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This story is told in third person omniscent, meaning that it will explore both Meredith's and Derek's thoughts. Also important to note, each ruler signifies a siginificant jump in the timeline. In addition, Derek is only three years older in this story.

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Chapter 1

"Mommy!" a tiny little blonde child screamed as she ran into the house with a large scrape on her knee. "Mommy, Derek pushed me! Derek pushed me into the driveway!"

"It was an accident!" a larger child shouted as he followed the little girl into the house. "I didn't mean to! And besides, she kept hitting me with her jump rope!"

Ellis Grey popped her head out the kitchen door and sighed. "Come here, Meredith. Let me see how bad it is." The tiny little girl theatrically limped closer to her mother. When she reached her, Ellis placed her hands underneath her daughter's arms and lifted her onto the countertop. After a few moments of close examination, she declared, "This isn't that bad, sweetie. I'll just clean it out and put a band-aid on it."

Meredith's face contorted in distaste. "You're not going to put alcohol on it, are you?"

Ellis chuckled. "I have to, it's the stuff that works. Derek? Can you go get the first aid kit in the laundry room?" The boy nodded and ran to find it and came back a few moments later with a white plastic case in his hands.

Meredith's eyes widened in fear as her mother pulled out the tiny vial of alcohol and some cotton balls. Derek sneered at her. "You're not scared, are you?"

The little girl turned her head and stuck her tongue out at him. "No." A moment later, she was squealing at the sting.

Her mother ignored Meredith's whimpers and cleaned the cut with surgical precision. When she was done, she looked her daughter sternly in the eye. "Now, what do you say to Derek?"

The little girl's mouth dropped in horror. "He was the one that pushed me!"

"But you started it," Ellis said very firmly. "Now, what do you say to Derek?"

Meredith turned her gaze to Derek and scowled at him. "Sorry."

Derek smirked. "I'm sorry too. Sorry that you're face is so ugly."

The little girl shrieked in rage as she leapt off the counter and ran after her annoying next door neighbor. What she really needed was a jump rope to choke him with. Derek, however, just laughed as she chased him out of the house and around the street. He loved annoying that little girl. Served her right for hitting him with her stupid jump rope.

Ellis watched the two run off and simply shook her head in amusement. "Ellis?" Richard called from upstairs. She smiled to herself, and loving thoughts of her husband replaced thoughts of her mischievous daughter and the dreaded enemy next door.

"I dare you…" Izzie Stevens said very slowly, looking around the playground for a good dare. Then she spotted a dark haired boy swinging from the monkey bars by his arms. "I dare you to kiss Derek Shepherd on the lips."

Meredith grimaced. "That's gross, Izzie! I don't want to kiss him!"

"Chicken," Izzie declared. She tucked her fists under her arms to form fake chicken wings and began flapping them. "Chicken!"

There was only one thing Meredith hated more than Derek Shepherd, and that was being called a chicken. Two of her strongest passions collided against each other and she was having a difficult time choosing. Then she turned her gaze and watched him as he and his best friend, Mark Sloan pointed directly at her and started laughing. That scene made her decision for her.

"Fine," Meredith grumbled. Without another thought, she marched up to the playground, pulled Derek off the monkey bars by his pants and kissed him swiftly on the lips. A nanosecond later, she pulled away in disgust and went back to Izzie while ignoring the shocked stares of the fifth graders around her.

"Omigosh, you kissed a fifth grader!" Izzie squealed in excitement. "I can't believe it!"

"I'm not doing it again," Meredith grumbled.

Over by the monkey bars, Mark was laughing his butt off. "You got kissed by a second grader!" he cackled in delight. "I can't believe it!"

Derek would have hit him if he wasn't too busy wiping his mouth vigorously on the back of his sleeve. "That was disgusting!" he cried out.

"You got kissed by a second grader, you got kissed by a second grader!" Mark chanted through his laughter. The rest of the playground had seen and started laughing at Derek's expense.

"Shut up!" he shouted, trying to stare his best friend into submission. "Shut up!"

Mark stopped and stared at his best friend, his amusement growing by the second. "Oh, you don't think she loves you, do you?"

Derek's jaw dropped in horror at the thought. "Ew! That's disgusting!"

"Meredith Grey is in love with you!" Mark shrieked. "That's why she kissed you!" The declaration brought on a new round of chants and howls of laughter.

