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A young woman with light brown hair and dark brown eyes walked into the shop. She walked slowly heading to where the back room was.

"Can I help you?" a guy asked coming up.

"Yeah, I was wondering if a ummm...Randal Rains was here."

"Who?" the blond haired guy asked.

"Memphis Rains." the young woman raised an eyebrow.

"Oh yeah sure, I'll go get him." the guy left leaving the young woman to wait.

"Hey Memphis," Tumbler said coming in to the back room. "There's some woman out there to see you."

"What?" Memphis asked.

"Yeah she asked if there was a Randal Rains here and I'm guessing that's you."

"What does she look like?"

"She's got light brown hair and dark brown eyes."

Memphis was confused as he got up to go see who wanted him. Her back was to him when he walked up to her, she turned around when she heard his footsteps.

"You wanted to see me?" he asked.

She nodded. "I...ummmm...needed to talk to you."

Memphis raised an eyebrow.

"About something." she twisted the bottom of her shirt. "Could we go some where?"

"Look I don't have time for this right now, I don't know what you want..."

"I need to talk to about something. Can we please go somewhere?"

"Fine." Memphis sighed throwing his hands up in the air. "I'll be right back."

"So what did she want?" Tumbler asked.

"She wants to talk to me, somewhere other than here." Memphis grabbed his keys.

(At a little dinner)

"So what was it that you wanted to talk to me about?" Memphis asked impatiently, he wanted to get away from the is girl.

"It's ..." she stopped when a waitress came with their food. "about a car."

"A car?" Memphis raised an eyebrow. "You brought me here to ask about a car?"

The girl nodded.


"Because I knew you could help me." was all she said and than began to eat.

When they were done Memphis sat back and looked at the girl. "You really brought me all the way here to ask about a car." he shook his head laughing lightly.

"Why is that so funny Mem?"

Memphis sat up straight and looked at the girl. "What did you call me?" he asked warily.

"I-I-I- I called you Memph."

"No you called me Mem. There is only one person I know who called me that. And she's far away from here."

The girl got up. "Maybe she's not as far away as you think." she emotionlessly, and left.

Memphis sat thinking. He got up and left quickly. "Hey wait up." he ran to catch up with the girl. "Come here I want to show you something." Memphis lead her to a roof top. "What do you see?"


"No I'm serous." Memphis laughed.

"A world were no one can stop you from being who you are. A place to call home., a ..."

"World unknown." Memphis and the girl said together. Than Memphis turned and smiled at her. "It's been a long time since I've seen you Anddy."

"I know." she kept looking out over the city.