My little sister wanted me to post this story, so please read!

nov 29 2006

Ok lets started just to get it out there i am 19 and in callage the main crews and there people if thats what you want to call them .The mean girls which would be Sakura,Tasunde and Hinata.Then theres the outcast.They are Tenten,Anko,and Temari.Lets see umm Sakura is the in you face girl.Hinata is the i could care less girl.Than Tasunde is the girl who dont care at all.Unless its a comment than she goes carzy.

Now lets catch up with the guys in my school. They are HOTT.Theres the maen guys they are Itachi,Shikamaru,and the total hunk Kakashi.Then its these guys who arent as cute ok who am i kidding the butt UGLY.They are Choji,Naruto,Sasuke.

Trust me Itachi is the I will kill you if you look at me wrong ;) woo ) Shikamaru may look like he dont care but he can kick butt when hes mad.Kakashi is,,is just to cuuuute and cool for words.Choji is just really comfterble with the skin hes in and just dosn't care.I hear hes a real good fighter but i havent seen much of it.Narto is the spuntaneuos one of the bunch .He does stuff so everyone will notice him i think its pathetic.

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