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She kept on running and running. The hallway seemed so empty and it felt like the air was constricting around her. She felt as if she was running for hours and hours and yet she was not going anywhere near her destination. Her face felt cold and yet she was sweating. She felt pain in her legs from all the running but she just didn't stop. She could feel breathless, but her breathing was normal. In a sense, everything she felt wasn't normal but her physical body was normal. It felt so different. It was like she was being teased, being mocked, and she had no where to run but forward.

Her auburn red hair glistened with her sweat as she continuously ran in this endless hallway. She continued to look forward hoping that she would finally find the door or the exit that she felt she was looking for. She continued to run, run, run, and run without even looking back to where she was before. She continued to look forward and run even though she was completely exhausted.

It was a never-ending winding road. Everything was going around and around, and it always felt like she was going through the same exact thing. She's been running and running but the feeling was no one was really chasing her.

Then she stopped.

It was not really like her usual dream. Usually she would see someone in her dream. She would see spirits floating around her. She would see the past, the present, and the future. She would see people in danger and she would see people who would be needing their help. And most especially…

She would see Naru.

But this time, she didn't. She was alone in a long winding hallway with silver pillars and transparent floors. The background was black and a few blue areas that looked like aurora fields in the sky. But regardless, everything was dark. She could see the pillars and the path but nothing else. She felt so alone and lonely at that time. And most importantly…

Naru wasn't there in her dream.

She was so used to seeing him in her dreams. Every time he was there, she felt so at ease. She felt as if she has nothing to be afraid of. But this time, she was alone in this area. It makes her feel uncertain and unused to the situation. She's feeling very afraid.

"Naru…" Mai whispered into the air, trying to breathe in some air. She felt so exhausted after running so far.

No one answered.

She didn't know but she really just wanted to try if he would answer.

"Naru?" She turned to her side as if expecting a voice to answer. She always believed that she would see him in her dreams.

Still no one answered.

"He's not here again." Mai felt a surge of disappointment in her when she felt that Naru was not around her. She looked ahead and wanted to believe that he was probably at the end of the hallway.

"Maybe he's waiting there." Mai looked forward.

She brushed away her bangs from her face and breathed in some air, preparing herself to run some more. She dusted her clothes and was about to start running when a voice resounded from behind her.

The voice was saying something.

It was coming from her back and she really wanted to turn around but somehow, her dream wouldn't let her look behind her. She simply looked in front, glanced at her peripheral vision, and nothing more but relied on her senses.

"Who's there?" Mai asked in general.

She felt that the voice answered her but she just could not hear what the voice was saying. Cold wind brushed her slender legs and she felt a shiver run down her spine.

"Who's there?!" Mai asked again, a little agitated this time.

She felt that the voice answered again. But she didn't know why she could not hear what that person said. It's as if she only knew that the person answered her and she did not know what the person told her.

"Please…please say it louder." Mai requested straining her ears to listen to the voice.

But there was nothing.

The scenery changed. The floor that she was standing on started to swirl. She stood holding her ground, believing in her own capabilities. Everything around her started to became blurry and a different scene appeared.

She was standing underneath a big cherry blossom tree. Pink petals fell down gracefully underneath the moon's light. It was obviously night time because the surroundings were dark. She was simply standing there surrounded by beautiful pink petals.


A soft voice echoed across the ground. She turned her head to the side to look at the direction where the voice came from, but she was only greeted by an empty space.


There it was again. She looked on the other side. But it wasn't there. She didn't know but somehow it felt like she already heard that voice before. But she just can't seem to place her finger as to where she could have heard that voice.

The voice was from a man. It was low with a slight tenor in his voice. It sounded soft and at the same time calming. It was almost similar to the voice of Naru but a little more on the softer and gentler side. Almost similar to John but still a bit more mature than him. She honestly felt like she already heard this voice before.


She turned around and saw a silhouette in front of her. Being surprised, she took a step back and felt her back press at the bark of the cherry blossom tree. She tried to see the face of the aggressor, but somehow, she just can't make out a form. The silhouette simply stood there, not even attempting to go near her. She placed a hand reflexively over her chest just to feel her breathing as the silhouette seemed to turn to the side.

