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I kept creeping closer to the shinning object. I felt like Sleeping Beauty when she was entranced by the needle on the spin wheel. I reached out my hand to move the bushes away and I heard a faint growl but then a cars engine overpowered my thought and I turned to see who it was, no one I recognized though. I shook my head and when I looked back to where I was previously there as nothing there. It must have been my imagination. Though, I was still curious so I began to push the bushes aside.

I then felt someone shove me as hard as they could, though it felt like I got hit by a car. My head snapped backwards and I ran into a tree hitting my forehead and falling limp to the ground. As I stood to my feet I stumbled a bit and the ground moved unevenly beneath me.

"What the hell?!" the smell and feel of the blood trickling down the side of my face made me even more light headed I had to grasp my knees for support and lean up against the tree for even more stability.

"Dizzy?" a soft melodic voice said aloud with a quiet laugh.

I looked up and the forest was spinning around me, everything looked blurry. I could see the silhouette of a lanky woman; she had a delicate body and a structure that seemed almost cat like. Then I noticed the fiery red hair that outlined her face. That dark cynical figure stepped closer towards me.

"You have no idea how long I have been waiting for this moment." Victoria said as she crept closer and closer to me. She licked her lips. "Your blood smells so delicious." She took a long deep breath.

I tightly closed my eyes and opened them slowly. The forest had stopped spinning and my blurry vision gradually subsided. I stood up so I did not look as weak as I felt. The blood was still running down my face and I could feel the bruises forming on my back and my body was already becoming sore. My hands were raw from running into the tree and were bleeding as well. Blood in front of a thirsty vampire who wanted to kill you with every fiber of their being; the odds were not in my favor.

"I bet your dear Edward is on his way too." She said taking another step closer.

"But weren't you with the others?" I had to try and keep her distracted. Maybe I could try and run into the light.

"They were just a wonderful distraction. I stayed here to get you."

I could not think of anything to say. I bit my lip, I could make it to the sun light, maybe. Victoria was standing right in front of me and I could not get past her. She would only throw me against the tree again. Why couldn't Edward be here? I had to try and keep her distracted.

"How did you get the others to help?" I attempted to get her ranting on a story.

"Now that is a long story. I don't know if I should tell you or not for I do want time to make you suffer."

She started walking t a quicker pace towards me and then crouched down like a predator does before it attacks its prey. She almost reminded me of Edward when he would play with me, but this was scary, I began shaking. I backed up slowly and unsteadily, I tripped over a root, I then got up and ran. I turned to look back and I saw her pitch black eyes narrow and a smile break across her face, a scornful smile. That was when I realized I should not have run.

Running was the stupidest idea ever. She should have caught me by now. The never ending forest past by me as I ran deeper into it. The foliage kept brushing against my body and I occasionally stumbled over a rock or root or just my own feet. My chest ached with the lack of oxygen and my legs burned begging me to stop but I couldn't. My mind kept telling me to run.

I looked behind me to see if I could see her at all and when I turned back around she was standing right in front of me. I stopped.

She laughed aloud. "You running away makes this game even more fun. Did you really think you could get away from me?"

I stood completely still. I shrugged my shoulders ever so slightly.

The next moment she was right before me staring at my face. She grabbed my arms and squeezed so hard she almost broke them in half. She then grabbed my shoulders tightly and leaned forward and smelled my neck. She took her fingers and dug into my shoulders, I screamed. She smiled and laughed. She let one hand go and licked the blood that was now dripping down her fingers and my back. I could feel it start to soak through my shirt. Her eyes widened at the taste of my blood and became darker if it were even possible.

She leaned in towards my neck again, I clenched my fists and as I closed my eyes Edwards face appeared behind my tightly shut eyelids. But then it slowly faded away and Jacobs face appeared, my Jacob though with that innocent smile of his that belonged to me. I relaxed my body then and accepted the fate that was soon to be mine.

Then she froze and I felt her suddenly let go of me and hair sweep across my face that smelled earthy, that smelled like Jacob.

I quickly opened my eyes and saw the rustic brown wolf on top of Victoria. He was snarling and biting at her face as she was struggling to get him off of her. She pushed him off and he fell into a tree and she looked right at me. Jake saw this and stood right in front of me. He leapt at her again and this time he was able to sink his razor sharp teeth into her shoulder. She screamed and dug her fingers into his back, he only clamped down on her shoulder harder. She then was able to kick him off of her as hard as she could and he crashed into a tree nearly breaking it in half. He yelped. Victoria lied there grasping her completely torn up arm, with pieces of her arm in various places. I couldn't move a muscle. I looked over to where the wolf had previously been and he was no longer there. When I turned back to look at Victoria Jake was standing in front of me in his human form.

He looked me over and brushed his warm hand against my cheek, this was my Jake. He picked me up in his arms and ran as fast as he could away from Victoria. I heard her scream as we ran away with her voice fading in the distance. I gripped Jake tighter and he only reacted the same way.

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