Eight years since Sasuke left Konoha has seen dramatic changes to Konoha village. The village is protected by the unstoppable Shadow, a mysterious ninja who has taken countless lives for the Hokage... ItaNaru onesided SasuNaru



onesided SasuNaru

This is set 8 years after Sasuke leaves Konoha... So the group are about 20-21.

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Italics - emphasis on a particular word/talking to Kyuubi inside Naruto's mind

Demon speaking


Chapter Twenty Three:

Epilogue: Rainbow

The rain fell upon the unscathed village of Konoha. The streets darkened and Shinobi and civilians alike dressed in black clothes and gathered around the Hokage tower. All Shinobi were congregated on top of the Hokage tower while each and every civilian stood around the building, listening eagerly to their leader.

"Last night many Shinobi lost their lives and we are here today to pay our respects to the dead."

Tsunade's voice was cold and full of emotion as she spoke. It wasn't just the loss of her shinobi; it was the loss of her precious person.

The battle had ended and the Kyuubi vanished. Tsunade had run over to the huge paw prints to find… nothing. Not even the remains of a body.

Naruto was well and truly gone.

"Our greatest Shinobi, son of Namikaze Minato, Yondaime Hokage, the Jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi no Kitsune and the Hikage. Uzumaki Naruto… we will miss you."

Her voice floated through the streets of Konoha as the wind whistled an elegy for the lost Uzumaki. The remainder of the rookie eleven; everyone aside from Chouji. Ino stood beside Shikamaru, hands clasped together tightly. Both of their faces were downcast and Tsunade knew that, if Shikamaru had let go, Ino would most likely lose her mind.

Sasuke and Sakura stood together with Kakashi. Open tears leaked from the Copy Nin's eye as he remembered his missing student. Sakura made no attempt to wipe the water on her own cheeks and Sasuke knew that it was no longer rain running down the skin.

Sasuke had withdrawn into silence. He saw no point in talking… with no Naruto what was the point in anything?

Kakashi placed a hand on each of their shoulders and whispered croakily to them,

"Loss is something we all have to deal with. He will be remembered well."

The pair nodded yet it did nothing to ease the pain. Kakashi understood and looked up at the sky.

You always knew how to choose your timings well, Naruto, he mused as raindrops pitter pattered onto his facemask.

Close by, Kiba sniffed and Akamaru hang close to his master's leg. Hinata was sobbing into Neji's chest and even Lee was quiet.

Naruto, however little they had seen him, had made a distinct impression on each person's heart. Tsunade said the customary farewell and each member of Konohagakure replied with;

"We shall remember them."

And they would.



Itachi stood upon the back of the Kyuubi, eyes set in a dead emotion. He had said, years ago, that he would never let any one into his heart ever again. The man standing below him looked up with such clarity in his eyes that Itachi felt something jolt within him.

One question came to mind.


The eyes deadened and the body crumpled to the ground. The howling of the Kyuubi grew louder yet Itachi could feel the heat pouring off of the demon as he worked furiously, ignoring his own exhaustion.

In his arms, Naruto's heartbeat became stronger and Itachi bent over, sacrificing his own chakra to save his lover.

"Come on Naruto…"

A splutter was heard and Naruto leant forwards, hacking up blood as he did so. Itachi smiled at him and violet eyes looked at the Uchiha.

"Did it work?"

Naruto voice was raspy and he wiped a dribble of blood away from his lip. Itachi nodded and Naruto's eyes brightened. He took steadying breaths as his chest healed painfully, thanks to the fox. The blood flow had stopped and his heart returned to the regular beating.

"Luckily he just avoided the left ventricle otherwise I would have been a true goner. I need that buddy to pump the blood everywhere and muscle takes a long time to heal."

He patted the fox's fur and winced as the howling continued. He knew the fox was in pain; in truth the fox was pretty much on the verge of exhaustion.


Naruto looked at Itachi and smiled wearily.

