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Anddy stood thinking should she meet every one or not. It couldn't hurt to. Memphis couldn't have met people that were murders, course he could have. Anddy took one look over the city, than turned to Memphis. "Sure."


"Come on." Memphis walked in to the garage. "Wait here." Memphis walked in to the back, soon he returned. "They're coming."

2 minuets later a bunch of guys walked out from the back.

"Guys I want you to meet someone. This is Andrea Wilkinson."

Anddy waved.

"Of course you remember Donny,"

Donny tipped his hat. "Hey Anddy, what up girl."


Spinx just nodded.

"And Atly."

Alty smiled.

Memphis noticed that Anddy kept staring at Kip, like she'd seen him before. "Ok the new faces are, my brother Kip."

Kip stuck his hand out. "Hi."

Anddy shook his hand.


Tumbler grinned and winked at Anddy.

A smiled was on Anddy's face.


Anddy shook Toby's hand and as she did she noticed that he was blushing.

"Mirror Man,"

Mirror Man nodded at Anddy.


Anddy shook his hand.

"Otto and Junie aren't here right now, but you'll meet them later." Memphis started walking out side. "And I wanna show ya something."

Anddy started to leave when Tumbler asked.

"Hey weren't you like the chick who was faster than Memphis?"

Anddy nodded and than walked out side. She found Memphis looking at something.

"What is it?"

"This." Memphis spread his arms out.

Anddy looked at the water. "Mmh." she looked amused.


"Nothing, it's very pretty with the ummm..." Anddy started laughing. "fishing boats and ummm...such."

"Fine." Memphis huffed, turning around.

"Mem, I like it, honest."

Memphis turned around grinning. "It really is a site isn't it?" he laughed.

"Oh yeah." Anddy laughed.

Memphis and her walked back inside.

"Hey Memphis you got a phone call." Atly told him.

"Ok thanks." Memphis walked to the back.


Anddy turned to see Kip walking toward her.

"I got a question for you."

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