A/N : I realize that this story would not work out as planned if I kept the storylines as they were. Melina and Ashley are in a way "tag team partners" and um, well, if anything seems sort of, out of place, it means I made it up.

She was trusted. She knew all the secrets. But now she was gone, Melina was left with a bag full of secrets, to devastate and ruin the lives of those who remained.

Melina sat backstage at Backlash, her title gripped tightly in both hands. Not many people had expected her to win. They all thought Mickie was a better competitor. Her trainer had always told her never to listen to them. She had been through many trainers in her life, but there was only one who had taught her anything. Amy Christine Dumas. She had never really taught Melina any in ring skills because, according to her, Melina didn't need any help that way. She taught her how to stay strong in front of the fans, how to gain respect from the colleagues and how she should never listen to Vince. Melina smiled thinking of the last words she had said to her, "You don't need to take bullshit from ANYONE Mel. Not Mickie, not the fans, not the guys, not Vince. You stay headstrong and you'll do well in this business." And with that she had left. She told everyone, even Randy and Adam that she wanted a break from the business. But after receiving a present from Amy, revelations surrounding her mysterious departure, as well as many other things, were coming to light.

Melina stood up, placing her title carefully on her bag. The truth was, she missed the way things had once been. Ok, so perhaps she hadn't enjoyed the not getting to wrestle part, but at least, back in 2004 the storylines were good, women got to wrestle and people actually felt something towards the superstars. She looked at the oversized handbag lying beside her overnight bag. The present was there. She had taken to carrying it around constantly, just in case some bitch decided to get her hands on it. It wasn't the type of thing that would go down well with management. She thought for a moment, perhaps two, about the havoc that small box could cause.

A mischievous glint appeared in Melina's eyes as a plot began to unfold before her. A plot that would go into action the very next night. She smiled to herself as she began to undress, hoping that after her shower, she could race back to the hotel and put the plan into action a little early.

Five thirty, the Gaylord Entertainment Center

As most of the superstars had been at the arena for a while, warming up and catching up on the latest gossip, Melina had had plenty of time to start her plan. She had spent most of the previous night obsessing over it, making each minor detail perfect. Tonight it would begin.

She smiled and drummed her perfectly manicured nails on her leg. She had debated telling Amy of her plans, but she figured, chances were, Amy wouldn't answer and if the shit hit the fan, Amy wouldn't think twice of telling all.

She smirked mischievously and stood up, grabbing a small disk. She raised a perfectly plucked eyebrow. Tonight, Melina's plan was going to devastate women all around the world.

As the night progressed, everything seemed to go to plan. Melina had gone out to the ring to accompany Ashley to the ring, during her match against Mickie. Ashley trying her hardest to maintain the little respect she had gained from the fans after Wrestlemania. Ashley was, in many ways, just like Melina, but with Vince turning the business into a rather, male dominated business, he had the script writers portray her as some sort of whore. As the match closed with a devastating DDT from Ashley, Melina directed everyone's attention to the screens.

Ashley frowned, she had just pinned Mickie, proving her worth as a diva, and Melina was directing the attention AWAY from her. As the screens darkened, bright white lettering appeared on them. "They thought she didn't know." It read. "It was the WWE's biggest secret. Well not anymore."

She smirked as a grainy video of Carlito appeared on the screen. Although it wasn't obvious who was carrying the camera, the dialogue made it apparent. "Oh, hey." came the Puerto Rican native's voice, rather shakily. "How's Edge?" His eyes seemed red and his voice thick.

"Oh, I don't know. Ain't seen much of him. What's wrong?" came a female voice. Strongly accented, southern yet music to many a man's ear. Amy's voice.

"It's…it's Johnny," he began. "He keeps saying he'll leave Melina, but somehow…I don't think he will. It's like, he enjoys hurting me like this. He does it every night you know?" Carlito cursed in his native language, a members of the silent and stunned audience gasped. "Every night. After, you know. He'll lie there and tell me he loves me. But then what does he do? Pulls on his clothes and go back to her." Carlito took a deep breath before continuing. "And, it's not like it was easy for me. Coming out. You try telling a strictly Catholic family that you're homosexual. It's not fun. Not that he'd know. You know…maybe I'm better off without him."

As realization began to dawn on the fans, Ashley looked at Melina, "You knew?"

Melina shrugged, "For a while. There was a strict no sex rule after I worked it out. I always had a sore head."

Ashley smiled slightly, unsure of what to say as her eyes were once again diverted to the screen. "Six months later," appeared the same eerie writing.

"Johnny I am NOT going to tell your parents I'm pregnant. I don't care what they suspect. Maybe if you weren't screwing the Intercontinental Champion they wouldn't suspect a thing." Melina's voice echoed through the arena. "Yes. I know about it. So you can stop with the puppy dog eyes. Cut the crap Johnny. You don't feel bad. Not about hurting me. Not about hurting Carlito. Amy TOLD me. His whole family want nothing to do with him, and you're not even prepared to show that guy one bit of respect? You don't deserve him and you sure as hell don't deserve me. GoodBYE Johnny."

Johnny's eyes welled with tears as he began to walk through the hallway, unfortunately, at this point, Amy had dropped the camera, meaning no more footage was captured.

Melina grabbed a microphone, "This my friends is one hundred percent real. We realize that sometimes, what you see in the WWE isn't. But this, is raw emotion, real heartbreak and a real asshole."

She dropped the mic and began to walk up the ramp, totally unaware of the havoc she had caused.