Why do I love to write such short last chapters??? I really have no idea. Sorry it took me so long to finish this dad-gum story, I just couldn't decide exactly how to write the ending; I actually tried not to make this one too cheesy (and probably failed miserably, but oh well). Enjoy this last chapter (:

I HAD NOT emerged from my room since I had looked myself in the night before. I didn't want to talk or see anyone in the world currently, and not a soul was going to change my mind. Gabriella had used me to get her affection for the day, and Troy had used me to get back at Gabriella for using me to get her affection since he was too much of a wimp to give it to her himself.

Sharpay seemed to have read my mind and stolen all of the point or sharp objects in my room. That girl really knew how to piss me off.

At about three in the afternoon, she pounded on my door. I could tell it was her merely by her knock; my parents always knocked, and Shar never did.

"Ryan Michael Evans, get your pathetic self out here this minute!" I refused to answer, and buried myself deeper into my bed. My laziness and depressing mood was enough to convince me that today was not I day I would change out of my pajamas or even climb out of bed. But my bratty twin continued her barrage.

"Bug off, Shar," I finally groaned, slamming my pillow over my ears. "I'm trying to sleep"

"Yah, you're trying to sleep just as much as you hate Troy Bolton." I sent her a stabbing stare through the door. Did she never stop? He was the very last person I wanted to think about. "Get up, lazy butt; we are going to a party today, so you might as well come on out"

"And what if I don't want to go to some shit party?"

I had pushed her too far. "If you do not get your small gay ass out here in ten minutes I will guarantee you that you shall never ever reproduce!" I shuddered. Most other guys wouldn't have shuddered—but they didn't live with Sharpay. When she threatened you, she was dead serious.

"Fine, damn it, I'll be out in a minute!"

"You'd better, or kiss your balls goodbye!" I heard her stomping down the hallway, muttering a blue streak under her breath.

Neither of us were in a better mood when Sharpay rung the doorbell at Chad's house. I didn't speak to anyone the entire evening and stayed by my sister as much as I possibly could.

CHAD SUGGESTED at about two in the morning that we go for a walk and goof at the park. All approved, and the party made their way down the urban neighborhood. As our group walked through a particularly tight spot in the overgrown foliage, I felt myself shoved against Ryan and we both fell down together onto the grass on the other side. Groaning slightly, my eyes popped open to discover than I had landed on top of him and was now staring into Ryan's gorgeous eyes. Subconsciously, in my brain I removed Ryan's shirt, shoes, socks, pants, boxers…

Rolling hurriedly away, the he pushed himself to his feet and brushed the grass off of his clothing, me following suit. The rest of the party had disappeared.

"Sharpay?" Ryan called out, looking around. "Shar, cut it out, it's not going to work"

"Ry?" I said softly. I saw him whirl around and glare at me.

"Did you help plan this??"

"No," I protested feebly. "I didn't come up with it; Chad did." Hell, what was the point of lying? Had they honestly thought that Ryan would not catch on to us? "All they knew was that I wanted to talk to you"

Ryan sat Indian-style on the grass and looked impatiently up at me. "Make it quick"

"I just..." Jesus Christ why did this have to be so hard? "I just wanted to apologize…for yesterday"

"Forget it, it's no big deal." But I knew that he was lying. Somehow, I just knew, though nothing in the steeliness of his voice agreed with me.

"But I can't! At the beginning, it was all about getting back at Gabriella. But then…" Ryan finally looked at me in the eye. That was a start. "I realized I wasn't acting anymore." I realized with a jolt that I had taken Ryan's hand in mine. CRAP! And then I saw that he hadn't pulled away. This was a good sign! POINTS FOR TROY! "I wanted to be in that car kissing you…" Great, now I couldn't think of anything to say; brain blank. "And I realized then that I liked you…a lot. Like, more than friend like…like-"

"One of these days, Troy Bolton," Ryan interrupted, and I was immediately crestfallen; it was all over now, "you will have to learn how to put your open mouth to proper use." Huh?

My question was answered when Ryan yanked me over to him and kissed me full on the lips. I heard giggling in the bushes that I recognized as my ex-girlfriend, but really could have cared less. All I cared about at the moment was the fact that was French kissing a very, very hot boy in the middle of a park in the middle of the night…and he was kissing me back.

When we broke for air, I mumbled in his ear, "Did it work this time?"

He giggled.

"I should say so. Now stop talking and get back in here." Placing a firm hand behind my head he pulled my open mouth down to his again.

The stampings and congratulations from the gang—who had, of course, been hiding in the bushes all along—found themselves utterly ignored as I refused to stop kissing Ryan. I had waited long enough for this that I wasn't about to give him up so soon.

Later that morning, all of us were still strolling through the park, only with one major difference; I had my right arm around Ryan's waist and was clasping his left hand with my right. Leaning against my shoulder as the others babbled on, I heard him whisper,

"What do you say we ditch these losers in a little while and go find some nice, secluded corner?" Ryan winked at me, making my heart melt as it had so many times before. Only this time, I was actually free to passionately kiss him on the lips (rather than just dream about it).

"Whatever you say, Babe"

How long had I felt this way? How long had I desired to go walking with the dream drama king of my school—the boy who always wore the weird clothes and crazy hats, the boy with the really cute behind—in the moonlight and playfully tickle him and hold him close? How long had Ryan Evans unknowingly runaway with my feelings?

It's never the same thing every day. There's no pattern to the way I live; no school to stress over, nobody to order us around, and no one to stop me from going to bed…with Ryan, of course. End of story, the end. I can honestly say I'll never get sick of it.

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