Grenadier Ranma: V2

Ranma is saved at Neko-ken by a certain blonde. One note: this is a fanfiction therefore I can do whatever I please. I don't own Ranma or Grenadier the smiling Senshi.

Chapter Two

Nerima's Senshi

Last time on Grenadier Ranma….

"Yes, how may I help you?" asked Mr. Tendo, looking at Ranma. "I'm Ranma Saotome, I was told to come here after my training was done." said Ranma, as Mr. Tendo glompped him. "Oh, happy day, now one of my girls will be married." shouted Mr. Tendo. "WHAT!?" yelled Ranma, as Kasumi entered the room. "Oh my!" said Kasumi, when she heard her father.

"What do you mean, I have to marry one of your daughters?" asked Ranma, pulling himself out of the hug. "It was a promise, between me and Genma, that we'd unite the schools of anything goes though our children." replied Mr. Tendo, looking Ranma up and down. "I'm sorry, Mr. Tendo, but I only came here for two reason's, one to inform you of my father's death, and two, to find my mother, nothing more, nothing less." said Ranma, backing up a little. "But, it's a matter of family honor." said Mr. Tendo, starting to cry. "I don't care! My family honor is worthless because of Genma Saotome, therefore, a pact made by Genma is just as worthless." replied Ranma, as Nabiki came stumbling in.

"Oh my, Nabiki, what happened?" asked Kasumi, seeing bullet holes in the bottom of her uniform. "Some crazy gunmen are holding the school hostage and want Daddy to come to them. Something about a debt long over due." said Nabiki, as Mr. Tendo started to sweat. "Crazy gunmen? Did he look like this?" asked Ranma, holding out a paper with a picture of a large muscular man wearing samurai armor and had a large cannon-like gun on his right arm. "Yes, that him!" said Nabiki, noticing Ranma for the first time. "I see, lead me to the school." said Ranma, as his eyes narrowed. "This way." said Nabiki, leading Ranma and dragging Mr. Tendo to the school.

---At the school---

"I told you, no one leaves unless Tendo come here to die!" yelled the man from the picture Ranma had. "Sendo, just send us a gesture of good faith!" yelled a police officer, before the man next to Sendo shot him in the head. "Hahaha Hahaha! Like you can order me about!" yelled Sendo, as a gun shot rang out, and the kneeling sniper fell, with his scope ruined along with his eye. "What the hell?" said Sendo, when two more shots rang out, killing two more henchmen.

"Sendo Tekko, wanted in the continent state of the Tento Empire, for 4067 counts of murder, I've come to take the bounty on your head!" yelled a voice from one of the cop cars. "So, a Senshi of Tento. This will be good." said Sendo, aiming his Guard gun at Ranma and firing. He is surprised when he misses by only a hairs breath. "A Guard gun, only good for taking large numbers of enemies on at once, since its shots are akin to a shotgun." said Ranma, pulling out his gun again and shooting off three rounds, two of which killed two more henchmen and the third knocking of Sendo's helmet. "You little punk!" yelled Sendo, taking aim again and firing, only to miss. Ranma spun to the right and knocked six bullets out of his coat and into the six empty spaces in his revolver. Then Ranma took aim and shot all six rounds, the results were Sendo's gun was destroyed as the round magazine was blown off the rotation rod.

"Still feel like fighting?" asked Ranma, as he cocked his gun. "Hahahahaha! You used all six shots, you can't fire again." said Sendo. "Actual I just reloaded at six shots, this gun uses eight shots, so, I still have two more shots." said Ranma, in a creepy but happy voice. "I give up." said Sendo, putting his hands up as the cops came up and put hand cuffs on him. "Be sure to seed the bounty to this account." said Ranma, handing an account number over to a cop. "Ranma, my boy, that was amazing! Well, let's go home." said Mr. Tendo, as Akane ran up to them.

---Tendo Dojo---

"What!?" yelled Nabiki and Akane, after they heard that one of them would marry Ranma. "Yes, it's a matter of family honor." said Mr. Tendo, as Ranma and Kasumi walked in from the kitchen and yard, respectfully. "I already told you. I'm not marrying anyone that was arranged by my father through honor!" said Ranma, sitting down. "But, but, Ranma, what about your honor?" asked Mr. Tendo, starting to impersonate a fountain. "I have my honor elsewhere, I'm only here because this is the only address my fool of a father had in his gear when Yajiro-san killed him. I'm looking for my mother, if you won't help me, then I'll just leave." said Ranma, getting up. "Wait, stay here while you look for your mother, I don't know where she lives, but there can't be that many Saotome's in Tokyo." said Mr. Tendo, as the girl's just listened to the exchange.

"Wait, he has a gun and a sword, he's a danger and I bet he's a pervert to!" yelled Akane, getting in her 'bash the pervert' mode. "First off, if I was a pervert, I'd have kept my job at the Peach Blossom Inn, which just happens to be a pleasure district, and second, none of you have anything I haven't see before, the only difference is you're all less impressive!" shot Ranma, looking at the fuming little girl. "Ranma, please, for saving my daughters life, stay here until you can find your mother." said Mr. Tendo, ending the argument. "Very well, you have my gratitude, but not my hand." said Ranma, looking at the old man.

End of chapter:… and the moral of today's story is… Love: Two vowels, two consonants, two fools. "Well that's me, Je ne!" Tenkai of Chaos logging out!