Derek turned his hateful gaze to the little curly haired blonde girl on the other side of the playground. Their eyes collided in pure loathing. Stupid Meredith Grey.

"Omigosh, here they come!" Izzie squealed in delight. Meredith simply rolled her eyes and cast her gaze down at the peanut butter sandwich in front of her. Sure enough, Mark Sloan and the devil himself were walking past their lunch table.

"Hi, Mark," Izzie said breathlessly. Meredith was sorely tempted to kick her underneath the table.

"Hi, Izzie," Mark said with a very flirtatious smile (considering he was only thirteen) and the blonde simply melted. The two of them smiled at each other for a while as their friends blatantly ignored each other.

Mark and Izzie started chatting about something or other while Derek stood there awkwardly next to his best friend and Meredith played with her food, her eyes glazed over with boredom. Lately, Izzie had gotten all boy crazy and it was absolutely bewildering to her. Now their lunch time conversations consisted of training bras and which boy was cuter: Mark or Derek. Meredith staunchly refused to voice an opinion because neither peaked her interest.

"Oh, Meredith and I were just talking about that a moment ago," Izzie declared loudly as she swiftly kicked her friend underneath the table. "Isn't that right?"

She looked up and saw Derek smirking at her. Her eyes narrowed at him. "Yeah, sure," she muttered as she stomped down on his toe as hard as she could.

Derek howled as he rubbed his toe through his patented leather shoes. "Geez, Meredith! These shoes are brand new!"

She only stuck her tongue out at him. "Whatever."

Derek turned on his brand new heels and walked off in a huff. Mark smiled apologetically to Izzie and followed his wounded best friend out of the cafeteria. The moment they were gone, Izzie rounded on Meredith, a withering scowl on her face. "Geez, Mer, you can't be nice to him just once?"

"Why?" Meredith shot. "Why should I be nice to him? He's never been nice to me."

Izzie just rolled her eyes like she knew something Meredith didn't. "Boys don't like it when girls step on their feet on purpose. If you want to get Derek to like you back—"

Meredith stared at Izzie in absolute horror. "That's disgusting, Izzie!"

Izzie ignored her and went on talking like Meredith hadn't even said anything. "And you can't space out whenever I'm talking to Mark. You have to pay attention. But anyways," she continued excitedly, "do you think Mark was into me?"

"Yeah, sure," Meredith said, quickly losing interest.

"Oh my gosh, take a look at that hottie," one of the other freshmen girls sitting at the table muttered. Meredith didn't even have to look. She knew who it was.

"Hey ladies," a deep voice practically purred at them. Though Meredith wasn't looking at all, she could already see Izzie's eyes glazing over. The adolescent Mark Sloan was no surprise to her; she saw him whenever he had been over at Derek's house countless times, throwing loud, raucous parties in the middle of the night and keeping her up at the most inopportune times.

"Mark, what are you doing?" a disapproving voice followed closely behind. Meredith wanted nothing more than to get up and run out of the cafeteria.

Apparently, though, Mark wasn't paying attention to his best friend. "Meredith Grey?" he asked in apparent surprise. She looked up and smiled politely into Mark's light blue eyes.

"Mark Sloan," she repeated very calmly. "Don't tell me you couldn't recognize me."

"Okay then, I won't," he replied with a smirk. "Wow, you've certainly changed since the last time I saw you."

She raised her eyebrows. "You saw me last Saturday when I was grabbing the mail, remember? You told me I had a nice ass." At that point, she was trying to ignore the weird looks she was getting from the other girls at the lunch table.

A look of comprehension crossed his face. "So that was you? Wow, Mer. You have changed. A lot. Hasn't she, Derek?"

Both Derek's and Meredith's eyes narrowed as they focused on each other. "Derek," she said with surprising calm. She still hadn't forgotten the time when he threw water balloons through her open window.

"Meredith," Derek replied with equal coolness. He was still upset when she got him in trouble with his mother by telling her that he threw a party while his parents were out of town. "You really have changed."

"So have you," Meredith answered. "But to me, you'll still always be that little kid that ran around naked in his backyard." She watched the horror and embarrassment cross his face with vindictive satisfaction.

"And you will always be the girl stood outside my bathroom with a pair of scissors," Derek shot back. Izzie and Mark both shot Meredith a look and started giggling. "But it's good to know some things never change, huh?"

