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"Max what are we gonna do!!!" Nudge said. You could see her tear streaked eyes even though we were in complete darkness.

They had really done it this time. It was late tonight that the erasers had decided to pay us a visit complete with violence and destruction. As usual we were kicking some major butt. But I had forgotten about the Eraser upgrades, version 6.1, and when they joined forces with 6.0, things got sticky. There was a point in that fight where I though we would be okay, that we would get out of it as usual. But I should have known better, that some way they would find another way to ruin my life.

They had hurt her. My Angel. My baby. I looked at her unconscious form in my arms, as I ran through the woods. They had shot her, not once but twice in her arm and stomach and she was bleeding uncontrollably. Who let that lame excuse for an eraser, Ari have a gun I have no clue. But they're going to pay.

Nudge was crying hysterically next to me and Gasman was trying to hold back tears but only partially succeeding. I couldn't imagine how hard it was for them to see their best friend and sister bleeding to death in my arms.

I looked to my right to see Fang, I lied I do know how it feels. It's just like the time Fang got diced by those erasers before we met Anne. His face was tense and set to kill, Iggy was right beside him his faced stressed into worry. We had barely managed to escape and we were running. I hated running, it was so slow. But we were too close to a town.

"We have to find a hospital." Fang said

"Well, no duh captain obvious, but where?" I said

Fang sent me a glare in which I returned twice-fold, if that was even possible. We were nearing a small town.

"Max, she's still bleeding!" Nudge said through tears

Crap. I was about to think of something when I heard Angel moan.

"Max..." she said faintly. And then started to cry "Max, it hurts so much." She said. My heart ached for her and I was more determined then ever.

"We have to ask for help." I said, I hated the fact to ask someone for help, especially a stranger but I refuse to have my baby in pain any longer.

"What!" Fang said

"Just for directions, maybe even a ride." I said "I wont lose her. Not today, not ever." Putting the ferocity I felt into my voice.

Fang was about to say something but I looked at him with a look that said we-can-argue-about-this-all-night-but-we-both-know-I'm-gonna-win, and he shut-up.

As we came closer to the town with a sign outside it that said Forks, Washington, it started to rain. Fan-frickin-tastic. We ran up to a house, the few with lights still left on. And Fang ran ahead and was knocking on the door by the time the rest of us got there.

A girl answered the door. She had reddish brown hair and a fair face, she looked surprised to see us there.

"We need help." I said ignoring the rain dripping into my face. That's when she noticed Angel.

"Oh, God! Dad! Edward!! Come in quickly." She said. She pulled us inside, I noticed that she stayed the furthest from me and Angel.

"Bella what's wrong!?" two men came in, one was boyishly super model type handsome, and another was a older man with glasses. He took one look at me and Angel and his eyes practically bulged out of his sockets. The younger guy, I'm guessing this was Edward, stiffened and backed away a little. Hm…

"Please sit on the couch. I'll call for help." The older guy said.

"No, we just need directions to the hospital." I said not moving.

"It's about a 30 minute ride from here." He said. Like 10 seconds by flight. Ugh, dang.

"I don't think she can make it that far." I said, more to myself, then to anyone else.

"I can get my father, he's a doctor, and he could get here quicker." The guy, Edward said. I saw that his eyes were dark and he looked like he trying to stop himself from lunging himself across the room.

I didn't even have to think about it, what ever it took to save Angel. "Okay." as soon as I said it he walked across the room speeding up to pass us. I don't think we look that bad. Did we?