-1Chapter 7: Monsoon Melee

Taro smirked as he stared at his opponent, noticing the hardened look in the azure orbs of the blond. He idly rolled his shoulders, feeling the muscles along his back loosen up a bit.

"Well?" he asked, "Aren't you going to 'break' me, like you promised last month?" he asked, laughing as the blond narrowed his eyes, "I've been looking forward to this match…and to the opportunity of putting you in your place, outcast."

Naruto frowned, but did not respond to the taunt, instead choosing to slide into a basic ready stance from the academy taught taijutsu style. He pulled a kunai from his thigh pouch, holding it up in a guard position.

Then he raised his left hand up…and flipped Taro off.

There was a smattering of chuckles from the audience, even as the Uzumaki heir growled. "Just for that, freak, I'm going to make you suffer," the dark haired boy muttered.

"You don't know the meaning of the word 'suffering', Taro-teme," the blond replied, "I'm going to teach it to you, even if I have to beat it into every bone in your body. And when I'm done? I'm going to drag your sorry ass up to the stands, and I'm going to make you apologize to Hinata-chan for what you did…and you will MEAN EVERY WORD!"

The last was shouted, as Naruto hurled himself forward, launching his kunai at the same time.

Taro bent backwards to avoid the projectile, pivoting on his right heal and launching a reverse spin-kick at Naruto's open sternum.

Naruto swung his right arm around, catching the leg, and using it for leverage, flipped over the surprised Uzumaki, catching him in the chest with his own left foot.

The force of the impact hurled both opponents apart, Naruto landing on his feet near his starting position, while Taro was knocked onto his back, skidding several feet away.

What…what the hell!?! Taro wondered as he sat up, rubbing his sore chest as he glared at the blond. How did he…

"Come on, pretty boy," Naruto called out, "Get up! I know you've got more than that!"

"Lucky shot, outcast," Taro growled, "I was going to take it easy on you…"

"And that's exactly why you are going to lose!" Naruto shouted back, "I'm going to make you use everything you've got, and I'm going to throw it back in your face! Even if it costs me my life, I'm going to prove that I am better than you!"

Taro smirked. "You want my best?" he asked, standing up and sliding into the Eigi-style's first stance, "You'll be lucky to survive my first attack, outcast." His focused his chakra into his legs, strengthening his muscles as he prepared to attack. "Don't blink…you'll miss me crushing you."

He shot forward, and the battle began once more…


Hinata and Kin sat near the other members of the 'Rookie Nine' (as one member of the Hyuuga clan had taken to calling them) watching as the pair below exchanged blows.

"Hinata-san?" a voice came from behind, causing the pale eyed girl and her new friend to turn.

"S-Sakura-san?" she asked, gaping at the girl who had changed drastically in the last few weeks.

Sakura now sported a red halter-top with a tan mini-skirt similar to Anko's. Her legs were sheathed in fishnet stalkings, and bandage wrapping covered her left arm from palm to mid-bicep.

"Anko-sensei suggested the look," the pink haired girl explained, "Though I still think the fishnet is a bit much."

Kin smirked. "Actually, I think it suits you," she spoke, surprising the girls, "When I first saw you in the exams I thought you and that blond girl were nothing but pretty faces trying to be kunoichi…now you look like you mean it."

Sakura frowned, as she stared at the girl. "Aren't you from Otogakure?" she asked, her hand inching towards the kunai pouch on her right thigh, "That's Orochimaru's village…"

"I'm no longer a part of Oto," Kin replied, "Jiraiya-sama saved my life, and the Hokage has given me a chance to become a kunoichi of Konoha."

Sakura frowned again, turning to Hinata. The shy girl nodded. "It's true, Sakura-san," she replied, "Kin-san is a member of Konoha now. She even helped with Naruto-kun's training."

The pink haired girl gaped at that, turning to the arena. The trio watched as the blond unleashed a devastating Fuuton: Daitoppa against the Uzumaki heir, only for him to counter with a Doton: Doryuheki.

"He's gotten stronger," Sakura muttered, smiling. "I used to think of him as such a pain…but now I couldn't be any more proud to call him my teammate." She noticed Hinata blushing slightly as Naruto flexed, but she was surprised to see a slight blush on the former Oto kunoichi's face too.

Oh brother…now Naruto's got two girls who like him, she thought, And he'll probably never realize it.

