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Chapter 24

Earth SGC

Meetings 1

George Hammond was thoughtful as the meeting was coming to a close. The elderly toad had left them much to think about as many things had been told to them.

Pa explained that although they as a tribe would be happy to help them when needed. Only Naruto, whom had passed Gamabunta's test, would be able to summon them. And even then, that is if he had what was needed to satisfy them.

Gamabunta for example would only agree to help if he was facing one of the other chief summons or a being that would prove to be an honorable battle. Being a warrior that he was, the Chief toad would only agree then, other then that he wouldn't show up for anything less then a giant barrel filled with sake.

Pa was happy to share the battle his son had with Naruto against the one tailed demon Shukaku as an example of what to do. And then he used Jiriaya's sometimes idiotic summoning reasons as an example of what not to do... The latter of which of course cracked up many of those in the room.

Still though eventually the topic turned to Naruto and the Kyuubi within him, a touchy subject to say the least as Pa had sighed with pained remembrance. This time only willing to speak with General Hammond alone as Gamabunta had relayed he was a warrior of honor. The leader of the SGC at the moment agreed and escorted the toad sage to his office.


"Naruto's story is not a good one." Pa stated quietly. Thoughtful and to a point, he looked at George with a pained memory. "What I have been allowed to tell you is considered an S-Class secret by those in Konoha. The Fifth Hokage has ordered Jiriaya to allow me to tell you the truth of his heritage. For everything I tell you concerns Naruto, whom is not of an age or rank yet to know."

Agreeing to keep silent about it George listened to the events that happened years ago, on the blonde youth's birthday. The Kyuubi's attack... And of the man that sacrificed all, just to save the village and to give his son a future that he hoped would be peaceful.

"So...his father."

"Was the previous summoner approved by Gamabunta, the one who defeated Kyuubi by sealing it within his own son. And he was the Fourth Hokage of Konoha, Minato Namikaze..."

Flashback ends...

More was explained in that hour in his office, but by the time they had returned, George had informed those within that what Pa had shared with him was of knowledge akin to what only the President himself should hear.

Despite their demands, George remained tightlipped as Pa had chosen that time to leave. Going to converse with Jiraiya and see what he and then the Fifth decided to do next. The fact that Naruto was not on their world, was indeed a boon at the moment, if what else Pa had explained to him was true.

It seems terrorism was rampant somewhat on their world as well. If one could call it that. Naruto had a group after him because of what was within his body. These Akatsuki could prove problematic.

Already having to deal with the Goa'uld the fact that they had attacked Naruto and Sasuke's world had led to something that he did not wish to think about. Considering the powers these men and women could wield if the two were any examples of it. Once the Stargate in their world opens again....

It was something he did not want to think about.

The fact of the matter is, he will be speaking to the president at least about these people from Naruto's world. If a Goa'uld was to get a hold of even one, it could literally enforce beliefs that it was a god.

Pa had spoken of the abilities the summons alone could do, and Naruto as well as Sasuke could control the elements purposefully.

Or even in a fight as their initial spar when they had arrived had demonstrated. The damage they had done to the environment was nothing short of catastrophic in the eyes of those watching. But when the two boys had rested and cone to fix it?

The control they had over filling the earth and the water....

It was something that could to so much in the way of keeping their world from droughts, or even possibly keep floods from ever happening as they could make damns that were stronger then cement.

But remain all natural at the same time.

He was sure the President would wish to talk about a possible alliance with the people from the Elemental Home world as both Naruto and Sasuke call their home. Now all he had to do was wait....


Elemental World

On the borders of Star Country now, the Shinobi of the Leaf were in the midst of a conversation with those from the Star.

Thankful for the fact that the Toad Sage writes those perverted books, they were glad he had fans in the Star Village and they were at least willing to listen to what they had to say. Understanding crossing their features at simply wishing to retrieve their friend, they knew about the circular device which was about two weeks into their territory.

Willing to show it to them as it was considered a historical landmark to them. They proceeded to continue on listening as Shikamaru had stepped forward and explained what they learned about the Ring that they as a people called the Heaven's Gate.