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-words that appear like this are the characters thoughts-

Okay .. story onward …

Chapter 1- Symptoms

A few months after the reign of Ultimecia things got better at Garden. Irvine and Selph were finally going out. Quistis is working as a teacher once again. Zell was…actually getting hotdogs at lunch. Squall became the commander of course and drowned under piles among piles of paper work. Seifer was accepted back into Garden given a second chance to redeem himself. And Rinoa is the strongest sorceress. Making her vulnerable and weak to anyone or thing that wants her power.

"Rinoa…you ready?"

Rinoa faced Edea giving her a weak smile.

"…Yeah…I guess so"

She held off this talk with Edea for a while. After the final battle Rinoa's attitude changed. She grew slightly quieter after she learned she would become a sorceress. She knew she had a lot more responsibility and only one thing ran through her mind.

-I never asked for this-

She knew she couldn't live a normal life anymore.

"Okay…so let me tell you about becoming a sorceress and the symptoms that--"


"Mhm symptoms…you either physically or mentally change but it's only temporary. That's why they're symptoms."

"Do they ever become permanent?"

"Over time they do"

"Oh…" Rinoa looked away. She was disappointed. She knew later on she won't be the same. She'll be like ever sorceress that ever reigned…emotionless, evil, and end up being hated and eventually die. She didn't want that for herself.

Edea noticed she didn't want to talk about it anymore and she knew that this wasn't what Rinoa wanted.

"Look, Rinoa, not every sorceress has to end up being disliked you can change that. I know you can because you're different. You'll be different than all the others, you're different now. I'm here to help you okay? You know more about it now than I ever did when I became one. So you can change things...bend the rules. No one ever said you had to stop being yourself. We can stop this if you'd like and continue tomorrow?"

Rinoa looked back at Edea.

"No…I just wanna get it over with. So…symptoms…what about them?"

"At first you'll get stomach cramps as if you had your period. And each day it'll get worse and worse. After the third day you'll show positive signs of being pregnant and--"

Rinoa's eyes widened. -Pregnant?! She thought I can't be pregnant!!-

"Whoa whoa whoa I can't be pregnant!!"

Edea laughed. "Haha…shh Rinoa everyone will hear you."

Rinoa's face grew bright red skimming the room for any over hearers. She laughed as well.

"You won't be pregnant. You'll just feel as if you were. You'll be craving food and vomiting for another good 3 days. The next week you'll go into contraptions…The whole sha-bang really…your boobs will get bigger your water will break, but after that you'll feel good as new. I promise"

Rinoa was still in shock. "Boy I'll tell ya…If there was one thing I like about being a sorceress so far it's that I'll never get bored." They both laughed.

"Haha…you said it, not me. So Rinoa have you assigned yourself a knight yet?"

"Yeah of course it's Squall."

"Yeah well you might want to find another knight just in case. You know Squall is busy being commander and all, maybe you should ask Seifer too, yeah?"

Rinoa was blown away. Is she really serious? Did she really just ask that question?

"umm…are you serious? Having both Squall and Seifer as my knights that's like asking for a battle itself. Besides you're only suppose to have one knight."

"Who said? Now that your basically the strongest sorceress in the making why not have two knights? Chances of you falling in harms way has multiplied. Just think about it okay, Rinoa?"

Edea trailed off leaving Rinoa in her own thoughts.

-Damn I don't know what to do. I mean Squall does want what's best for me, but he'll hate the fact that I chose Seifer.-

At the corner of her eye she spots the end of a white trench coat pass the corner of the wall. She knew exactly who it was. -I don't even know why I'm doing this.-

"Hey Seifer wait up!" She ran after him.

"Hey Seifer wait up!" Seifer heard her yell and turned around.

"Well well look who it is. Long time no talk. How are you?"

Rinoa felt uneasy talking to Seifer. It was the first time they ever talked since they last saw each other…well minus the part when he was possessed by the former sorceress.

"I'm okay Seifer…glad to see that you're back at Garden."

"Yeah me too…It's been rough thought. Hey, I never got to say sorry for everything. It's just I got so mad you know? Now that you're with him."