CHAA! Just tell them to tie him to a bed and screw him blind, SHANAROO! her inner voice cried out. She blushed at the idea.

I really spent too much time around Anko-sensei, she thought, absently rubbing a phantom pain on her ass.

WAY too much time.


Taro launched another 'Rapier' kick against the blond, who was propelled upwards by a pair of Kage Bunshin. The blond launched a volley of shuriken, forcing the dark haired boy to jump back.

The dark haired boy ran through a sequence of hand seals, ending on tori. Naruto's eyed widened as he recognized the pattern.

"FUUTON: KAZE GYORAI!" Taro shouted, thrusting his hands forward.

"KAGE BUNSHIN NO JUTSU!" Naruto shouted, a dozen clones forming between him and the fuuton technique. The impact dispersed the clones, buying him enough time to get out of the line of fire, while he launched into a seal sequence of his own. "FUUTON: RENKUDAN!"

Taro smirked, rushing through a new pattern.

Inu, tori, ryu, hebi, o-buta, hebi, saru, tori. "FUUTON: SAIHATSU SONO KEITAKU!"

He spun around, winds surging around him as the Renkudan sped towards his spot. Naruto's jutsu was caught in the winds…and was flung back at him.

"Whaa!?!" Naruto cried out as the burst of wind impacted against his chest, sending him spinning end over end towards the arena walls, crashing into them with a bone-jarring impact.

Taro stopped spinning, and he grinned as Naruto slumped down. "Like it?" he asked, swaggering towards the prone blond. "It's my own creation. The proof that I'm the future of the Uzumaki clan…and that you, are nothing but a waste of skin."

Naruto sat up, spitting out some blood, before leveling a glare at the smug boy. "Y'know…I…never understood…where the clan…gets off…thinking that they're the 'best'," he muttered, forcing himself to his feet, "The Hokages…none of them were Uzumaki…or Uchiha…or even Hyuuga. Jiji up there is a Sarutobi,…and the Shodai and Nidaime were both Makoto clan members."

Taro frowned. "Is there a point to this, outcast?" he asked, buffing his nails against his tunic.

"Yeah…if the Uzumaki are the 'best'…then why don't they do something with those skills?" Naruto asked.


Daihino Tetsu, Daimyo of Hi no Kuni, frowned as he listened to the byplay between the two boys. He turned to his 'bodyguard', Uzumaki Kosuke, noticing the hard glare the older man was leveling at the blond.

"Kosuke-san," he spoke, "That boy…Naruto…seems different than I expected."

The grey haired Uzumaki elder shook his head. "It is nothing to be concerned with, Daihino-sama," he replied, "That boy…we have had reports of his 'skills' and actions for years. He is little more than a court jester, and far less of a ninja than Taro-kun is."

"And yet, he is here, fighting the heir of your clan on even footing," the young Fire Lord replied, "While I could certainly see some…oddities…with his choice of garb, the boy doesn't seem to be such a 'freak', as young Taro has repeatedly called him."

Kosuke frowned. "The boy…is not to be trusted, sire," he replied, "You know of his burden, as Sarutobi-dono has told you. While Arashi-san's seal is impressive, I have never trusted the idea of jinchuuriki. No one ninja should posses such power, especially one as undisciplined as that boy."

The Fire Lord frowned, and turned back to the fight. Just what are you like…Uzumaki Naruto? he wondered.

And why do the Uzumaki fear you so?


Sarutobi frowned as he cast a glance at the man sitting next to him. The Yondaime Kazekage, normally more belligerent than a Kaze no Kuni sandstorm, was calm and cool as he watched the match.

It gave credence to the information that Genma had managed to obtain during his espionage mission to Sunagakure; that this man was not the Kazekage.

"Its an interesting match-up so far, Hokage-dono," the masked man muttered, "This boy…Uzumaki Naruto, was it? He seems surprisingly resilient, if a bit to loud for a shinobi."

The aged kage smirked, looking down at the match again, smirking as Naruto managed to perform a complicated attack involving a pair of Kage Bunshin and an explosive note. He frowned though, as the Uzumaki heir once again performed his 'saihatsu sono keitaku' technique, flinging most of the concussive force from the explosion right back at the orange clad blond.

"Naruto is arguably the most unique member of our new genin," Sarutobi replied. "His life has never been easy, and Kami-sama knows he'd have every right to hate almost everyone around. However, he refuses to let his heart be darkened by such emotions. Instead, he chooses to grow stronger so he can protect the people and village he loves. It's that innate strength that shall carry him through life."

