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What Is A Mother

Miss Thompson the teacher for the fourth grade stood up on stage and thanked all the families especially all the mothers for coming to hear her class recite bits of a Poem that they all had a part in writing for all their mothers.

The Class comes out onto the stage and as they get into place Miss Thompson then asks each of the mothers to come up onto the stage and stand with their son or daughter. As the mothers started coming up on stage Seto stands and lets Marie get by him, she is going up there to be with Mokie who never knew his mother and Marie has been like a mother to both him and Seto.

As each of the mothers stood behind their child or children then Miss Thompson nodded for the Class to begin.

Mokuba and Serenity said "A mother is someone who is the master at finding answers to any question."

Jenny and Jimmy said "A mother is someone who is willing to get down on the ground and play cars or dolls with you and your brother and doesn't care how silly she looks."

Claire and Carly said "A mother is someone who gives unconditional love and really only wants one thing in return, for you to say I Love You Mommy."

Vickie, Jordon, and Frank said " A mother is someone who will hold you when you're sick, kiss your booboo's and make things all better when you think that your little world has fallen apart.

Sandra, Cindy and Linda said "A mother is someone who is there for you when your first love dumps you and you think that you are going to die.

Tommy, Gretchen and Davy said " A mother is someone who is never afraid to show you how much she loves you even when you think that your friends are going to make fun of you, but they don't."

Mary, Melissa and George said "A mother is someone who when she is gone you will miss for the rest of your life..

Then entire class looked at their mothers and said "so please tell your mothers how much you love them and give them lots of hugs and kisses.

Then the entire audience stood and shouted "Happy Mother's Day!

I concur "Everyone one out Happy Mother's Day!!