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Chapter 1: I AM a pure blood

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Title: Don't Leave Me Like This

Chapter One: I AM a pureblood

Draco held his stomach and began howling out in pain. He had come into his inheritance last summer and it was once again his birthday. It had been a year, Draco ignored his Veela heritage. Draco insisted on being a pure blood not some creature, not some Veela, not some thing that depended upon another being to live. He was a Malfo. Not only that but, he was a Black. That alone was something many wizards and creatures feared. So to Draco, his blood could be nothing but pure.

His father watched him wither in pain. He had done the same last summer as well. Simply watching not ever saying a word. He was waiting for Draco to come to him. Waiting for Draco to admit he needed help. Lucius knew Draco was a Veela. He himself was one as well. He had ended up marrying Narcissa out of a family debt. He was not in any way mated to Narcissa though. The marriage worked well and both the Blacks and the Malfoys were happy. Narcissa had everything she ever dreamed. She had money, fame and Draco. Lucius was allowed to stay by the side of his mate. After their marriage night and the conception of Draco, Lucius never bedded with the woman again. So if you ever asked the two if they were happy? Then yes would be the unconditional answer.

"Darling Lucius, I'm worried about Draco he has been howling for hours, the house elves have just informed me," Narcissa said richly as she stepped into the Malfoy Manor library where Lucius was reading. He lifted his face up to Narcissa and sighed placing his book down.

"I know Cissa; I can not help our love if he will not admit what he is." Lucius responded in a sickly stern look. He looked pained to not be able to help his son, and he was.

"Surely you can speak to Severus or Albus; I would even hope perhaps you would bring Veela law into his case. Lucius Malfoy, your son needs you and you sit here reading a book ignoring him. Absolutely ignoring him!" Narcissa said throwing a bit of a fit and stepping right in front of Lucius pushing him futher into the chair.

Now Narcissa was happy with her life, she could not deny that. She was able to go to all the social gatherings the purest of pure bloods were invited to. She had access to both light and dark sides. Some feared her, others loved her. Narcissa loved her son, loved the jewelry, the vacations, the dresses, and of course the mansions. She was quite content with all of it.

Still in the back of her mind she always knew she was nothing more to her husband than a friend. To keep the honor of both the Black and the Malfoy name in the pure blood society she could not and would not seek attention from anyone other than Lucius. Narcissa had never gone astray from Lucius.

Lucius could not help that he was given to the Blacks before he became Veela, Narcissa could not blame him for that. Lucius could not help that his true mate was not her. In her own way she loved and supported Lucius.

Even though all this was true she refused to stand by and have her son suffer negligence of an idiot father who had too much pride to help their son.

"Narcissa please, he wont even admit he is a Veela. I cannot help him unless he admits what he is. He is not just a pure blood. He is a pureblooded with Veela. Honestly, what do you want me to do? Tell him I'm sorry that the Malfoy blood is not as clean as he assumed?"

"Lucius I expect you to go up there and explain it to him make him understand. I expect you too at least explain what his Veela heritage is. I expect you to care for your son whether his is in denial or not. I expect you to help him find his mate before it is too late. Lucius I will not lose my son. After all these years of staying quiet about the Malfoy's dirty little secret, I highly suggest you go do something for your son. At least show him how to find his mate. I love my boy more than anything in this world Lucius, and if you wish to continue living in this fragile fantasy you'll go help him now." Narcissa said with an almost threatening tone shaking him by his shoulders letting only a few desperate tears escape her eyes.

Lucius trying to uphold his false bravado, tried pushing Narcissa away but instead ended up pulling her into a hug as she broke down and sobbed against him. Narcissa was after all the best wife an alleged pure blood with a dark Veela blood secret any wizard could hope to have. The Malfoys remained a pure blood family thanks to her suffering.

"Hush now Cissa. He knows who his mate is. He would not be reacting this way if he did not. Trust me he knows whom his. The separation from the mate now is why the Veela within is not pleased. The Veela is dying to be reunited with its mate. It is simply trying to forcing Draco to return to its mate."

"What do you mean he knows!? Who could it be!? And furthermore, why hasn't he TOLD me?" Narcissa grumbled. Seconds later she had pulled herself free from Lucius' grasp and raced out of the library and up the stairs of the Manor. She made a b-line down the hall straight to Draco's room pounding on the door as soon as she was close enough.