"Oh? You sound as if you admire him a bit, Hokage-dono?" the blue robed man observed.

Sarutobi nodded, twitching his left pinky slightly. The ANBU standing behind him, shrouded by the Meisai Gakure jutsu, acknowledged his alert motion. "Naruto will go very far," Sarutobi replied, "He has promised himself that he will one day take the title of Hokage himself…and I believe that he shall.

"…he never breaks his word, after all."


"Why won't you just FALL!?!" Taro shouted, launching another 'Rapier' at the blond, who created yet ANOTHER of his insufferable Kage Bunshins to act as a shield.

"I…told you…I'm going to beat this lesson into you," Naruto growled back, "And you WILL apologize to Hinata-chan!"

Taro growled. "Must you continue to shame the clan?" he said, sliding back into the first Eigi stance, "You associate with one of our enemies, and now you fight for one!?! Have you no sense of honor!?!"

Naruto frowned. "Honor?" he whispered, "Was it 'honor' that caused my mother to leave me behind? Was it honor that made you step on Hinata's breast?" He started walking slowly towards the Uzumaki heir. "Let me tell you about honor…you think its about the clan, about how people see them. You think honor is about being admired. Well…you're wrong.

"Honor is about putting aside what you want, and doing what's right. Honor is about helping those who need it, and not caring if you're rewarded or not. Honor…is about putting aside hatred, and becoming stronger for it."

Taro frowned. "You can save the diatribe, outcast," he replied, "Honor is also about righting wrongs…and by helping the Hyuuga, you aide those who've wronged us."

"And you've wronged them as well!" Naruto replied, "Yuugao-neechan once told me something…'The problem with and eye for an eye is that, eventually, everyone winds up blind.'"

Taro frowned. "Enough words," he muttered, "I'm going to end this now!"

Naruto frowned. "If you won't listen, then I guess there really is no point in talking," he replied. "Bring it on, Uzumaki Taro! I want your best!"

Taro smirked, as he took a horse stance, hunching over slightly. "Oh don't worry about that," he muttered, as his chakra surged, "You're going to get it."


Kagura frowned as she noted Taro's stance. "He's actually going to use it," she muttered, "I told him that he's not ready for it yet."

Kanna spared a glance at her mother. "Are you concerned about him, or Naruto-kun?" she asked.

Kagura's blue eyes hardened as she leveled a cold gaze at her daughter. "I worry about how the clan will be represented," she replied, "Improperly using this technique will embarrass us before Daihino-sama." She absently pushed an errant blue lock of her hair from her eyes. "Remember, we're here for him, and him alone."

Kanna frowned. "I haven't forgotten," she replied, "Anything."


"What's that Taro guy doing?" Tenten asked, as she and Neji waited in the wings. The trio of Suna-nin stood off to the side, and Shikamaru stood near Shino.

"He's preparing to use the secret technique of the Eigi style of the Uzumaki Ryu," Neji replied, crossing his arms. "I only know of it. If Shiori-sama or Hiashi-sama were here, they could explain it. All I know is that it will drastically alter the flow of the match."

Tenten frowned. "That guy…he seems like a real prick," she muttered, "And no kunoichi would let his little stunt with your cousin stand. I hope that Naruto kid's got some kind of plan."

Neji stared at the panting blond. "He still has a lot of chakra left, despite all those Kage Bunshin and the various fuuton jutsu he's been using," the stoic boy noted, "He could still pull something off. I'm curious as to what it would be though."

Tenten nodded.

Across the way, Shikamaru and Shino were having a similar conversation.

"Man, I never thought Naruto was so tough," Shikamaru muttered, "He just keeps on coming…its like he's some kind of juggernaut."

"Naruto-san may have always acted like a clown in class, but I have always suspected that there is more too him than meets the eye," Shino replied in his usual monotone voice, "He is known for outwitting ANBU during his escapes after a prank. That alone suggests some level of skill, in pure tactics if nothing else."

"Heh, he's no genius, but he can think on his feet?" Shikamaru chuckled.

"Precisely," the Aburame replied, "His skills seem…hodgepodge at best, but he pulls them together in ways that work. Even when they by all rights should not...if I were to assign a term to him, it would likely be something like 'idiot savant'."

"Eh, he's still troublesome," the lazy Nara replied.



