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Thinking or flashback

Demon or inner Sakura

Pairings: naru/hina sasu/saku

The chunin exams conclude!

12 years ago a terrible demon was destroying the quiet ninja village of Konohagakure.

Many ninja young and old died that day of October 10th it was the day of the nine tailed fox. That day a great shinobi died, the Yondaime, the forth Hokage. He came riding on back of a giant red toad, which had a sword in his hand and a pipe in his mouth. He was called the yellow flash to some because of his jutsu's, he was a Konoha hero. That day he sacrificed himself to save the village. He sealed the demon inside of a child that just had his umbilical chord cut. This boy was Naruto Uzumaki

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The story takes place in the mid-summer during the Chunin selection exams in the third stage Shikamaru Nara put his hand in the air and so did his opponent Temari of the sand village. She was caught in his shadow possession jutsu 'what is he going to do? Is he going to try a summoning?' Temari thought as her hand was getting tired from holding it up

"Grr… well if you're going to finish me off, do it!" she said getting frustrated.

Shikamaru just looked up at her with a bored look. "You're right, it's time to finish this" Temari was ready for something to happen when she heard a voice "Hey proctor, I give up" Temari had an astonished look on her face as her arm went down.


"Easy Ino or your gonna blow a vein" Sakura Haruno said as her former friend stood up holding a fist to her teammate "Shannaro! AND I HOPE YOU GO TO THE HOSPITAL DURING!" her inner self told her.

Naruto Uzumaki who was in a top box watching from above jumped down just to yell at Shikamaru "Shikamaru why the hell did you quit! You had the match in the bag!"

Shikamaru just said "It's too troublesome to go on. Besides," He said cracking his neck "I'm out of chakra, it's too bad too, I planned 250 moves ahead. Doesn't matter much to me anyway. I just wanted to quit to see the next match"

A smirk came to Naruto's mouth. "That's right, Sasuke is next" Sasuke Uchiha, the last of the Uchiha clan after a massacre from his brother Itachi, he and Sasuke are the only two Uchiha's left. "W…wait, where is Sasuke?" Naruto asked while looking around barely noticing that he wasn't there yet.

One of the Jonin which were on duty came to tell the 3rd Hokage what he has learned "Lord Hokage, we just got word from Kakashi"

"Yes, I'd expected him to be late, thank you Kotetsu." The third said

While outside in the front gates two guards stood with their backs against the gates while two shadows of a student and teacher stood "Huh? Oh, hello there." said one guard while the other guard opened the gates

"Come right in glad you two could make it"

"Let's go in Lee!" said the sensei as the gates swung open

"Yes sir Gai-sensei!" said the student eagerly

"The first matches are almost over, all that's left is the Uchiha kid and the sand ninja." said the second guard

"W...wait what about the match between Naruto and Neji?" Lee asked eagerly to know what has happened. Surprisingly to Lee, the first guard laughed.

"That's the thing, Uzumaki won!" Rock Lee had a smile on his face while going with his sensei Maito Gai.

"Where is Sasuke that idiot his been hanging around Kakashi-sensei so much his lateness has rubbed off on him!" Naruto complained as a single leaf crossed his nose, once that leaf touched the ground two figures showed in the middle of a bushel of leaves it was Kakashi and Sasuke.

The proctor just chuckled to himself "Name?"

"Sasuke Uchiha"

"Sorry we were a little late is uh Sasuke disqualified?" Kakashi asked while rubbing his head.

The proctor smiled while he chomped down on his toothpick "ya got here just in time your match was postponed"

Kakashi sighed in relief "that's good. See Sasuke, I told you we'd be late" Sasuke didn't answer.

Naruto came from behind his teacher and whacked Sasuke over the head "what the hell dobe!" Sasuke asked as Naruto lifted his hand in his face

"Why the hell were you late? This crowd has been waiting for this match all day, and you kept them waiting, teme!" Naruto yelled in his teammates face while he wasn't listening "there was a reason why we were late Naruto" Kakashi spoke out

"Come on ya moron. There's no reason for us to be here anymore." Shikamaru said as he headed for the stairs

"Sasuke!" Naruto yelled as he turned his head "don't lose."

Sasuke looked back "got it".

The third Hokage and the forth Kazekage were sitting up in the main box "well lord Kazekage, it looks like it's your boy against one of the top Genin this year from my village how do you feel?" the third said to his old friend trying to start a conversation

"Excellent" is all that came from the man in the blue and white.

"Gaara get down here." Gaara who looked like he'll kill anything in sight that gets in his way went coming down the stairs.