Lucius got up from his seat thinking it was better to take this as it came. He knew it was best to follow Narcissa to Draco's room. He walked with pride and grace his wife was seriously lacking at the moment as she was unceremoniously beating down her beloved sons door. When he reached the door, he raised an eyebrow at his wife who was pounding and scream at the door nearly hysteric begging their son to let the ward down.

"Honestly Cissa" Lucius gently moved Narcissa to the side and mutter a spell at the door that brought down the door and the wards at once. "There." he said calmly to his wife who ran over to Draco as soon as the wards were down.

Draco lay howling in his bed. The sound was ear shattering. His body was covered in a thin layer of sweat, he was clammy and his skin had taken a grayish blue hue. His hair was a ruffled mess defying gravity in a few places.

Narcissa gasped and crawled onto her son's bed and pulling him into her arms. Draco's eyes opened once he was able to recognize the warm body holding him. His desperate eyes locked with his mothers as fresh tears cascaded down his face.

"I am a pure blood" Draco said in a whisper before a gut wrenching scream escaped his dry lips. His body suddenly twisted and shook uncontrollably before his eyes rolled back into his head.

"Lucius do something!" Narcissa screamed hugging her son tightly. If she lost everything else, it would be fine. But is she lost her son … No she could not. He was the only thing that really kept the hollow feeling of loneliness at bay.

"I can't he is denying his mate and denying his Veela side. All that I can do is have Severus come and bring some of his potions to ease the pain." Lucius said walking to Draco's floo and connecting himself into Snape cottage in Germany where he was residing for the summer.

Snape was just finishing up some pepper up potions when he was alerted that someone was trying to contact him through the floo network. He grumbled angrily about privacy but allowed the network to patch through.

"What is it Draco honestly it hasn't been even a month in break and you are already hassling me." Severus sneered.

"Sevvie really now you have nerve to speak to my son that way, it pains me," Lucius said managing to honestly sound wounded.

"Lucius? What is the matter what has happened?" Severus whispered his face gravely serious all of a sudden.

"I am fine Sevie but Draco… he came into his … inheritance …"

"I am aware of this. He was not very happy he came to me during the school year begging me to purify him from the creature. I told him it was impossible that he was best to find his mate and just bond himself to the person" Severus interrupted Lucius.

"Yes well… apparently he found his mate but did nothing but ignore the Veela side and the urges" Lucius replied calmly ignoring the fact he was interrupted.

"I am not an expert in the field of Veela's Lucius. I will be over shortly after I gather some things I will floo straight to Draco's room." Severus responded.

Lucius stepped back into the floo and terminated the connection. Severus quickly gathered pain, sleep, and navigation for bonding creatures potions. The last one was something Severus had created. Only he, Lucius, and possibly Narcissa were the only ones who knew of it.

Now Severus could deal with the Malfoy family individually just fine. It was when they united as the family as a whole in his presence he could only wish a celstial being from above would cast vipera evanesca upon him vanishing him from the world. It would seem that not even the dark lord could protect him when Lucius and Narcissa met with him. there was nothing but death glares that would make the devil envious, threats, and the occasional drawing of wands upon one another. But here he was now preparing to walk into the 7th if not the 9th ring of hell for Lucius' son.

Lucius went over to Narcissa and picked her face up to his smiling gently at the woman who was still clutching to their son insanely. Lucius could only shake his head. The house of Black was supposed to be elegant fair and proper. His wife was acting the exact opposite. However, she was his wife and she was loyal to him even though he did not love her.

"Severus is coming Narcissa. I insist you go and spend the weekend at the Lastranges I am certain you and Bellatrix can find something to chitchat about. If you do not wish to see your sister then perhaps a lovely trip to see the Zabini family. Oh yes the Zabini family let me floo them now. You and Lady Zabini can take a shopping trip. Yes I do believe that will work lovely."

Narcissa turned to Lucius with a look so venomous she could kill him slay him thirty times over without blinking. Here he was telling her to leave her baby alone while she shops with Mrs. Zabini. Narcissa was boling on the inside but decided it was not worth the impending battle with Severus so she would go anyway. She simply placed a gently kiss on Draco's forehead whispering something into Draco's ear and stood up to leave.

"I will leave you Lucius, but know this I will never leave my son. His life is your life." She sneered walking past him. "Oh and don't bother informing Lady Zabini I will see her myself when I get there."

"That is improper and you know that Narcissa. Have the decency to request permission to drop by" Lucius said calmly not about to start an argument.