Hinata's eyes widened as she watched Taro hunch down. "That's what Shiori-sama was talking about," she muttered. She turned to Kin, noticing the girl's brown eyes darkening. "This is…what you've heard about, Kin-san?" she asked.

"The secret of the Eigi style, and one of the few techniques that can really get the Tsuchikage foaming at the mouth," the dark haired kunoichi replied, "…Battle language."

"Battle language?" Sakura asked, "What's that?"

"A technique that's taught to practitioners of the Eigi style of the Uzumaki ryu," Kin replied, "Its…well, there's no real way to describe what it can do." The dark haired girl frowned. "Watch…and pray that Naruto-san can overcome it."


"I…am Uzumaki Taro," the dark haired boy growled, "And I…am…INVICIBLE!"

Naruto frowned as he felt Taro's chakra surge. His eyes widened slightly as the muscles and tendons around Taro's arms and legs seemed to bulk up, and he seemed to sink slightly into the ground as if he weighed more.


Naruto quickly formed a new batch of Kage Bunshin, preparing for the onslaught.

For a few moments, it seemed as if nothing would happen. The entire arena went silent, and every spectator waited with baited breath.

Taro's eyes were shut, and for the briefest of moments, it seemed like he was sleeping…then his eyes snapped open, and he leapt into the air.


Chakra began to surge around his leg, and Naruto's eyes widened as he recognized the technique Taro had chosen.

Damn! That much chakra! the blond thought, Even with my Kage Bunshin, he'll still have more than enough power to knock me out! And my own chakra's almost gone…what can I do?!

"THIS IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN US, OUTCAST!" Taro shouted as he began his decent, obliterating clone after clone as they tried to intercept him, "EIGI STYLE: BLADE!"


Reika sat quietly in the stands, her eyes dark with emotion as she watched Taro's kick connect with the blonde's forearms, sending him flying back and impacting against the wall of the arena with an even stronger force than before.

"It appears that the outcast, while he did improve, was still no match for Taro-san," Kenosuke, who sat on her left, muttered. "Taro's use of the Battle Language was unfortunate, but effective. Even with that guard, there is no way Naruto can get up from that."

Reika shook her head. "…its not over," she muttered, "Can't you feel it?"

The sword wielding member of the Uzumaki frowned, turning to his teammate. "Feel what, Reika-san?" he asked.

"The outcast's chakra," she replied, "…it was getting low there for a moment, but it still trumps Taro's. Even with the battle language, that blond jerk still has more power."

Kenosuke snorted. "Power without skill is waste," he countered, "Taro is clearly better at taijutsu, and his new technique, that 'saihatsu sono keitaku' is impressive. With the battle language, his skills only increase."

"At a severe price," a new voice interrupted the pair's thoughts, causing them to turn and look behind them. Reika scowled, as she noted the long purple hair. The Neko mask that marked her as an ANBU covered her face and altered her voice slightly, but she recognized her sister.

"Yuugao-sempai," Kenosuke spoke up, "What ever price there is, Taro won't have to pay it. This match is over."

Reika just knew that her elder sister was smirking behind her mask. "You'll be surprised," the outcast Uzuki replied. "Naruto…just doesn't quit. Watch closely, Uzumaki Kenosuke. Naruto will win this match."


Taro smirked at the groaning blond, swaggering over to a kunai that was stuck in the ground, pulling it out and spinning it along his ring finger. "Do you understand the difference between us now, outcast?" he asked. "I could go on beating you down all day long. Heck, I'd like nothing better, but I want to get this over with."

He flung the kunai with a lazy grace, embedding it into the wall next to Naruto's ear. "That's as close as you'll ever get to beating me, freak," he mocked, "Hokage? You'd be better as an errand boy." He turned around, walking towards the proctor. "Call the match, he's through."

Genma frowned at the dark haired boy, but raised his arm to signal the end of the match.

"Its…n-not…over…y-yet…" Naruto groaned, causing Taro to turn and glare at the blond once again, "I…made…a p-promise…to Hinata-chan…and to Kin-chan…and I…NEVER…BACK DOWN!"

Taro glared, before running through a seal sequence. "KAZE GYORAI!" he shouted.

Naruto rolled to the side, hissing in pain even as the jutsu impacted against the wall he had just been leaning against. "You…really have…bad aim, Taro-teme," he chuckled.

"Just stay down!" Taro growled, "This isn't worth your life, as pitiful as it is!"