Two grass ninja's looked at each other and got up. Shikamaru and Naruto were going up as they were going up they saw three shadows in the hallway. Shikamaru told Naruto keep down and out of sight. The two grass ninja met up with Gaara in the hall as Naruto and Shikamaru came up barely from hiding.

"Hey kid, we have a proposition for you" said the first grass ninja as the other stood by

"Our boss has a lot staking on this match we want you to lose." Gaara had a bloody murder look in his eyes. His sand took grab of the grass ninja head and crushed it, the other grass Nin looked beside him and saw nothing but a bloody corps before he could move the sand had him in his grasp

"W-wait… kid, we could talk about thi- NO, NO! Nooooo!" all that was in the hallway now were two bloody corpses of former grass ninja, millions of grains of sand, and one blood thirsty sand ninja. Shikamaru and Naruto could not believe their eyes.

They were frozen in thought of what the sand Nin would do to them. They were still frozen as Gaara was heading for the stairs. He past them like they weren't even there. They relaxed as he past them and out of site. Shikamaru broke the silence between them "I've never met someone who killed without a second thought" he said while wiping his sweat of fear.

"If it wasn't for those two morons we would probably be dead now." Naruto was now worried of the match to come. The match between Sasuke and Gaara. "Remember what he said to us inside the hospital?" "I will kill you all soon enough, if you get in my way it will only make it faster." "We aren't enough for him… the only one he will pay attention to… is Sasuke" 'I fight only for myself, I love only myself' " we got to tell Kakashi sensei to stop the match" Naruto said while both him and Shikamaru stood up.

Gaara was in the middle of the giant stadium of ninja from every country. Cheering as the match they have been waiting for begins.

Gaara went in front of Sasuke.

While the match was about to begin Kakashi found his team "Hey there you guys are" Kakashi said as he popped in.

"Kakashi sensei!" Sakura said glad to see her sensei

"Hey Gai, you're here too? Sorry I didn't keep in touch." Sakura was trying to see the back of Sasuke neck as best as she could, it was no use

"Kakashi sensei? That mark… on Sasuke's neck, is it-"

"Its nothing to worry about Sakura" Kakashi assured her. She smiled trying to believe her sensei. Kakashi looked around at the Anbu black ops he counted 8

" Only two squads? What's lord Hokage thinking?" he was telling his old rival Gai

"Don't worry I saw at least ten more Anbu around the village, and there's bound to be more" the match was about to go underway.

"Now then lets begin!" Gaara's sand automatically came out and Sasuke took a step back 'so this is the sand Kakashi talked about' Gaara grabbed his eye like he was in pain "please don't be angry… mother," Sasuke was trying to figure out who was he talking to "I… I gave you bad tasting blood before didn't I? Well I assure you that this blood will be very tasty." his brother and sister who were up on a section with unbeknownst to them with Shino Aburame who was hiding in the corner

"This is not good Temari, the conversation has started" Kankuro said almost scared to speak.

"This Sasuke guy must be good in Gaara's eyes." Sasuke shook off the crazed ranting of Gaara

"Here I come" Sasuke started the match by throwing two regular shuriken. Gaara's sand shield came up right away and the two shuriken were stuck in the sand. The sand started to take form. As time went on, it was a sand clone of Gaara. The Gaara clone exploded going for Sasuke and Sasuke put his arm through the sand but his arm went through. Sasuke hit the clones' head and it dispersed. Sasuke took advantage and tried to go for a frontal attack but the sand was too fast for him but Sasuke surprised Gaara and was right behind him in a flash he was fast, just like lee. He punched Gaara to make his face crack. Sasuke asked him "what's wrong? Is that the best you can do?" guy looked at Kakashi in astonishment.

"Kakashi what kind of training did you put the boy through to hone his speed in just one month?" Gai asked in awe of his speed that was seemingly familiar to him.

"It was difficult but with Sasuke's Sharingan, he mimicked Lee's moves, he only attained that speed because he knew Lee."

"Kakashi sensei!" someone yelled out as they all turned around

It was Naruto.

"Sensei, you've got to stop this match! That guy his not like the rest of us. He kills for enjoyment! He's going to kill Sasuke!" Naruto begged. Naruto expected him to act hastily, however he seemed to not here what Naruto said.

"Naruto you just wait. I told you, there was a reason why we were late." Kakashi said turning at him.

Gaara's sand formed around him, Sasuke was trying to get a punch before it closed, but it was already too late. Gaara was in the middle of a dome of sand. A sand third eye appeared. Gaara was making hand signs inside.

"Well it looks like a perfect defense, it looks like it takes a while." Sasuke smirked "Well that's fine, I need a little time too."

