Hyde and Donna disappointed me so much in this episode. Thus, I wrote this because a) I wanted to see what would happen in this scenario, b) I wanted to attempt to redeem them, at least in my own eyes. C: Also, I'm obsessed with the Brother's Grimm. Like, seriously, seriously obsessed. Like, I get disappointed when I watch Disney movies and they don't end right. I want to see the wicked step sisters get their eyes poked out by ravens damn it. Also, who better to play a princess than Jackie?

The story shares a name with the musical, but isn't related in any way except both deal with fairy tales. I don't own anything in here.

Warning: You'll probably want to kill Hyde. He gets better, I promise!

Second warning: Realism isn't the point here...

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Into the Woods, Part One.

Once upon a time, there lived a beautiful princess with long raven hair and enchanting eyes, whose only desire was to be loved by the handsome, yet distant prince…

Hyde was alone when he found Donna and Randy kissing behind a tree.

"Where's Jackie?" Donna asked, looking behind him.

"What?" Hyde's head was pounding. "Where is who?"

"Jackie!" Donna yelled. "Where is Jackie?"

Hyde shrugged. "Oh, her, uh, she's somewhere behind me." He scratched his head. "I wouldn't worry about her."

Donna and Randy shared a look. "Great." Donna said. "Now we have to find both Fez and Jackie." She took Randy's hand and looked at Hyde. "You're clearly too drunk to be any help, so you stay here and wait for Mr. Forman to come back." Hyde gave her a mocking salute and sat down on a rock. Donna rolled her eyes and she and Randy left the clearing.

"Jackie!" Donna yelled. "Jackie!"

Randy was yelling her name as well. "Jackie!" "It's Randy and Donna… Hyde's not with us!" He shrugged at Donna. "Maybe she'll show up if we tell her Hyde isn't with us."

Donna nodded. "Good plan." She yelled Jackie's name again as they walked deeper and deeper into the woods.

Hyde felt like he was going to be sick. His stomach was rolling into knots, an uneasy feeling that had nothing to do with being drunk washed over him. He felt like he was forgetting something important.

"Jackie, give me your hand!"

"Where am I?" All Jackie could see was darkness.

"Oh sorry 'bout that." A voice that seemed to come from all around her said. A moment later, she was surrounded by trees. Looking around, Jackie realized she wasn't in the same woods as before. This was the forest of fairy tales, dark, ominous and full of dread. An owl hooted in the distance, red eyes stared at her from the dark.

"Great." She said. "It's like I'm Snow White." She sat down on a log. "Well, I guess I just sit here and wait huh?"

"Go." The same voice ordered.

Jackie looked around. "Who is that?"

Donna and Randy had been walking for what seemed like miles, having no luck with finding Jackie.

"Maybe we should go back. She's probably already with Hyde." Randy suggested.

Donna wasn't so sure. She had an uneasy feeling in the pit of her stomach, as though something was wrong but she couldn't put her finger on it.

"Yeah, you're right." She relented. They had been out for nearly four hours already; it was time they got home. As they walked back, Donna would call for Jackie, but all she received was silence. When they got to the creek, Donna noticed something shiny hanging from a plant near the water. Curious, Donna went to look at it.

"What is it?" Randy asked, coming up behind Donna. Donna pulled a necklace off the plant. "This is Jackie's!" She exclaimed. "But what is it doing down here?" Donna asked.

They shared a look that spoke volumes. "JACKIE!" They both yelled, running along the edge of the bank, following the water's current. A quarter of a mile away from the necklace, they found one of Jackie's shoes. Further ahead still, a piece of a sleeve from Jackie's sweater.

Donna had never in her life felt more scared. This was worse than when her mother had left, worse than when Eric told her he was going to Africa. She wanted to scream out in desperation. All she wanted to do was break down and cry. But she kept on running.

"Look!" Randy grabbed her arm and turned her towards a muddy bank across the creek. "It's Jackie!"

They both ran as fast as they could to her. Randy leaned down and turned her over.

"She's not breathing." He told her. "I know CPR." He started to wipe the mud and gunk out of her mouth so that he could start clearing her airways. "She probably has water in her lungs."

If this was under any other circumstance, Donna would have been impressed. Instead, she just found herself getting angry. Angry at Fez for losing Mrs. Forman's ring and then getting lost, angry at herself for leaving Jackie with Hyde, angry at Hyde for being too drunk to realize Jackie had fallen into the creek. She watched as Randy performed CPR on Jackie.

"I'm going to get help." Donna told him, standing up. Randy merely raised his hand and gave her the thumbs up sign as he breathed into Jackie's mouth.

Jackie felt like she had been walking forever, at this point, all she wanted was for some company. She could hear the crackling of leaves next to her, startled; Jackie almost started to run when a white rabbit appeared, twitching his nose at her as he hopped over to Jackie's still frame.

"Please tell me you don't talk."

The rabbit only twitched his nose in response. Jackie nodded. "Good, because this is weird enough already."