Naruto glared at the dark haired youth. "Every promise is worth my life!" he shouted back, "I swore…back on that day…that I would…NEVER…abandon anything! I would never break any bonds! I would never back down, and I would never give up! That…is…my NINDO!"

Taro frowned. "Fine…then this is where you die!"


Kagura's hands were clenched as she listened to the speech. Each sentence, each word seemed to pierce at the wall of ice she had spent the last eight years nurturing around her heart.

Was it really the right choice? she wondered, Arashi…

Kanna stared at her brother, as he forced himself to his feet. Naruto-kun…I should have been here, she thought, I…father, what would you think of me?


Naruto winced as he forced himself into a ready stance. Damn it…for all my talk, I'm barely standing, he thought, If he uses the battle language again, he just might kill me…

Taro took another horse stance, and Naruto frowned saw the boy begin to whisper the words he did before.

I won't be able to take another hit, and my chakra's all but gone, he thought, Even my new technique is out…it still takes a lot of chakra to use. He frowned. I didn't want to do this…

Yo, Kyuubi! If you can hear me…LEND ME YOUR STRENGTH!


Deep inside Naruto's body, the demon stirred. It heard the call of it's jailor, and felt the pain that the boy was experiencing.

Ku ku ku ku ku, such an interesting mortal, the demon thought, To go so far over something so simple as an apology…perhaps this is why Shinigami-sama admires the fleshlings so.

"Very well, gaki," the fox spirit chuckled, "A little power…and you had better do well by it!"

A tendril of chakra extended from the beast, surging through the boys chakra coils, building up and restoring his strength.

Use this gift well, Uzumaki Naruto, the demon thought. I will have use for that determination of yours soon enough.


Taro's eyes widened as he saw the blond hunch down into a mirror image of his own stance. While the horse stance was a basic form in nearly all taijutsu styles, there was something unique and indescribable about the stance taken by practitioners of the Eigi style.

The Uzumaki heir was even more shocked when the air around the blond began to distort with VISIBLE waves of chakra…RED chakra.

What…what the hell!?! What is this!?! he wondered, How can…its not possible! What is this chakra!?!


Around the arena, similar thoughts were echoing through the other competitors and spectators.

Sarutobi's eyes were wide both in awe. That chakra…the power of the Kyuubi! he thought, Jiraiya, how far did you take Arashi's boy?

Sakura was watching in amazement as her loudmouth teammate seemed to grow stronger suddenly. "Naruto…oh, wow," she whispered, "How…how did you get so strong so fast?!"

Hinata and Kin both smiled as they watched the events. Hinata was proud of the blond, and once again in awe of his determination. I won't ever give up either, Naruto-kun, she thought, I'll become strong…I have teacher around to show me the way.

Kin noticed her new friend's blush, smiling as she watched the blond begin to flex his hands. You really are something, Naruto-san, she thought, I can see why Hinata admires you so much…that bull-headedness of yours. You just don't quit. She smirked slightly. And you're pretty cute to boot.

In their section of the Daimyo's booth, Kagura and Kanna were also staring in shock. Kagura's fingers were white as she gripped her seat, as she stared down into the eyes of the child she had abandoned.

Arashi's eyes were a pale blue, similar to the trademark eyes of the Yamanaka clan. Naruto had inherited her eyes; a much more vivid shade of blue that seemed to light up like cobalt in certain lights.

However, Arashi's eyes had a unique characteristic. When he was angry…well and truly furious in fact, his blue eyes took on a glint that could cause even the most stout member of the ANBU quail in fear.

Naruto…had inherited that trait from him.

"Arashi…" she whispered, seeing the spirit of her dead husband over her own forsaken son's form. For an instant, she was certain that the spirit had looked right at her…even through her.

She sensed…disappointment.

Kanna stared at her little brother, eyes wide as the ground around him began to tremble and shake with the force of the chakra he was exuding. Part of her was frightened, as she recalled the stories the elders had forced her to listen to countless times over the years.

Her brother was a disgrace.

A stain on the clan's honor.

…a monster in human skin.

It was wrong for a part of her to feel this way, she knew. Oh, she could explain it of course; why she felt these things. Eight plus years of 'education' on the matter could do that to a person…but it was still wrong.

However…to her own surprise…she felt something else as he looked up at that spoiled brat, Taro.

She was…proud. Proud that her brother (and she winced, realizing that after eight years she really had no right to call him that) had achieved such strength. He had no advantages, unlike his cousin…and even with the odds against him, he was about…to win.

