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I looked into his bright topaz eyes, his arms slowly released me. I moved away from the cliff, but still kept my distance.

"J-Jasper?" I stuttered, not so much in fear, but surprise. Yet, I was still afraid he might disappear any second. He stepped forward, cautioning me with his eyes, that he was coming near me. "W-why?" I asked, my voice shaking. He looked hurt, he misunderstood. He thought I didn't want him here.

"Alice saw you... jumping" He hesitated before the last word.

"and you came..?" I figured Alice would come, since you know, she was the one who saw me jumping, and Jasper was the one who lunged at me, not that I'm mad at him for it.

"Well, I could leave..?" He offered. I smiled at him and walked over to him.

"Nope, it's fine." I began walking in the direction of my truck.

"Bella..." He hesitated so I looked back at him. "Maybe, we should get out of here... fast."

"Why..?" He looked at me, his face was serious and tense. "Oh..." I said remembering what Jacob had told me about the treaty. (A/n: I don't remember when he told her about the treaty so just go with it. I would check my book but my friend is holding it captive -cough, cough- Kathers...)

"Okay, my truck is at the end of the trail..." I said and started walking towards the trail, looking out for roots, of course.

I stuck my key in the hole and turned, but a cold hand stopped mine. "Maybe, it would be best if I drove?" Jasper asked in a monotone. His eyes boring into mine.

I nodded slowly, and moved my hand out from underneath his. "O-okay..." I ran my hand along the side of the truck as I walked to the other side. I sighed and opened the door.


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