Sasuke jumped back and jumped on the back wall he made complicated hand signs until he put his hand down like he was holding a ball.

"So that's why you trained him in just Taijutsu. How reckless of you Kakashi." Gai said unapproving

Kakashi scoffed "like you have any room to talk guy, right Lee?" it was true, Gai had tried to teach Lee this same technique but he could not do so. Due to his weak chakra line.

What looked like electricity formed around Sasuke's hand.

"What is that forming around Sasuke's hand Kakashi-sensei? It looks like… chakra." Naruto asked

"I'll crack his head open. Lots of blood will come out. I'll give it all to you…

Are you ready? Heheh… I'm ready. Let's make his blood spill!" Gaara said inside of his sand half sane.

"It's a jab" Gai interrupted

"A… jab Gai sensei?" Ino asked

"A jab is a basic Taijutsu move. But this jab is different. Do you here that sound?"

They all listened and heard from where Sasuke was a discreet sound of birds chirping. "This sound is what it's named after. The Chidori,'1000 birds'. Right Kakashi?"

As guy finished his explanation Sasuke went in for the kill. Sasuke rushed over and punched right through Gaara's impenetrable defense.

Everyone in the stadium looked in astonishment, as the Uchiha's hand was inside the sphere of sand.

"Mother, what's this warm liquid it feels weird…" it took Gaara a minute but he figured out what it was. "WHAAAAHH! BLOOODD! IT'S MY BLOOODDD!"

Sasuke tried all of his might to pull his arm out but he couldn't he tried again with chakra infused in his arm. When he pulled it out a bloody veiny demonic arm came out. This did not look good. Everyone was waiting for Gaara's sand to subside. When it did Gaara was holding his shoulder.

As Gaara came out everybody started to fall asleep

Lord Hokage looked at the Kazekage for a minute sensing a killer's intent. "Let's get started shall we?"

One sand guard threw two smoke bombs and lord Hokage had been trapped by lord Kazekage. A giant three headed snake was inside the village destroying everything in its path. Sound ninja and sand ninja rushed in the village. It was a deceiving plan by what were once allies were now enemies. The Anbu black ops rushed to where lord Hokage was but four sound ninja were on the four corners of the building a purple wall came up where lord Hokage and lord Kazekage were.

"Lord Kazekage it doesn't have to be this way, we can settle this. There's still a chance to end this" the third tried to settle with lord Kazekage but he just laughed

"You were always the one to try and settle it with treaty's huh old man. It's all smoke and mirrors once you break it down. Don't you think... Sarutobi-Sensei?"

This name gave terror to lord Hokage eyes.

"I can't say I didn't believe it. I think I knew from when you sat down you weren't the Kazekage. I know you too well… Orochimaru." Once he said that name Orochimaru tore his mask off to show his face.

"My, my, aren't we smart old man." Orochimaru said in a cold voice

"Hm they don't call me the professor Hokage for nothing" the third said as a smirk crossed his face.

"Heheheh I want to see your new moves Sarutobi sensei." He said as he let him go

"you'll regret that Orochimaru!"

The chakra and tension were heavy in the air. The third made the first move he threw a single shuriken. He made a couple of hand signs "ninja art: Shuriken Kage Bunshin no Jutsu" as he yelled this out Orochimaru made his own hand signs. " Kuchiyose no jutsu: Edo Tensei : impure resurrection." Orochimaru yelled out

'What? He's even mastered such a jutsu to bring back the dead?'

Orochimaru yelled out "one" a coffin with 'Sho' on the front "Two!" a second coffin came up with 'ni' 'no I must stop that last coffin!' the third tried to stop it with some handseals but it was to late 'no I can't let Arashi come up' "three!" the third coffin came up with 'yon' on the front . "Out of all the people I cant believe you summoned those three Orochimaru."

The coffins opened the first coffin had a raven haired man with a leaf headband. The second coffin held a white haired man with a leaf head shield. And the third coffin held a spiky yellow haired man with no headband.

The first man spoke "Saru, you've gotten old"

"I can't believe I have to fight my brethren in such a matter." the third said shaking

"It seems a forbidden technique has been ordered we were summoned." Said the white haired one

"This means we must fight you... Saru" the raven haired man said

Orochimaru laughed triumphantly "it seems you have lost Sarutobi-sensei."

The spiky haired one finally said something he smiled. "So sorry Orochimaru, I don't fight for ugly cross dressers." he said as he walked toward the third Hokage "I think I'm going to fight with you old man"

the third just laughed "you may have been the 4th Hokage Arashi, but your still a disrespectful brat just like someone I know…"

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