, who had grown an enormous beard and a figure like a lumberjack, simply run to her room. She really had to find clothes. Big clothes.

J´onn blinked. Then shrugged and shapeshifted back. "I´ll be on monitor duty, if someone´ll need me." and then he walked out.

Catwoman and Batman interrupted themselves for a second while they examined each other. Surprisingly, Bats had very much Catwoman´s figure, except for a long, smooth mane of ebony hair cascading down his back. And Catwoman looked like Bruce...except for a little goatee and curly hair. After one second they returned back to kissing/groping/moaning/whatever.

That was when Guy Gardner let an earpiercing scream out of his outh and lost conciousness.

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