She walked down the worn down path. She wondered who else had walked this path, Red Riding Hood? Snow White? Hansel and Gretel? Would she find herself in the clutches of an evil witch? Would she be fed until she was fat enough to eat? Locked away in a tower, forced to grow her hair long enough to climb?

"Which way?" She asked when they reached a fork in the path. The rabbit twitched his nose again.

"You're very helpful." She said sarcastically. "If I were a princess, which way would I go?"

Screaming, he could hear screaming, desperate yelling for help.

Hyde was sure he had never thrown up this much before. The pain in his eyes swelled as the screaming became louder. Whoever it was, they were getting closer. He opened his eyes just in time to see Donna running past him. She was ignoring him as she ran towards the highway.

Hyde struggled to get up. The uneasy feeling he had earlier was back in full force. He stumbled as he followed Donna to the street.

She was waving her arms frantically, trying to catch any passing car that came their way. Her breathing was erratic, as though she had just ran a marathon.

"Did you find Fez?" Hyde asked.

Donna turned to Hyde and stared at him blankly. She had completely forgotten about Fez, which just added to her own sense of guilt. She wondered of he knew that Jackie had fallen in. If he knew how far the water had carried her before finally throwing her into a pit of mud. She wondered if he knew that he had probably just killed her best friend.

She needed to look into his eyes, needed to see if he felt any sense of guilt for what he had done. Before he could stop her, she yanked his glasses off his head and threw them at a tree, causing the lenses to shatter.

"What the fuck, Donna?" He yelled. She grabbed his arm and forced him to look at her.

At first all she saw was nothing. No guilt, no remorse, no sense of anything, but as she looked closer, she was beginning to see what she had been looking for all along, concern.

Not that he necessarily knew what he was concerned about, but she decided to take it, to hold on to it, for everyone's sake. She found herself able to breathe again, able to think.

Hyde was staring at her; he had never seen Donna this frantic, this out of control.

"Donna, where's Randy?" He asked, concerned.

"He's fine." Donna told him, looking out into the street. She prayed that someone would drive by soon or else she was going to have to make a run towards Point Place, and she wasn't sure she'd be able to make it.

"Can you run?" She asked, already knowing the answer. He was clearly still too drunk to do anything, judging by the way he was struggling to stay on his feet.

In the distance, she could hear singing.

"When the saints…"

"Oh when the saints."

"When the saints go marching on."

Donna watched as her father and Fez came marching out of the woods, singing. Never before had she been so glad to see either one of them.

"DAD!" She yelled. He waved at her as he and Fez continued their march. "Dad!" She yelled again. She ran towards them.

"Hi pumpkin!" He said, smiling. Donna had to remind herself that neither he nor Fez knew what was going on. She also had no idea that she was crying until her dad reached up to brush a tear off her cheek.

"What's wrong?" He asked, instantly concerned. Fez was standing next to Bob, the same look of concern on his face. "Donna?"

"Jackie." Donna got the word out in a rush at the same time Hyde threw up.

Fez glared at him. "How drunk is he?"

"Never mind about him." Bob said. "Donna, what about Jackie?"

"Fell… mud… can't breathe." Donna could hardly get the words out.

"Where?" Fez asked.

"Near the creek, a mile and a half into the woods." Donna told him. She had barely gotten the sentence out before Fez was running.

Bob took Donna's hands. "Kitten, I'm going to go with Fez. You stay here with Hyde okay?"

Donna could only nod. Bob gave Donna a smile and took off after Fez. Donna turned towards Hyde who was leaning up against a tree with a smile on his face.

"How can you smile?" She asked.

"It's peaceful." He answered. "Listen to that sound Donna."

"I don't hear anything." Donna told him.

"Exactly, that's the sound of no annoying brunettes chirping away." He still had his eyes closed as he spoke to her.

Donna closed her eyes for a second. "Did you push her in?"

Hyde opened one eye. "Did I push who in where?"

Donna walked up to Hyde until she was standing just a foot away from him. She could smell vomit and booze on his breath and it just fueled her anger. She wished Eric was there, he was always the only one who could get through to Hyde. Him and Jackie at any rate.

"She might die, Hyde."

Hyde sighed. "You're going to have to be more specific, Donna."

Donna blinked. "Jackie!" She yelled.

Hyde waved his hand in a dismissive motion. "She probably just left without us."

Donna didn't understand how even drunk, Hyde could be so far out of it that he had no idea what was going on. She turned around and walked so that she was far away from him.

"You had better hope she's okay, because if she isn't…" defeated, Donna sat on the ground.

Eventually, Jackie had reached a small house in a clearing. "Oh goody, dwarves!" She said, clapping her hands. The door to the house opened and Jackie jumped behind a tree so she wouldn't be seen. She peaked around the tall oak and stared at the man who walked out. He was scanning around, as though he was waiting for something or some one. Sighing, the man walked back inside into the house and closed the door behind him.

Jackie looked down at her rabbit companion. "Did you see him?" She asked. "Wasn't he freaking gorgeous?" Jackie didn't think she had seen someone so beautiful, and yet, he seemed familiar.

