A/N : Um, yeah, this chappy will be more about Melina than anything. And what she thinks of some of the superstars, so, yeah, thoughts are italicized. And yeah, Samantha is NOT a fitness instructor or whatever the hell she is…

Melina smirked as she pushed the door of her locker room open, although, her smirk disappeared as a large hand gripped her shoulder. "Tell me you had nothing to do with that," came the voice. A man's voice, distraught and tired, as though he had been crying.

Melina turned quickly to face her former lover. "I honestly had no idea what was happening. I, I just saw the screens darkening and figured, I don't know…Vickie was going to cut a promo." She shook her head, her dark curls bouncing as she did so, a look of fake sympathy crossed her pretty features. "Johnny, if there's anything I can do…"

Johnny shook his head, his blonde hair falling to shield his face. "No. No. It's ok Mel, and, thank you. I understand it couldn't have been easy…being with me." Melina shook her head again, this time looking rather modest. Wagging her fingers at him, she entered the locker room, a sadistic look appearing on her face as she closed the door. He suspected nothing…

What an idiot, was it any wonder he lost every title he got ? Vince could have made her a star, but what did he do? He lumbered her with a fat, greasy computer addict and a retarded homosexual.

She laughed and threw her title down on the floor. Not that the title meant anything these days. When Trish had it, the whole world respected it. Even when Amy had it the first and second time. Hell, even Mickie got some respect. But when the Creative Management team has you wrestling Playboy Models week after week, in three minute matches that even Stevie Wonder could predict, you tended to get very little respect.

She rolled her eyes as she took a sip from her bottle of water. There were still a few matches left on the card. Randy and Adam have a match coming up. I couldn't. Could I? I mean, everyone knows about it Backstage, and it's not like the fans will be that surprised. Not with his track record. She shook her head, the fact that two former Intercontinental Champions had been sleeping together was enough. Unleashing another secret in the one night may put the fans into permanent shock. And besides, she wanted to make the demise of the WWE a very slow process.

The next night, Alfonso's Bar, Pennsylvania

A few of the superstars and divas had gone out for a drink, Melina among them. Nights out were always the best way to hear dirty, juice gossip, but after Amy's little gift, it wasn't as though she needed anymore gossip. What she had given her wasn't rumor, it was cold hard truth, with evidence to back it up.

Tonight's my night off. I can relax, and not think about what the other superstars are up to. I have next week's plan finalized, all I have to do is make sure he's actually AT Raw. He's been doing disappearing acts lately…Not turning up for shows. But I guess, since he technically isn't a Raw superstar anymore, he isn't expected to always be there. Stop it, you're thinking too much.

She rubbed her temples lightly, as though that would stop her thoughts. "You ok Melly?" asked Maria from across the table. Not the brightest of the bunch, but she means well. "You look kinda stressed. When I'm stressed, I take bubble baths."

Melina raised and eyebrow and forced a smile. "Is that right? Well, don't you worry, I aint stressed. I just need a drink." She looked around the table. "So who's round is it?"

"That would be mine," said Jeff, looking around to see who had finished. "Same again?"

Melina shook her head, "Make mine a double." You're used to doubles arent you Jeff…

It seemed that since receiving her gift, well, technically it was gifts, but since receiving them, she found it hard to speak to people without thinking of their secrets.

She was sat beside John Cena, not her favorite of people, but he wasn't one of the more…aggravating ones. He had probably, some of the deepest secrets, nothing that would interest the fans though. Just pointless stuff, about that birthmark he had removed as a child…stuff that, quite frankly made him boring. Maybe that's why she didn't mind sitting next to him, because she didn't know something about him which made her question him.

Not like Adam, or Jeff, or Matt, or Randy, or Trish for that matter. Those five were her next targets. She just, needed to find the perfect moments.

She laughed as Randy spoke about Samantha, causing the superstars to look at her. "Just thinking about something Johnny said earlier," she lied, shaking her head and waving her hand for him to continue. A fucking law student. She's supposed to be able to work out when someone's lying, but she cant even work it out when Randy is. And a lot of lying he does too…

A mischievous smile crossed her face as Jeff returned with the drinks, handing them out. Twelve of them had come for drinks. Nine of them, Melina had dirt on. The smile remained on her face as she took a sip of her double Vodka. It was nice to know she had power over them all, like she had this special talent, which could ruin them all.

A few hours later and Maria was trashed. Unable to stand up, she asked Melina to take her back to her room. Anyone else and I swear I'd tell them to go fuck themselves. Why does she have to be so nice? She smiled falsely and held out an arm, which the small interviewer quickly gripped onto, stumbling her way out the door.

"Melina," she said, on her fourth try. "You're like my best friend. And I don't care what people say about you. You're awesome."

Melina stopped for a moment, Maria really thought of her as a best friend. She had never had one of those before. Thank god I don't have any dirt on her.

"Wait," she said, coming to her senses. "What do they say about me?"

"That you're a whore. And a bitch. And that you're only Women's champion because you sucked Vince off." said Maria, before moving away, suddenly feeling the need to be sick.

As the short diva threw up, Melina stood still, barely moving, her eyes not even blinking. A whore? A bitch? Suck HIM off? They were going to pay. Every last one…