Meredith would have loved to kick him in the crotch like she had so many years ago when he first hit adolescence, but this was high school now. They wouldn't tolerate that kind of behavior. "Yes. Yes it is."

"Mom," Meredith whined as she stomped down the stairs in her best peach colored dress and silver wedges. "Why do I have to go?"

"Because, Meredith, the Shepherds are close family friends and their son is graduating from high school," Ellis Grey explained with dwindling patience. "You two used to play together all the time, remember?"

"Because you forced us to!" the teenager girl whined. "Not because we wanted to."

"Meredith Emily Grey," her mother began in a very firm tone, "I do not care what your personal feelings towards this boy are. You are coming to his graduation with us and that is final."

Meredith knew better than to argue when her mother used her middle name. So instead, she followed her mother out the door and climbed into the backseat of the car, dreading the event with every second.

Predictably, the ceremony itself was dreadfully dull. Meredith continued to fidget in her seat, watching people she didn't know much less care about walk across a stage with big smiles and posing for pictures with their favorite teachers. Since Shepherd started with an S, she had to wait an unbearably long time before she got to see the reason she was dragged to the stupid graduation in the first place.

When the ceremony was finally over, she went with her family and the Shepherds to find Derek in the huge crowd. While her family and his gushed over how proud they were that he was finally graduating, Meredith hung in the back with her arms sullenly crossed over her chest. Derek, being the little lapdog that he was, sucked up all their praise and petting with his stupid smile.

The crowd around him finally dispersed and Derek was left face-to-face with an unhappy Meredith Grey. "Wow, I didn't see you there for a moment," he smirked. "My bad."

She rolled her eyes. "Congratulations, jackass. Now you can't climb into my window and put snakes in my bed anymore."

He smirked. "Yeah. I'll be too busy earning my medical degree at NYU."

"At least I won't be anywhere near you," she shot. "And good riddance too. You think you're so hot and so popular…well I've got news for you buddy. You're not. You're just a pompous jerk that poses for all the ladies."

"And you're just a snot-nosed brat without a life," he retorted venomously. Why did she have to ruin everything? This was his graduation day for crying out loud! "Why did you even come today?"

"Not like I had a freaking choice," she spat. "And for the record, you smell like crap."

"Ugh, intern day," Dr. Mark Sloan groaned as he accepted the cup of steaming Seattle coffee from his best friend. "I hate interns."

Dr. Derek Shepherd chuckled. "You used to be an intern."

"Used to," Mark emphasized. "Not any more."

"Why do you hate interns so much?" Derek asked.

"They're so…small."

"Dr. Mark Sloan?" someone asked. The two of them looked up and found a group of five fresh-faced, bright-eyed interns watching them expectantly.

"Yeah," Mark said with a sigh. "Okay, just—just stand there for a moment and don't talk. We'll get on with rounds in a moment." He went back to the charts he was looking at, considerably more agitated.

"Dr. Derek Shepherd?" a different voice asked. Derek looked up and found his own group of interns looking more nervous than Mark's.

"Hello," he said in a very friendly manner. "Let me guess—you guys are my interns?"

Four of them nodded, but for some strange reason the girl in the front simply gaped at him like he was a blue gorilla. "Derek Shepherd?" the girl said very slowly and very clearly, as if she couldn't quite believe it. "You're Dr. Derek Shepherd?"

Derek looked back at the girl and felt his stomach drop. Son of a—

"Meredith Grey!" Mark exclaimed when he saw her. He unceremoniously rushed toward the girl and enveloped her tiny frame in his arms. "Wow, look at you! You've changed so much! I can't believe you're a doctor now!"

Meredith chuckled. "Hey, Mark. I didn't think I changed that much."

"Maybe you haven't. Are you still a cold-hearted bitch?" Derek asked coolly, finally recovering from initial shock.

Meredith's eyes narrowed as she turned her blue-green gaze towards him. "Depends. Are you still a self-righteous asshole?"

"That is no way to talk to your resident, Dr. Grey," he said very coolly. "Your surgical career rests in my hands for the next two years, and it's within my power to make your life a living hell, so I suggest you don't piss me off." He snorted as he looked the intern up and down for a few moments. "I don't know where you earned your degree, but I hope your medical skills are better than your manners."

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