"Do you think I should go talk to him?"

The rabbit twitched his nose again in response.

"Yeah, you're right, he's a handsome prince right?" Jackie stepped from behind the tree and nervously walked up to the door. When she reached it, the house disappeared and the Rabbit disappeared, and Jackie was left alone.

"Oh come on!" Jackie complained.

Moments later, Fez was coming out of the woods. Out of breath, he stopped by Donna who looked up at him. He shook his head. "I'm going to go get the Forman's." He told her. "She's still not…"

Donna nodded. "Go." Fez took off for the town and Donna resumed her silent prayer.

Hyde stared at Donna dumfounded. He had thrown up twice but he still felt sick. An unfamiliar emotion was filling him up.

"Donna?" She was ignoring him. Hyde sat up and walked towards her and sat down next to her. They sat in silence for what seemed like hours, but were probably closer to ten minutes.

Fez prayed that the Forman's were still awake as he ran towards the house. He was grateful when he saw the light in the kitchen was on that he nearly crashed into the door. Hearing the crash, Red turned and rolled his eyes as he walked towards the door.

"Did you find Kitty's ring?" Red asked.

Fez shook his head. "No."

"Well then go back and don't come back until you do." He started to close the door but Fez grabbed his arm.

Red glared at him. "What do you think you're doing?" In the same moment, Kitty walked through the kitchen door.

"Red?" She asked. She looked behind him to see Fez, panic written all over his face.

"Fez what's going on? Did you find my ring?"

Fez wanted to scream, 'ring? What ring? Who cares about a stupid ring?" But he didn't. Instead, he took his hand off Red and ran towards Kitty.

"Fez, sit down and tell us what's wrong."

"Ambulance." He said in his thick accent.

Kitty's eyes went wide. "Who needs an ambulance Fez?" She asked, already heading towards the phone. "Is it Steven? I knew he drank too much today."

Red rolled his eyes. "One of the kids probably just tripped and twisted an ankle; I'll just go get them." Red walked over to the drawer to get his keys.

"It's Jackie!" Fez shouted. "Jackie fell into the creek."

Red and Kitty stopped arguing and stared at Fez for a second, but then, just like that, Red was out the door and Kitty was on the phone dialing 911.

Fez didn't know where to go or what to do, so he stayed where he was. He could hear Kitty on the phone with the emergency operator, telling them where Jackie was.

"Hyde, you son of a bitch."

"Jackie, just take my hand."


"Jackie, take my hand!" He demanded, giving her no choice.

He woke up as the image of her falling. Hyde blinked as the real world came into focus. Donna was still sitting next to him, shaking with fear.

"Scared of the monster in the woods?" He joked, feeling slightly more sober now that he had gotten some sleep.

Donna didn't answer him. Instead, she continued to pray for Fez to come back with Red.

"Where is she dumb ass?"

Donna stood up and ran to Red. "Mr. Forman, I'm so scared."

Red glared at her. "Just take me too her." He gave a passing glance at Hyde. "What's with him?"

"He's still drunk, I don't think he knows…"

Red shook his head. He didn't have time to deal with his lush of a son at the moment. His first and only concern was making sure Jackie was okay. "Take me to her." Donna grabbed his arm and the two took off, leaving Hyde alone.

"She's breathing again." Randy told them when they reached her. "But I think she hit her head on one of the rocks." They looked at Jackie's head and saw blood.

Red leaned down to check on Jackie himself. "You give her CPR?" He asked Randy.

Randy nodded. "Yes. Sir."

Behind him, Bob was staring at the heavens, praying for the girl he considered to be his other daughter.

"Just tell me what to do." Jackie demanded the voice. "Tell me where to go, what to do!"


Remember. What was she supposed to remember?


Hyde opened his eyes to see three EMTs standing in front of him, two were carrying a gurney and one had a medical kit. "We were told there's a drowning victim?" The one with the medical kit asked.

Hyde stared at them. "A what?" He asked as he heard Donna screaming again. The two men shared a look and took off in the direction of Donna's voice.

Hyde got up to follow them. He wasn't sure why he was doing it, maybe it was because he was sick of being left alone, or maybe it was because of the sick feeling in his stomach.

He got there in time to see them lifting Jackie's still body onto the gurney and Donna whispering something into her ear. Red's expression was eerily calm and even Randy, who was usually smiling, was solemn. The EMT's carrying Jackie passed by Hyde. Words like unconscious, head trauma, drowned, washed over Hyde. Hyde looked over to see the third technician talking to Red, Bob, Donna and Randy.

She was stepping onto the log…

Hyde opened his eyes to see Bob, Donna and Randy walking past him. Red stopped in front of him.

"Okay dumbass, you're going to walk back to the house and you're going to sober up and then, you're going to remember what happened and then meet us at the hospital. Oh, and if she doesn't make it, a foot in your ass will be the least of your worries." He was gone before Hyde could respond.

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