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Scene 10: Sexy Ankle Jewelry

"So…were two tacky leg bands worth an eternity of imprisonment?" Taemestra chided the newest manslave to the Atrox, Hector, as she followed him around while he did menial chores. In this case, it was gathering firewood.

Hector scowled, "I didn't join the Atrox for the jewelry." He grunted in distaste, picking up another log. One could never have enough logs.

Taemestra smirked, "So you actually thought that it was giving you a tribute for defeating it?"

"What else would I think?" He said, annoyance leaking into his tone.

"Oh, I don't know. That maybe it was an obvious trap and that it would be highly unlikely for The Atrox to give you jack."

"He seemed beaten," Hector sourly defended himself.

Taemestra scoffed, "You thought you beat a sinister, immortal, demigod with a sword?"

"Well, in hindsight it seems silly, but-"

"A sword, Hector. A bit of metal. Against an immortal," She jibbed.

"…I used a bow too." He argued.

"Not only that, but they even look like shackles." The snotty little sister commented, "They're metal bands that go around your ankles, who would give a present like that?"

Hector remained silent, but he was now picking up logs with more vigor.

"I mean, how dumb do you have to be-"

Hector dropped the logs and huffed, now incredibly annoyed, "Just shut up Taemestra! You want to talk stupid?! When you got your chance to play evil mastermind, you know what you did? You tricked the immortal, future Magna Mater into a hole. A plain, old hole. That was original. And she got out anyway, so what the hell have you accomplished?!" He practically screamed, stomping off with his logs.

Taemestra's eyes widened, "Well, there was certainly no need to be catty." She murmured.

The End.

It'd be cool to see someone do something like this for the Daughters. (Nym whistles innocently)