"Fine" Narcissa growled storming out to prepare for a weekend with Lady Zabini and her two children, Blaise and Elivian.

As soon as his mother left him, Draco started sniffling and howling. He wanted his mother to come back to him when his mother was there with him felt safer. She left him there and he just wanted her back. Draco cuddled himself even tighter into the sheet Narcissa draped over him and shivered.

He knew who his mate was. He knew he could never ever have the person and would not be able to live with himself to try. Still the Veela inside was taking over and wanted his mate. Draco had fought it the entire year at Hogwarts slaved through classes and great hall meals begging Uncle Sev for a potion to make it go away. Draco had began brewing pepper up potions so people would not notice his unhealthy look since he was ignoring his Veela yearning for his mate.

"Da…daddy it hurts" Draco groaned

Lucius looked at his son and shook his head knowing he would not be able to help him. He did the only thing he knew he could do. He walked over to Draco's bed, pulled the boy to him, and hugged him tightly.

"I know Dragon… and its father" Lucius smiled and kissed the top of Draco's head. "You should stop trying to ignore it Draco. You should have to gone to Albus as soon as it happened. I know we hate the man and everything, but he would protect you."

"I don't want my mate," Draco attempted to hiss from his place in Lucius' embrace. "I never want to see my mate again I hope they die"

As soon as Draco finished the last line a horrible rush of pain slammed him twice as hard as ever before. He sobbed out again and pushed against Lucius trying to escape the pain but failing miserable.

"Dragon, you can't say things like that about your mate. It will kill you. Why do you not want your mate? They can't be that bad. Is it Pansy Parkinson?" Lucius said and rubbed circles on his sons back calming the boy just a little.

"I wish it was Pansy, at least I could handle that," Draco said falling into an agonizing sleep.

Lucius smiled down at his son and was happy to see him asleep. Even if it was clear by the frown marring his face it was a tortured one. If it was not Ms. Parkinson who was it. Draco hated Pansy the girl was far too eager for a Malfoy or a Black no he figured she would end up with either Crabbe or Goyle. Not even Nott or Zabini would mess with that girl. If his mate was not Parkinson then whom did Draco loathe more than that bothersome girl. Lucius was at a total loss.

"Sitting there all perplexed and broken won't help him Luci," A voice from the fireplace said.

Lucius looked down, frowned, patted the boys head, and gave him a kiss on the top. "Yes I know Severus. Do you know Draco's mate? It is someone worse than Pansy. I don't know who it is." Lucius said at a loss. Surely all this torture was not worth it. Why was his son torturing himself over his mate? If he did not get his mate he would die. Veela blood ran strong in the Malfoy family through prestige and blackmailing the ministry they were known as pure blood.

"Well then its safe to assume it is either a Hufflepuff or a Gryffindor then, or a muggle born." Severus said with a sigh. I brought some dreamless sleep and some pepper up potions but If Young Malfoy wishes to live he had better see his mate and soon."

"I can do nothing if I do not know who his mate is. Oddly enough its Draco's birthday today you know." Lucius said grimly "I got him new Dragon scale boots and an intermediate potion set as well as a hoard of candy, he's been like this since the end of Hogwarts Severus… I don't think he is going to live."

"He may not." Severus agreed and walked to the older Malfoy placing a hand on his shoulder. "But if anyone could worm there way out of this, Draco will." Looking nervously around the room Severus asked in a low tone. "Where is Narcissa?" He inquired trying to switch topics.

"Narcissa, I sent her to go shopping with Zabini."

"Not safe Lucius you know that woman can't keep a husband alive, it may rub off"

"Sev I need'nt worry. Narcissa is a Black through and through she will not kill me I have power over her now. She may have the house of Black but that house is dead… Whereas the Malfoy house will live on"

"We hope" Severus responded with a sigh and walked over to the chair across the room.

"Severus I have a favor to ask of you. I have a meeting with the Dark Lord this weekend. I need you to watch Draco."

"Lucius I can't Dumbledore has already asked me to return to Grimmauld and watch the golden trio and company while the order has some meeting I just can't"

"Severus I need you to do this for me the boy is obviously sick someone must watch him and Narcissa is away now to shop and not even a lonely Draco will bring her back. Ask Albus if you may take him with you." Lucius hated the thought of his son being amongst such common and ignorant people and Gryffindors and mud bloods nonetheless, but it was better than having his son die.

