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Story: Don't Leave Me Like This

Chapter 27: Heroes goodbye

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Draco had taken note of the giants actions they were moving. He knew this would be his only chance to get to Harry. He broke free from the giants making a dash for his mate. He did not notice that the invisibility cloak he was wearing got stuck under a giants foot. Draco was visible. His aunts shrieking cries alerted him.

"Kill him!" The Dark Lord shouted

Curses were flying at Draco. He was dodging them right well when a paralysis curse hit him. He was completely done. He couldn't move. Draco looked into the crowd and saw Lucius he had worked his way closer to Draco. He couldn't tell but Draco was positive the Paralysis came from Lucius himself. Draco tried regaining some of his power but it was useless the curse was far too strong. He was shocked to see Voldemort himself come to his side.

"Draco Malfoy, it's so pleasant to you. It's a shame you picked such a awful worthless mate. Just look at him now. Its a shame you won't live to see him die."

Draco inwardly screamed. He had to break free of this he had to get Harry to safety. When Draco saw Voldemort's wand rise up for him, he tried a final attempt to break free. Right before Voldemort fired the killing curse Lucius had jumped in front of Draco taking the full power of the curse. Draco watched in horror as blood poured from his lifeless body. He didn't have long to watch because he was soon grabbed up by a giant along with Potter and while being shielded by many curses he felt the two of them being portkeyed out. The last thing Draco saw was Lucius eyes looking at him. Blood smearing his face and drenching his hair.

Draco tried to forget the image and tried to understand what was happening right now. He and Harry had been portkeyed away from the mansion. The rest of the giants had been left to die. Draco was getting some ability to move his face. He closed his eyes when he saw they were safely at the House of Hearts. Someone would come and help them and everything would be fine. For now though he had to rest. It was all too overwhelming for him to take in for one day.

Had Lucius died for him and Harry Potter?

Ginny had been given a strong dosage of a calming drought and was sitting on the couch in Zabini's parlor when Narcissa bolted into the room. Nobody said anything and Ginny didn't even react it was as though she didn't know who she was. That was how powerful the drug was. Hermione and Ron were sitting on the floor below her huddled together chatting.

"Is there a change?" Hermione asked in just a audible whisper.

"Yes, but how long has the girl been like this?"

"Since you shoved that vile down her throat and made her drink it."

"I see." Narcissa said simply leaving the room and coming back with another bottle of potion.

"Woah there. What do you think you're doing?" Ron said standing up. This women was bonkers if she thought she was going to just keep giving Ginny things.

"It is just a potion no need to be alarmed."

"Yes, but what kind of potion?" This time it was Hermione who was doing the standing.

"Listen children, Blaise is going to die, and the little lion right there needs to go say goodbye before she can't say anything to him again."

Narcissa did not want to come off as being so cold, however with those two there was no other choice. They quickly moved to the side and Narcissa gave Ginny the pepper up potion. Narcissa waited a few seconds them her lips curled into a smile as steam rose from the young girls body. Potions were truly amazing.

"What's going on?" Ginny asked as steam poured from her mouth as well.

"Blaise condition has degraded. He is alive only due to the spells and charms we have placed on him. He requested you to come and be with him before his death."

"He's dying?" Ginny asked shaking her head in disbelief. "He can't die. I love him."

"Yes well come with me dear, him he wishes to be with you."

Ginny shook her head no. There was no way her boyfriend would die. They still had so much to do together. He was going to marry her. They were going to be happy. He wasn't allowed to die. He just had to live. this just wasn't fair.

"Gather your famed Gryffindor courage and face this child. He is in great pain. The sooner you go to him the sooner he no longer has to feel it." Narcissa did not want to sound harsh. It was not really in her nature, years of being Lucius' wife had earned her the ability to sound like an awful women most of the time. At a bit of pure blood pride and Narcissa could be a right as rain bitch.

"She is no coward!" Ron yelled standing up for his sister. "How dare you call her a coward this entire situation is partially your fault. The real coward here is you."

"I am not speaking with you so shut your mouths." Narcissa glared at Ron who looked away quickly trying to forget the words he had just spoke to the older woman.

"He's right. Don't call her a coward." Hermione whispered. She had her arms around Ginny who was crying steamy tears from the pepper up potion.

"Fine. Ginerva you need to go see Blaise. He waiting for you. Furthermore, he's not afraid of this like you seem to be."

Ginny snapped out of her crying spell by the use of her real name. She nodded and got up. She had to be strong for Blaise. She would have to go in and see him. He needed her. He sacrificed his life for their safety and now he was dying for it as well. It was not right to not see him.

Ginny left with Narcissa leaving the couple behind. She opened the door where they had set up a room for him. the door knob felt like it weighted a ton in her hands but it did turn and the door did open


"We should have went with them." Hermione sniffled.

"Why, so that could be one of us?" Ron interjected. "No Hermione. We did the right thing staying at Hogwarts."

"But what about Harry and Draco? They are still there."

"Harry will find a way. Draco, well he is a Slytherin."

"Ronald Bilius Weasley that is the most inconsiderate thing you have said all day. Harry and Draco are mated you can accept or reject the fact Harry is not exclusively yours anymore."

"What's that mean?"

"It means you have to learn to share your best mate with someone else. And you need to grow up."

"Hermione." Ron started and shook his head. Maybe Hermione was right.


"Ginny?" Blaise said it sounded so hollow. Ginny went to his bed side. Elivian and Rose were sitting together at the window crying.

"Hey Blaisey." Ginny pecked his lips with her own for a second. His whole body was on fire and swollen.

"I'm not going to make it. I shouldn't be alive now."

"Please...Blaise." Ginny sucked air in trying not to bawl her eyes out. "Don't say things like that."

"I love you." Blaise said and Ginny lost it she burst into tears.

"Don't leave me! Not like this you cant go like this. We had a future." Tears were rolling from her face plopping down on the bedding below her.

"I know. I know but this is how it has to be. You're alive and you'll be ok. Knowing that makes me the luckiest guy in the world."

"No I won't." Ginny said referring to the ok part.

"Ginny I love you. check up on Elivian for me and my mum she seems to be pregnant again."

Ginny just nodded not exactly phased by everything he was saying. Blaise wanted her to live and take care. He figured she'd be alright if he left her things to do for him, and it would work. Ginny just crying silently and mumbled "I will."

"Thank You Ginny." Blaise said before a coughing spell. "I love you..." He said once more nodding to ex-Mrs. Malfoy. Narcissa took her que and removed the spells and charms off him immediately. Ginny leaned and down to kiss him gently. Afterwards he was gone.

The Gryffindor screamed and howled in her head. She was trying to hold on to some composure her beloved had in hi death. She grabbed a hold of Blaise and hugged tightly. Elivian and Rose did the same, but with a little less vigor. Ginny was kissing his cheeks and trying to hold on to something that just wasn't there anymore.

"Bring him back, bring him back, I need him." Ginny muttered into his neck trying to hear a heart beat that just wasn't there. He was just any shell of her love. Blaise was gone.

"Child he is gone. No amount of magic, spells, potions or charms will bring him back." Narcissa said placing a hand on her shoulder.

"He's dead." Rose spoke and stood. She hugged her daughter and gave Ginny a hug then covered Blaise with a sheet. "My sweet Blaise.... is dead." rose said to the sheet letting a strong mask slip over her broken face.