Rinoa looked down unable to look Seifer straight in the face. She felt bad for him, but she he left her. He left her for something he loved better. But she knew she will always have that spot for Seifer in her heart.

"Can I ask you something, Rinoa? Did you ever feel anything for me?"

Rinoa was once again shocked. It was the first time they've talked in a while and he's already talking about their past.

"…Seifer you left me…you left me because you wanted to find something you loved more even when you…you had it all along."

"I guess I didn't know what I had then…I'm sorry"

"Hey, Seifer?"


"Will you be my knight?"

Seifer was just as confused as Rinoa. He didn't know whether to believe her or not. He really hoped that it was real. For the longest time it's all he's wanted.

"You really mean that?"

"Well yeah I mean…I don't know…Edea said I should have two knights and I didn't know who else to ask. And im just so confused I don't even know why I'm asking you without asking Squall, and now I'm just babbling and…ugh…just forget it.

"Rinoa…" He touched her shoulder "I'd love to be your knight." He kissed her forehead and walked away.

Unknowingly a young Selphie Tilmitt saw what had happened, and waited till Seifer left. Being a teenaged girl of course she wanted to know the gossip and she wanted to be the first to know. She ran over to Rinoa surprising the hell out of her.

"Rinoa! What's going on?! That's not Squall! Are you possessed again? Are you sick?

Rinoa jumped up overwhelmed by the loads of questions Selph was sending her. She wasn't even given the time to answer one of them.

"Are you sick?" She cupped Rinoa's forehead. Rinoa laughed and took Selphie's hand off her head.

"No, Selph, I'm not sick" She smiled. "Edea said I should have two knights."

"Yup…Squall's guna be mad."

"Oh way to break a girl's heart, Selph."

"Haha but it's true…When are you going to tell him?"

"I don't know…but definitely not today."

"That's fershure…Hey come on! Let's go get something to each I'm starving!"

Selphie exclaimed pulling Rinoa into the direction of the cafeteria.

"Hey guys!" Selphie waved to her friends.

It was the usual gang. Zell with piles on top of pilled of hotdogs, Quistis snapping her gum looking through a magazine, and Irvine checkin' himself out on Quistis' compact mirror.

"Lookin' good lookin' good"

Quistis looks over at him and rolls her eyes while Irvine smiles at himself checking his pearly whites.

"Would you give me that!"

"Geez…okay okay"


"What??" Zell swallowed the rest of his hotdog.

"I said yeah no one wants to look at you anyway."

"Zell, don't eat with your mouth full. That is so rude."


"Selphie! Sweetheart! Where have you been?"

Selphie giggled and sat next to her boyfriend laying her head on his shoulder giggling at every word he says. Quistis rolled her eyes again.

"Anyway…Rinoa how are you?"

"I'm just fine I guess. How are you, Quistis?"

"I'm here and there. Been busy again, but hey I'm not complaining." Rinoa nodded and looked at Zell.

"How bout you Zell? What have you been up to?"

"Trying to get buff…"


Quistis let out the loudest laugh she's ever had. Zell looks at her as if he was ready to beat her to the ground. Quistis didn't care. She kept on laughing. It was one of those obnoxious laughs that make you wanna yell 'shut up!' from across the room.

"HAHAHA…and if that's so then you've been trying forever."

Rinoa giggled but tried to hold it in on behalf of Zell's sake.

"As I was saying…I'm trying…to…bulk up…cause I wanna go up a level in my division…" He said in between bites off his hotdog.

"Well I'm sure you'll make it, Zell" Rinoa smiled at him.

"Where's Squall?" Rinoa looked at the empty seat beside her.

"Oh he's still in the office. I told him to come for lunch, but he said he'll take a late lunch." Quistis said while inspecting an apple then bit into it.

Rinoa's heart sank. She barely saw Squall now that he's busy. She only saw him for two hours tops each day. She missed him.

"Oh…owwwww…" Rinoa Whinced at the pain in her stomach and grabbed her sides resting her head on the edge of the table.

"Rinoa, what's wrong???"

"Nothing…I'm fine…I think it's just cramps."

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