"Why…" The voice asked, a little broken.

"Eh?" Mai managed to mutter. It was the only sound that came out clearly from her during that time. The silhouette seemed to turn to her, although she really could not be a hundred percent sure.

"…Why…" the voice trembled.

Mai strained her hearing to listen to the words. It was so soft as if it blended with the wind and vanished as fast.


"What?" Mai replied. She didn't understand. All she managed to grab was three simple words and she really could not even begin to comprehend what she would reply.


It repeated itself. But she still can't understand.

It felt like a message, something even more close to a question directed towards her. She closed her eyes to try to see the silhouette when suddenly her surroundings changed. She was now at a house, standing at the lawn.

"What? A lawn?" Mai muttered to herself. Her dream was getting more vivid. It was the sunset that made everything in the scene look so old. It was like watching an old movie where the characters are blurred.

She saw a child, whose face she really cannot see, run out of the room holding a big doll. She was laughing and looked like she was playing with someone. Following the girl was another silhouette of an older man. He ran towards the girl laughing and trying to catch the little girl.

Mai smiled at how happy the scene was.


The laughter was short lived.

Her eyes widened when the entire surroundings went white. She saw a little tinge of red and tried to blink her eyes. But the room was still starting to be painted in red. She tried to rub her eyes to clear her vision but nothing happened. She thought that the room was tainted with red, but what surprised her was when she held her head…

She looked at her hand…

It was covered with blood.

Her hand was basking in blood that she did not know the source. She stared at her trembling hand and felt as if she wanted to cry. She looked in front of her and saw the body of a man lying on the ground. The small girl crying so hard beside the body of the older man. The girl was shouting, crying, wailing. She was looking and shouting for help, but it seems like no one was coming.

Mai wanted to go but it was as if she was stuck in that position. She could not move at all. She tried to go to where the two were staying but it seems as if she really could not move at all. It was sudden when the entire room started to fill up with blood. The child kept on crying and crying. The man was not moving. And she was just standing there watching.

She felt a strong sting of pain on her chest as she struggled to find a place to lean. It felt as if her chest was being held on tightly and it felt as if she wanted to shout. Nothing was coming out of her. There was no sound at all.


She thought hard. She didn't know what to do already and she was starting to panic. She felt as if everything was enclosing in her and the two people in front of her. The child was oblivious and the man was dead. She stood there watching the scene as she felt herself starting to lose consciousness.


She whispered to herself desperately trying to cling to her belief that Naru would save her.


"Onee-chan…" the child muttered snapping Mai out of her thoughts. The grip on her chest loosened a bit. "…he…can't reach us…"

"Eh?" Mai muttered weakly, trying to muster strength.

"This is a place…where we cannot be reached…" the child told her. "Onee-chan…stop calling…"

"Why?" Mai's knees suddenly gave up and she fell down. The child stood there in front of her.

The child's face seemed to become a bit sad. Even though Mai could not see the expression, she could feel that the child was trying to debate with herself if she should be honest or not. She stared at the child and smiled warmly.

"It's okay. You can tell me." Mai encouraged.

The child seems to be a bit receptive of her encouragement and nodded towards her. Mai felt the constricting of her chest return. It was surprising that she lost her breath for a couple of seconds. She placed her hand over her chest and looked at the child.

"Onee-chan…" the child warned. "Don't call him here…"

"Why?" Mai replied. "W-why can't I…call Naru?"

The child looked at her.

"Onee-chan, he will die…"

If she was breathless before, this time it felt that there was no air at all. She touched her face as a reflex and looked at the child who was staring at her straight.

"What do you mean? Is…Naru's life in danger?" Mai asked weakly. She was slowly losing her consciousness due to fatigue.

The child shook her head.

"Not out there. But here…" the child sighed. "Onee-chan…"

"Hai?" Mai encouraged.

"Don't call him here..." the child warned her. The child was slowly moving towards her as if wanting to grab her hand. She simply stood there as if she was waiting.

The child looked at her straight while trying to hold her hands.


"Only the dead are here…"


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