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Last time:

Lock whispered: "damn" with a dreamy smile on his face.

He thought: "I should have done this so much sooner!!"

Shock on the other hand whispered: "what the hell?? Why did you do that?"

Lets begin:

They broke up as fast as they could. Both getting extremely red.

"Excuse me? Why did I do that??"

"yes you !"

"oh please like you didn't do a thing."

"well… eh …I …eh."

She had to think for a while.

"you started it!!!"

"no I didn't"

"yes you did"

"I did not"

"did too"

Lock grew tired of arguing after I while, but he wasn't going to let her win this fight!! He knew she enjoyed it as much as he did. He could see it in her eyes, and the way she refused to believe it made it even more obvious.

So he did the one thing that could shut her up. By doing that he didn't lose the argument and he rather enjoyed doing it so that wasn't a problem.

'I really should have thought about this sooner!!'

His tail grabbed her waist and yanked her body closer to his.

She was about to start yelling at him but he wouldn't let her.

From the moment she opened her mouth his lips connect with hers.

And again Shock found herself responding to the kiss. She cursed herself for it but there was no way she was gonna break it up herself. Besides she rather liked it and after all hadn't she dreamt about this for a rather long time?

What the both of them couldn't see was the fact that barrel was standing by the streetband watching the two of them kiss.

"well finally! Man about time those two hooked up."

After him the musicians agreed.

Another thing they couldn't see were the faces of jack and sally looking at them from inside the house.

"it seems that they finally figured it out."

"apparently sally, but we'll have to warn them. No funny business in the bedrooms!!"

"ah jack let them I mean it's not as if we obey to that rule ourselves."

This made jack's skull turn a bit redder then it usually is when thinking at the previous night.

"besides it's not like we could guard them every minute for the rest of their lives!! "

"you're right, and even if we did they would still be able to sneak out."

The two of them smiled.

Back to Lock and Shock

They began to run out of air so they broke up (not like they liked it but still).

"now you can try and argue with me again but count on it that I wìll kiss you again, and again and again and there's nothing you can do to stop me from doing it. Since it's something I wanted to do for a long time!!"

"oh yeah sure now you want to kiss me? With this new face you do. well guess wha—"

lock interrupted her there.

"oh please like that face is the best thing about you!! It just got my attention but in case you didn't notice this I already started flirting with you before you got that new face. But for ones you were too dense to notice."

This got shock thinking .


Then suddenly out of nowhere he grabbed her from behind and she shuddered against his warm skin while he whispered huskily into her ear:

"you know its bad if you don't warm up before a fight don't ya? How about we warm up now my dear Themis?"

Shock's heart skipped a beat when she heard that name.

She turned around as fast as she could. She wanted to yell at him and ask who told him that name.

But she hadn't noticed that Lock had pulled the strings from her mask and while she was turning it fell off and she couldn't do anything but stand there in shock. Lock looked at her face in awe and could whisper only one word: "wow". Before he could say something else shock kicked him so hard he ended up against a tree

End flashback

"Well I guess I'll give it a try. But I'm warning you… if you ditch me for some slut I'll hex your but into someplace even worst than heaven."

"oh and where is that?"

Shock got a cruel grin on her face and said only 2 words:


those 2 words were all it would take to get Lock to hide beneath the nearest rock if he didn't stop himself.

A little time ago they went to visit all of the holiday-world and when they had entered that door he was attacked by girls who wanted him to be their dates to some dance or something like that. He still had nightmares of that day, Shock and barrel nearly had to blow up half of the village for him to be able to get away.

He yelped and said: "I would never ditch you!!!"

"then you have nothing to fear" shock said with a normal smile that lightened up her entire face.

they started making out again.

The end

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