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" Alright now class, settle down. Take your seats and pay close attention for our first half of our lecture will be focused towards our future SeeDs. Please pay close attention if that involves you. Here today to inform those of you who are not yet SeeDs is our very own commander, Squall Leonhart. He will be telling you all you need in preparation for the exam. "

Quistis extends her arms outward to hand off the spotlight over Squall. All students remain silent for obvious reasons of hearing the prerequisites for the test and also because of their intimidation towards Squall. Irvine and Rinoa listen intently for directions. Neither one yet a Seed to Balamb Garden, but both very excited to join their friends on missions instead of getting left behind. Seifer on the other hand has heard this shpeal twice a plenty.

" Hello everyone, I'm very excited for each and everyone one of you interested in taking our SeeD exam. It is one to be very prepared for…"

- Blah blah blah…..idiot…..-

"…it is important to keep up with your training and catch up with your spells knowing how and when to use them. Being well energized, well rested, mental and physical preparation must be at your best. I'd be lying if i said that anyone and everyone can pass this test. The battles are real, the wounds are real, never leave your partners behind. "

-God this is sooo boring….-

"If there are any questions about this, I'm more than happy to answer them. Training for the exam is from 16:00 to 18:00 at the training center. For extra knowledge on spells please ask your instructors when extra classes will be held. Every instructor has their own schedules. I wish everyone good luck…..Any questions?"

"You forgot about obtaining a GF at the fire carvern before entering battle, Commander…."

All students turn to Seifer. Shocked by the comment Squall skims the room for the familiar voice. Seifer gets up from his seat to join Squall's spotlight. Seifer walks up to Squall and pats him on the cheek.

" I got this one big boy. "

The crowd laughs.

- What does this idiot think he's doing …..- Squall squints his eyes pondering what plans boil within Seifer's mind. Seifer confidently fixes his posture and looks to his peers.

" A GF is a necessity to have during training. Of course, we humans are strong, but what's out there are bigger than our huggable, lovable T-rex in the training room. …Isn't that right, Commander? "

Squall crosses his arms letting out his uneasy reply. "….Roger."

"A GF is a guardian force that have various elemental values. They also help to boost up your stats and increase your damage level. They can be summoned by magic."

Rajin rises from his seat and yells " Seifer for president! "

Squall clears his throat before chiming into Seifer's speech.

"Yes, Mr. Almasy here is right. He is a prime example of why not just anyone and everyone can make it. " He smirks.

The class lets out a laugh. Seifer slowly looks over to Squall thinking of an improv line.

"The more times you enter the exam the merrier!"

"That also reminds me, you only have three shots at this exam. After your third, you are no longer eligible to become a SeeD. Mr. Almasy here is on his second try."

Rinoa giggles along with the rest of the class. Ying & Yang. How completely different they are from one another but such a funny pair. She finds it so comedic seeing the two one up each other. She'd rather see them argue tho way than killing each other in a blood bath. She liked having both of them on the same team..well partially on the same team. She felt fully protected around both of the. Both a little head strong, but she knew when it all comes down to it, they'll be able to agree on things.

Quistis squeezes in between the two men.

"These two are very experienced and knowledgable about combat, so please use them to your advantage. Thank you for coming in, Commander Now are are going to resume the rest of the class."

Seifer and Squall look at each other. Competitive, but in a friendly manner. Bothaccepting a little friendly competition. Seifer takes his seat while his rival exits.

"Good shit, man. " Rajin taps Seifer on the back.

45 mins later the bell rings ending class.

"Good luck, Seifer. " Rinoa jestures. She hugs her books and smiles as she walks away. Shocked by the mere fact that she was the one to initiate any type of communication, he gives his delayed reply.

" You too, Rin. "

He watches her trail off before heading to the lunch room.

"You wouldn't believe what happened in spell class today. "

" Tell me, Irvy! What happened? "

"Seifer and Squall were schooling each other about the SeeD exam. It was the funniest thing ever. "

" I would've killed to see that. " Zell says while deciding which end of his hotdog to bite into first.

" You know what, Seifer isn't at all that bad of a guy. I mean, possessed first impressions are never good ….but once you see his human side he isn't that bad. I wouldn't mind having him on my team, with me as Squad Leader of course. " Piling both cowboy boots on top of the table daydreaming about the exam.

"Squad Leader?! You better learn some manners first! " Elbowing Irvine's boots off the table. " Besides you didn't even pass last weeks test! I graded them. "

"Irvy! you said you studied! you need to be a SeeD so we can be battle buddies on missions! Slapping Irvine on the shoulder.

" Who do you think would make a better leader? Squall or Seifer? " Zell questions the table with a large bulk of hotdog in his mouth. " I Mean I'm team Squall, but the guy doesn't know how to vocalize the objectives. Im lost majority of the time running around after him like a tail with no idea what I'm doing!"

" Id rather that, mate than have the worries your Captain might use you as a human sacrifice. "

The gang laughs.

"Shhh… Squall and Rinoa are coming! "

"Hey guys! " Rinoa places her bag on the chair.

"Quite the show earlier, Commander. " Irvine tips his hat to Squall.

" I don't even know what the guys deal is. I had to shut him up. "

" In the most professional manner. " Rinoa hugs Squalls arm.


" So i heard about the deal with you and Squall. "

Seifer slams shut his locker to look over at Fujin.


" Others. It's almost as big as the time you both gave each other those scars. "

"Plans working then, were leaving an impression. "

"Roger. "

Lunch period ends for the students and Rinoa makes way for her check up with Dr. K and Edea on her symptoms.

"How are you , dear? "

" Im fine. " Rinoa smiles.

" Any problems? "

" Nothing out of the ordinary. My cravings have been so crazy! "

" Good that means vomitting and bloating maybe next. "

"…What?" Rinoa turns wide-eyed thinking the worst has passed.

" Its the calm before the storm, Rinoa, The calm before the storm. " Winks Dr. K.

"….Great." She rolls her eyes.

Edea laughs and changes the subject to more personal matters.

" So hows everything going with Seifer and Squall?"

" Mmm…well i asked Seifer, he said yes, i told Squall he got mad, but now I'm forgiven. I haven't mentioned anything after that. "

" We should make things definite, no? "

" Yeahhh….i just don't want drama. "

" I know, i understand. take your time, but not too long. "

Dr. K fills a pill tube with tablets handing it off to Rinoa. " Here are some pills for nausea when you do finally start throwing up. Avoid any dairy products. Drink lots of water, juice, and ginger ale. Call if you need anything, child. "

"Ugh…so not excited!" Rinoa hesitantly hops off the nurses bed.

Rinoa strolls down the halls thinking of how to reopen a sore subject in the least painful way possible.

- Hmm.. how to break this to Squall without any arguments ….*sigh* thats so impossible. -

"Dinner? " Squall stops Rinoa's train of thought.

" Oh i didn't even see you there. Yes, of course. "

" Great, ill see you later. "

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