"Before I left, he attempted to develop a drug that would connect us. He was going to use it so that if he hurt him self then I would take twice the damage… Nadya, someone who cared for me, passed it on. I injected myself before the battle so that, any damage I would take, would affect him rather than me. I hadn't intended to go so far, though."

Itachi shook his head; Naruto had been willing to do so much just to kill one man. Naruto was true to his Nindo; through and through.

Itachi pulled the blond closer, hugging him tightly.

"Never make me worry like that again."

Naruto shrugged.

"When you jumped in front of me I thought I fainted or something; all I saw was black. Tell me, Uchiha, next time you do something like that… you almost frightened me to death."

Itachi frowned.

"If I hadn't then he most likely would have taken your left ventricle down… the right one too, most likely."

Naruto grinned at Itachi and the Uchiha shuffled.

"What's wrong?"

Itachi closed his eyes and they returned to their normal black.

"My Sharingan… Mangekyou will not work for me anymore."

Naruto's eyes widened and he reached a hand out to Itachi's cheek. Itachi closed his eyes and smiled softly.

"I… I've realised why."

Naruto remained silent; curious as to what the reason was. He had never heard of a bloodline just retracting itself before.

"You know the conditions for the Mangekyou right?" Naruto nodded. "Well… you've become… my most precious person… Naruto."

Naruto smiled and the breath was knocked out of his lungs. He felt as though his chest hadn't just been ripped apart; that he was the happiest person in the world.

"I was thinking…"

Naruto blinked in curiosity as Itachi pulled a small box from a hidden pocket in his cloak. He passed it to the blond quickly before looking away. Naruto opened the box with slightly shaking fingers to find a thick ring. A single purple crystal lay in the middle and Naruto looked at Itachi, eyes wide.

"Are you going to say what I think you are, Mr. Uchiha?"

Itachi looked Naruto in the eyes, a fully fledged smile gracing his lips.

"How would you like to become Mrs. Uchiha?"

Naruto grinned widely before leaping onto Itachi, knocking them both to the floor. Itachi counted to three before he heard,

"Hey… I'm no woman."

Itachi chuckled; some things never changed.

The Kyuubi had calmed down a little, even eaten the cause of this war. He had disappeared and Itachi had taken Naruto to the rendezvous point that the Akatsuki had arranged in advance.

Konan jumped up, a huge smile on her face.

"I told you, Pein. I bloody well told you he was alive."

Pein was taken aback. When Konan had turned to him and said,

"Pein… He's… DONE IT!" he hadn't fully believed her.

Pein smiled and waved a hand for Naruto to join him.

"I see Itachi finally popped the question," he said referring to the ring. Naruto grinned and nodded.

"Well we can't have the bride dying on her husband now can we? How would you like to join the Akatsuki?"

Naruto, who had refrained from attacking Pein at the woman references, became a gaping fish.

"We only have to confirm with the other yet you are more than adept for joining us. I'm sure we can find a new goal."

Naruto nodded before closing his mouth and hugging the auburn haired man.

"Thank you so much."

Pein smiled back and they walked over to the others. Each person took on the view of Pein and only Madara was left to agree. Naruto looked apprehensively at the Uchiha, waiting for his verdict.

"I think I can give up regaining my eyes after what I bestowed upon you."

Naruto smiled; it was the senile man's way of saying he was sorry and he wanted him. It meant a lot and Naruto took the offered hand in his own.

"Welcome to the mad house."

Naruto grinned.

He did love Konoha but to go back now… there was no point. He would no longer be able to live as Uzumaki Naruto nor as the Hikage. He was tired of hiding and the Akatsuki were the perfect people who knew him. Plus there was no way he was leaving his fiancée now.

A cool wind blew through his hair and the rain drops continued to fall. The sun's light just hit the cloud and Naruto tapped Itachi on the shoulder.

"Make a wish," he whispered.

Itachi held tightly to Naruto and looked at the beautiful rainbow.

"I already found it Naruto."

Naruto laughed and punched the man playfully.

"You soppy bastard."



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