Hey peoples! This is the little sister! I hope you like my story! I don't own Naruto or anything else in the world cries

Any way onto the story!

Dec. 17 2006

Ok I am so confused because the weirdest thing happened. Itachi from the mean guys group told me that Sakura thinks I'm accepted into the mean girls tryouts. I mean who would want to join them. Unless it's for a diabolical plan! I'm a genius. I'll join them so I can destroy them from the inside out. I knew it I am a smart person. Now if only I could use this power in math maybe I'll have a of passing the 1st yr ). Ok but that wasn't it he also asked me to the "Welcome To Hanaru High School dance. It was so weird because this would be the first time in the history of history that 3 yr asked a 1st year to this dance! I told him I'd have to get back to him. Well that's it for today. BYE!!!