Do it, otouto, she thought. Prove your strength!


Taro panted under the weight of the killing intent his foe was exuding. It was oppressive, and it seemed painful to even breath.

I…don't…have much chakra left, the dark haired boy thought, pushing his unease to the side, and focusing on what he had to do, I can't…let this…freak…beat me!

He slid back down into the horse stance, focusing on channeling his chakra as his mind returned to the state he needed. He had to use the Battle Language again.

He began to say the words, not paying attention as his foe began to speak as well.

As he reached the last stanza, he decided to focus his energy into one last 'Blade' attack. He began concentrating the chakra into his right leg, before releasing a burst to propel himself upwards.

"MY ONE BLOW IS INVINCIBLE!" he shouted, before hearing something that caused his heart to freeze.

"MY ONE BLOW IS INVINCIBLE!" the outcast shouted, as he stomped his foot, leaping upwards as well.

The Uzumaki heir's eyes widened in fear…as the blond boy began to flip backwards, a haze of red chakra forming was his legs swung upwards. With a shout, the blonde let loose a torrent of crimson energy directly at him as he descended for his own kick.

The energy washed over him, causing him to scream in pain, even as he was re-launched into the air, tumbling end over end. He remained aloft for a few seconds, before crashing down and landing in a jumble of limbs and dust.

Naruto panted, even as he felt his legs ache from the strain of the Kyuubi's chakra surging through him. He grinned as Taro landed, even as the boy cried out in pain. He started walking forward, catching the dark haired boys eyes as they reflected his fear.

"Eigi…ryu," Naruto growled out, "Secret technique…Scythe."

"What…what are…NO! Stay back!" Taro shouted, trying to struggle to his feat.

"I…still…have chakra," Naruto replied, "And you…still owe Hinata-chan…an apology."

Taro and the audience gaped at the blond, even as the girl in question blushed deeply while her new friend smiled brightly. The downed Uzumaki glared at his blonde rival, before spitting at his feet.

"I…won't…" Taro started, only to have his eyes widen when Naruto formed a VERY familiar seal.

"Kage Bunshin no jutsu," the blonde intoned, as a group of ten clones formed around him and his cousin. "I…told you…I'd beat the sense into your bones if I had to." The blond grinned. "I guess now I get to do it…literally."

The clones leapt.


What followed was painful to watch for some, educational for others…and damn funny for the rest.

Anko, who had arrived just in time to see Naruto's 'Scythe' attack, couldn't help but laugh as the blond landed a 'sennin goroshi' on the now black and blue heir.

Many men in the audience winced when an errant kick from one of the clones nearly ended any chance of Taro continuing the Uzumaki name.

Other's simply stared as Naruto asked for permission to drag the beaten boy up to the stands. Genma, with a quick glance at the Hokage (who gave a quick nod), agreed to the request.

Naruto proceded to literally drag the teary-eyed Taro up to the stands, taking care to bump the boy's head on each step, as he brought him before Hinata and Kin.

"Now," Naruto said, "I believe you have something to say? Hmmm?"

Taro whimpered, drawing a smirk from the kunoichi who had seen his little stunt in the prelims. "I'm…sorry…I stepped on…your…breast," Taro stuttered, letting out a sharp cry as Naruto twisted his arm. "Please…forgive me…Hinata…sama."

Hinata gaped at that, before nodding. "I'll…dismiss the insult," she replied, "But I won't…ever…forget, Uzumaki Taro."

"Cool," Naruto said, his trademark grin gracing his face again, as he dragged the boy back into the arena.

"Sousha, Uzumaki Naruto," Genma called out.

The announcement was pretty much academic at that point.


1) Daihino Tetsu - "Steel of the Great Fire". The Daimyo of Hi no Kuni (for this fic at least

2) Futon: Saihatsu sono keitaku - Wind Release: Return the Favor. Ninjutsu, B-Rank, Combat supplementary. Using his chakra to create a 'glove' around his body, Taro and collect the concussive force of other futon jutsus, explosive notes, suiton, raiton, and even doton jutsus. Fire, of course, will defeat the jutsu.

Users: Uzumaki Taro. His sole original technique, he will share the secret with no one.

AN: I really had to work on this chapter. No matter what I did, it just didn't want to come out right. Even now, I'm still not too sure about it, but I can't really see how to improve it any more.

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