Okay, sorry I haven't updated in forever (this goes for all of my stories)

But with this story, I wrote a chapter, but it was short, and I decided I didn't like it.

Also, I have a real lack of inspiration from this story particularly.

Based on the lack of reviews, it seems that people don't really like this story.

I guess It's my fault – I tried to write a story that didn't have the typical "edward leaves bella, bella get's changed, and Edward and bella wind up together anyways" or those type's of stories. But it seems people like those better. People seem to like my other story "undecided" a lot better, but personally I like this one better. But if you guys like "undecided" better than I'll just stop updating this for a while until im finished with "undecided"

Okay, done with the rant.

Sorry that this isn't a chapter, just needed to tell you guys that.