Chapter One

We approached Charlie together, side by side, hand in hand. It was because of this that I felt safe. I felt like a boat, tied to the harbor by a sturdy rope. There was a hurricane brewing. It was a strong hurricane, an angry hurricane. The boat was safe though, tied securely to the dock.

"Edward, leave." Charlie spoke these words through clenched teeth. Just like that, the rope was untied, and the boat was left to sink in the ocean.

"Yes sir." Edward replied politely, shaking his hand lose of my tight grip. His eyes glanced pointedly to the stairs, assuring me that he would be waiting for me in my bedroom.

My heart dropped as he walked fluidly out the door. Great, now I have to face the hurricane alone.

"Sit." Charlie demanded. I obeyed his command, and was careful to avoid eye contact at all costs.

"Isabella," it was then that I prepared for the worst. He hadn't even used my full name when I returned from… L.A. This was clearly a bad sign.

"I don't even know where to begin…" Charlie squeezed his eyes shut and sighed in frustration.

"Dad, let me explain." My mind raced for an explanation that would - at the very least - make Charlie's face return to its normal color. I had nothing.

"Yeah, Bella, why don't you explain? Explain to me exactly what on Earth you were thinking! What? The promises you make to me don't matter anymore?"

"Dad of course they matter! I just…" I took in a deep breath. "You remember when mom left? You know what it's like…" I slowly let my eyes rise from the table – which is where they had chosen to rest from the start of the conversation.

"Of course I remember, and I've tried to understand. But really honey, a motorcycle… you promised me" He sighed again. "I'm just worried about you Bells. I couldn't bear to see something happen to you."

"Again." I added, in hopes to lighten the mood.

"Again." Charlie echoed with a small chuckle.

There was a moment of silence as Charlie took a seat at the other end of the table.

"Look, dad, I'm really, really sorry. I'll go drop the motorcycle off at the dump tomorrow. Honestly, I haven't touched it since…" I left the sentence unfinished.

"Yeah what is it with that Edward? He just waltzes away, leaving you stranded in the woods, crushing your heart and – " he fumed.

"Dad, stop. It's not like that." I defended my destiny. I wouldn't let anyone – not even my dad – judge the one I loved.

"Then exactly what is it like?" Uh-oh, how was I supposed to answer that?

Umm, well dad you see, Edward's a vampire. He sort of craves my blood. Well, he thought he was putting me in danger – you remember the whole 'fall down the stairs thing?' Well… about that…No, that definitely wasn't going to work.

"Dad, stop worrying about me so much. I'm eighteen; I don't need you to protect me anymore." I had been hoping to put off the 'I'm old enough to take care of myself' speech until I moved out, but I was desperate to get Charlie off my back.

Charlie rested his head in his hands and didn't look up while he spoke. "You're right." He seemed like he was about to cry, and I didn't like it. I was suddenly angry at myself for hurting Charlie so bad.

"Dad, I love you. That won't ever change – no matter how old I get." Or how young I stay, I thought to myself

"I love you too Bells. Just promise me that you'll be more careful – and that you will dispose of that death-trap first thing tomorrow."

I walked over to my dad and held him in a tight hug from behind. "I promise." I whispered in his ear.

He nodded his head dismissing me – too upset to be embarrassed from our embrace.

"I'm gunna go do some homework. I'll cook dinner in a couple hours." I shouted while heading up the narrow stairs – carefully. I was not about to trip after promising my dad that I would be more careful.

Edward was lying on my bed, staring out my window. He looked a little angry.

At first I didn't think he noticed I had entered, but then he patted the space next to him. I closed the door behind me and went to lie by his side on my bed.

He didn't move his eyes from the window until I turned on my side and wrapped my arm over his chest.

"Hmm…" Edward sounded a little irritated.


"Jacob is so nosy. He listened in on your entire conversation."

I chuckled. "Edward, you do it all the time, and you listen to their thoughts." I pointed out.

Edward rolled his eyes. "But his thoughts were so rude – 'I can't believe she just defended that blood-sucker.' However," he paused. "It was kind of funny when he heard you are bringing the motorcycle to the dump – 'I worked so hard on that stupid thing and she's just going to throw it away.'" Edward mimicked Jacob's voice perfectly, making a flawless – and hilarious – performance.

"If he didn't want all his precious work thrown away he shouldn't have ratted me out." I informed Edward sourly, too angry to laugh at his show.

"Oh yes, that went very well by the way." Edward complimented.

I just sighed. It wasn't something I wanted to be complimented on. I had hurt Charlie – not exactly something to be praised for.

Edward's brow furrowed in confusion, a little baffled that I merely sighed at my victory.

"You know how hurt Charlie was." I explained.

"He's not angry Bella." Edward tried to cheer me up.

"I know, but he is upset. I hate when I upset him like that."

"And you think becoming a vampire will please him?"

"That's not the same." I said with a frown consuming my face.

"You think your father will just accept you as one of the eternally-" Edward stopped when he realized that I was crying with my face buried deep in my pillow.

"Sorry." Edward muttered. He began running his fingers through my hair. He sung me my lullaby and allowed me to cry.

I thought really hard while I cried.

I thought about how upset my parents would be. I would have to tell them I was a vampire and hope they would understand. Or, I could tell them nothing. I could simply disappear forever, leaving my parents with shattered hearts.

I thought about Jacob. He would no doubt be furious. Could we still be friends even though we were created as enemies?

The treaty. Jacob hadn't allowed that tiny piece of information to be forgotten. And now, thanks to me, he knew that I was planning on becoming a vampire. I hoped he wasn't mad at me.

Then I thought about Edward. He was the love of my life – no matter how long it was to last. It would all be worth it if I got to spend an eternity with Edward.

I'm not sure exactly how long Edward and I laid there, me thinking and him singing. It was long enough that I made myself stop crying so I could go and cook dinner for Charlie.

"I've got to go cook dinner." I notified Edward when I finally rose out of bed.

"Would you like me to wait here?" Edward asked.

"Of course. We need to talk." Edward's face twisted into a pained expression and he looked into my eyes with his own pair of sad ones. I laughed, realizing I had said the infamous first line in a break-up. "Calm down Edward, I'm not breaking up with you." That seemed to calm him slightly, but he didn't seem to fully believe it. I kissed him on the forehead and headed out of the room.

I made fish, using a recipe in my newly-acquired recipe book. It was quiet, probably because neither of us knew what to say. A few times he would open his mouth to speak and change his mind – filling his mouth with food instead. This was the first time silence felt awkward between me and Charlie.

When we were finished I did the dishes and Charlie went back to watching television. I hoped that this wasn't a routine beginning to form.

When I went back to my bedroom Edward had moved and was now sitting in my rocking chair. His face was still nervous. I laughed weakly and climbed onto his lap.

"So, what did you want to talk about?" Edward asked hesitantly.