Grenadier Ranma: V2

Ranma is saved at Neko-ken by a certain blonde. Character bashing/death are evident for certain people. Ranma is a bad-a gun user/martial artist. If you don't like this then leave now and hold your peace. I don't own Ranma or Grenadier the smiling Senshi.


---Neko-ken location---

"Papa, please, don't put me down there again." pleaded a six year old Ranma, as his fat father, Genma, lifted him up to throw him back into the pit a fifth time. "Boy, stop crying, what are you, some weak little girl?" asked Genma, trying to toughen up his son. "But Papa!" exclaimed Ranma, struggling to get free, when all of the sudden a gunshot rang through the air, ripping Ranma's gi, making him drop to the ground. When Ranma hit the ground, he took off for the trees, for two reasons, one, to get away from that pit and two, to get away from the gunshot.

Now, no one accused Genma Saotome of being smart, or sober, for that matter, so in true human fashion he turned to see where the gunshot had come from. When he finally saw who fired the gun, he was somewhat surprised. There were three individuals, two girls and one man.

The first girl was about five foot six with long loose blonde hair and gold eyes. She was wearing boots that had armor on the knee caps with a blue dress that didn't restrict movement and a red shirt under it and tied by a red sash. She also had on red gloves, with the thumb and index finger cut out and a belt that held the gun holster with a small pack on the back and a straw hat to top it off.

The man of the group was about the same height with spiky black hair and brown eyes. He was wearing black boots with black pants and a white shirt and scarf. He also had on a sleeveless black coat that had armor around the neck with fingerless black gloves that came to his forearm. But the most interesting thing here was the long sword on his back.

The last was a girl about thirteen with long messy black hair and brown eyes. She was wearing normal shoes with black socks that went up a little past her knees to a reddish mini skirt that was cut up at the bottom with a belt that held three bags. Her shirt was much like that of her skirt, and had a large scarf on it that went down to just above her feet and covered her head. She also had a peach symbol badge on her bandana and gloves. But one of those gloves was really large, and held what looked like, at first glance, a gun.

"Who the hell are you?" asked Genma, again he was drunk. "We're just travelers, but the question is, why are you hurting that poor boy?" asked the blonde, putting her gun away. "It's for the sake of the art, something no weak woman would ever understand." said Genma, getting into a stance.

"I'll handle this Rushuna." said the man, as he drew his sword. "But, Yajiro, isn't this an unfair fight?" asked the little girl. "No, Mikan, he's a martial artist, there for, he can handle fighting unarmed. You two go after the boy, and see if he's ok." said Yajiro, as his eyes never left Genma. As the two girls left the clearing, Genma charged first right, into a death trap. The next few seconds happened too fast for the human eye to see, but the results were evident, as when they separated, so did Genma's head. "Ha! Well, I'd better get the boys stuff and come up with some lie." said Yajiro, sheathing his sword and walking over to the camp to collect some things.

---In the woods with Ranma, Rushuna and Mikan---

"Man, this kid is fast." said Mikan, as they chased after Ranma. "I know, who'd think a kid as scrawny as him would be this fast!" said Rushuna, as she started to close the gap between her and Ranma. After a few more minutes Ranma collapsed from blood loss. When the two got to him, Rushuna, the kind hearted person she is, pulled out bandages from her small pack and started to bandage Ranma, to the point where he looked like a mummy.

After a half an hour, Yajiro came to where the two girls had set up camp; so as not to aggravate Ranma's wounds. "Yatchan, what happened to Mr. Fat man?" asked Rushuna, as Yajiro set down the pack. "Well, after I beat him, he asked me to train his son, and when I am done training him, to send him to this Tendo dojo in Nerima, Tokyo." said Yajiro, being somewhat shifty eyed. "Why did you accept!?" yelled Mikan, punching him in the head. "I didn't have much choice as he just took off after saying that." said Yajiro, looking as innocent as can be. "What a horrible man." said Rushuna, looking down at Ranma, with sorrow in her eyes. "Well, there's nothing we can do about it now, can we? Let's just teach him our skills and then send him to the Tendo dojo, then he can make his own decisions." said Yajiro, sitting down and looking at the boy. 'I could never let a father live if they treated their own blood like that.' though Yajiro, laying down to go to sleep.

End of Prelude: …And the moral of today's story is… If at first you do succeed, try not to look too astonished. Well, that's me, Je ne! Tenkai of Chaos!