"I will floo him later on the matter I leave tomorrow for the palace. Mr. Potter apparently cannot keep control of himself and simply went and obliterated his house those muggles so kindly let him live in and pamper him hand and foot. The Order feels it is necessary to intervene early this summer."

"I also got Draco some books on Veela of age and I brought a potion to navigate to ones mate perhaps we will use it later. I also bought him an invisibility cloak." Severus said very monotone but his eyes twinkle slightly. He loved his godson even if he saw many faults in the boy. But then again there were many faults in Lucius as well they shared the same attitudes.

"That is quite the present" Lucius said and relaxed a little more with his son in his arms.

"Yes well… for all the years I missed out" Severus responded and Lucius looked away.

Narcissa did not allow Severus near Draco until Hogwarts. Severus was made his godfather regardless and occasionally Severus saw Draco but he was not permitted to see him as an invitation Narcissa ordered it saying she did not like the man. Finally, Draco told his mother she could not keep him from seeing Severus any longer and time fixed itself. The godfather was in his godson's life finally after too many years of only looking from the sidelines in pain. Draco was like a son to him.

"I'm so sorry Severus," Lucius said with a yawn.

"Its alright Luci… Narcissa will get hers." Severus responded getting up and exiting the Young Malfoys room. Severus had some work to do before he himself got a break. The top of that was to floo the headmaster about Draco's condition and proposition him into allowing the boy to come it Grimmauld with him.

With a heavy heart, Severus sighed. Anything for the ones you love. He thought bitterly throwing powder into the fireplace. And, waiting for a response.

"Ah Severus at the Malfoy Manor I see how are you my dear boy how is Lucius and Draco holding up well I assume?" Dumbledore's voice rang out far too cheerful than Severus could Handle.

"Yes Albus. Lucius is fine… Young Malfoy though I fear has came into his inheritance. It is quite painful for him. Albus, I do not wish to leave my godson alone during this time. Lucius has a meeting with the Dark Lord. I fear it has to do with Draco. Could I escort young Malfoy to Grimmauld with me tomorrow? I assure he will be of no problem."

"Severus Snape, Draco Malfoy is the son of a known Death Eater. Not only that the son of the Black family, I know the boy is a Veela and I know it is rough for him. I can not have a Death Eaters son running around the secret place of Grimmauld."

"Albus you fool, don't you see Draco needs help but you are too thick headed to realize not everything is about your precious Gryffindors. Draco Malfoy needs sanctuary Albus. Lucius may be able to stall the Dark Lord due to Veela inheritance however; the stalling will not go on for much longer. He has been stalling for a year already. The Dark Lord wants the Veela and his mate to be marked."

"You fight a good fight Severus I see your point. Bring the boy. Tell Lucius I can provide him and his lovely Narcissa sanctuary whenever they need it they need to just ask."

"Of course. We shall speak tomorrow" Severus responded and closed the connection quickly before Albus could start croaking away about candies and fairies. The old man was a loon, if it was not for Minerva keeping him as headmaster he would be ousted, part of Albus was dead serious and fearless and then the other part was just ridiculous. Severus figured it was from interring family breeding for many pureblood wizards were just a little Looney.

Severus thoughts were cut when he heard howling coming from Draco's room. He summoned two potions and went up in a hurry. He opened the door and saw the young Veela cowering on the floor under his bed while his father was horror struck standing beside him. Severus kept his demander but was not sure what he could do he had a numbing potion and the guidance potion he planned to take Draco's problems into his own hand.

"Severus I nodded off and suddenly he was out of my hands and on the floor like this," Lucius muttered refusing to get on his hands and knees to pull Draco out.

"Yes I see, Lucius if I may I have two potions that I feel will help young Draco" Severus said coldly bending over and grabbing Draco by his robed and ripping him out from under his bed.

Draco looked away and squirmed unhappily under the sudden rough hold he was in. He then turned to face Severus and spat on him and fought the man off. He smacked Severus in his face, kicked him, and struggled to get out of his grasps. Severus did not let go.

"I hate you," Draco sobbed out. "I hate you"

Severus ignored the boy and slammed on potion into his mouth forcing him to swallow then another. He smirked at Draco who glared menacingly back after swallowing the potions suddenly Draco's pain disappeared in his body and he calmed immediately. He looked from his father and then to Severus.

"I need him," Draco said in a whisper of a desperate tone.

"Him?" Lucius and Severus said together both surprised by the admittance of the statement. Draco admittance not only was the first time he had recognized that he was a Veela. But that he knew who his mate was.

till we meet again.

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