A/N: This fic was the HiyoTaki I promised for Shiek's Lonely but I was too lazy to type up. But I finally got it up. Yay me?

Oh. Warning: CRACK due to writing this at 2 AM in the morning during my Atlanta fieldtrip while my friends were singing that oh-so-interesting song that is in my dirty pair fic "Song". Go read it if you want more crack.

"Hiyo-piyo!" Taki shouted out gayly after tennis practice was over. Hiyoshi twitched. Gakuto snickered. The other occupants in the room just ignored them.

"Can I straighten your hair this weekend? You can come over to my house and-"

"No." Hiyoshi replied bluntly, cutting of his boyfriend before he could say something.

"Why not? It'll be fun and my sister bought a new hair straightener!" For some reason, this drew everyone's attention.

"What brand is it?" Yuushi asked.

"I dunno, but my sister said it was the newest one and it mosturises and straightens."

Gakuto snorted. "That sounds cheap."

"Is not!" Taki argued. "So, how about it Hiyo-piyo?" After a long silence, Hiyoshi spoke.

"...my hair is naturaly straight."

Everyone gasped.

"Well...mine is too!" Gakuto proclaimed, flipping his hair. Shishido resisted rolling his eyes.

"Everyone knows that already."

"Your just jealous 'cause your hair's so short and ugly you can't straighten it anymore and mine needs no straightening!"

"Mukahi-senpai...that doesn't make any sense."

"It wasn't suppose to."

Ohtori didn't have the heart to tell the redhead he still didn't understand.

"Well...if you come," Taki whispered some words to Hiyoshi that made his eyes go wide.


"Yosh! Let's go then!" And the two left, Taki leading with Hiyoshi in tow. Everyone else in the room wondered how Taki bribed Hiyoshi to go.

The next day, the sophmore's hair was curlier than usual and flipped inwards more, making him really look like a mushroom.

"Ne, what did Taki bribe you with?" Gakuto asked.

"I'm not telling." Hiyoshi replied, walking away.

"Mou! Stuck up ninja! Yuushi, do you know?"

"I believe Taki stole Atobe's hair curlers and had...interesting...pictures of him wearing them."

Gakuto's eyes also widened. "Oi! Taki! Come over here and show me those pictures!"

A/N: Woo. This is from my discovery that boys use hair straighteners and my thoughts when I saw how straight Taki's hair is. Which I didn't learn until like...a month ago.

One of my friends (that's a boy and a friend, but not my boyfriend, I'm stilll happily engaged to Marshmellow :D ) had straight hair. And my other friend brought around the topic of hair straighteners one day into our daily strange crack-filled conversations at lunch. Then, when my friend (boy) told us his brand of hair straightener, I was like "What the crap? Boys use hair straighteners?" Then they gave me a look like I've lived in a hole all my life and I felt very stupid.

Also, for the "hiyo-piyo" nickname, Marshmellow started calling Hiyoshi that and it was catchy.