Chapter 16: Vengeance


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Naruto had absorbed almost all of the powers of Kyuubi into his body, he still retained his body in shape and face, but everything was covered in a blood red aura. His hair had grown spikier and his eyes were now slits. Eight real tails trailed behind him instead of ones manifested through chakra. He had grown to a full-bodied eighteen-year-old man and had grown muscles that had proportioned to the size of his body.

Naruto went charging at Orochimaru with all the rage behind him. Every attack created a shockwave of power. Each blow made an impact. Each blow went straight through Orochimaru; he just regenerated what he had lost. Every impact had a slower healing time. Each time Orochimaru was getting weaker. Orochimaru went on the offensive and tried to slash at the monster that was now Naruto. The sword was so strong it sliced off an arm. But the Kyuubi's chakra just regenerated the arm from nothing. Each time Orochimaru tried to slash, it healed instantly. He had no time to create a jutsu, no time to retaliate when he dug his claws into his body. Naruto was now all but immortal. A being that could not be stopped.

Orochimaru threw away his sword finding it useless. "Fine then, Fox. Behold the true power of the Akatsuki! The greatest ninjas of all! Power of the sennin! The power I have manifested over fifty years!

Orochimaru was transforming into something inhuman. Something that could never be imagined even in the darkest and evilest of dreams. It was tall it was pale, it slithered on the floor with great power, it had mixed facial figures, red, yellow and black hair, blood red eyes, gills on each end. It had been created into something that never should be.

"Prepare, Demon! You are about to face a true demon! From the depths of hell itself!"

Naruto didn't even flinch. He looked at the monstrous form and charged straight at it.

The monster had created a weapon out of his hand and slammed it at Naruto.

Naruto clawed it and broke through Orochimaru's hand and started a barrage of fists to the face. Naruto had been in the air punching him so many times you would think he was gliding through the air. In reality he was using the yellow flash one after another so quickly he was glowing yellow and blood red. Every attack had gone through Orochimaru and healed just as fast as Naruto's.

Naruto was now creating clones with the same power and hurting him with 10 identical demons. But it seemed he was doing nothing but making holes and refilling them.


"What is that?" Obito asked looking at the huge white figure

"Either it's a Halloween costume gone wrong or we're in serious trouble!" Temari said

"Temari, that's far enough. Go back to Konoha." Kakashi said jumping off the fan

"See, ya kid. Thanks for the lift." Obito said after following him.

Temari wasted no time getting out of there. She didn't want to know what that thing was.


Sasuke had regained consciousness. First thing he noticed, was there was something wet under him.

'Blood, I don't feel like I'm bleeding. Then who…' he looked to his side, there he saw Hinata with a huge hole in her stomach.

He shot up and looked for someone to help her. He saw in the corner, a girl not much older than him, and two guys on the ground who looked identical.

"Hey! Arashi! I need some help!" Sasuke yelled realizing who one of them was.

The girl came over with great speed.

"What is it?" The girl asked

"M-my friend is wounded badly." Sasuke said hesitating a little seeing she had an Akatsuki robe on.

She looked at the girl at his side. "I see, I'll look at her."

"So, tell me, who are you?" Sasuke asked

She looked up for a second, "My name is Kushina, Kushina Uzumaki."

"Uzumaki? What are you, Naruto's sister?" Sasuke asked

"Such a little charmer, no I'm his mother." Kushina said

Sasuke didn't believe her for a second.

She tried closing the wound up as much as she could; looking for a heartbeat, or a pulse.

She got up and shook her head. "I think…she's gone."

"That's what I thought, so that's why… Naruto's lost it." Sasuke said

"Is this… his girlfriend?" Kushina asked

Sasuke nodded

"I'll still try. Just go help my son." Kushina said utilizing her healing jutsu again.

"Right, easier said than done." Sasuke said looking at the blood red demon and the great white monstrosity.

"You wanna switch?" Kushina said with her hands on the bloody Hyuuga.

"No no, I'm good." Sasuke said thinking to himself 'That's Naruto's mother alright'


Naruto still hacked into Orochimaru with no signs of weakening. Every shot would have killed any human. Every shot was blasted everything that was in its way. But the white beast reformed what he lost instantly.

"It's no use you fool! Nothing you try can harm me! Nothing!" Orochimaru yelled

Naruto didn't even listen he still tried anything he could. Doppelgangers, Yellow Flash barrages, Rasengan, he even tried using all three together, and still nothing.

"Stay calm, find a weakness." Kyuubi said in Naruto's mind, now in demon form.

"I know, I want to find it and kill him." Naruto said

"No one kills our friends." Kyuubi said

"No one destroys our village." Naruto said

"Not without fighting us!" Both said

Naruto had created six clones, and each created a blood red Rasengan and fused them together. Each of the three Rasengan was close to being pitch black.

"Rasengan blast!"

Each one exploded on Orochimaru and each one tore through Orochimaru. It looked as though he split cleanly in half. The white mass shook and reformed. Orochimaru now looked irritated. He started swinging his tail to try and crush Naruto, but Naruto still dodged it with ease. It seemed that the Rasengan created a reaction with Orochimaru. He was now trying harder to smash Naruto. He was now on the offensive. Naruto's attacks were still ineffective, as were Orochimaru's. Each blow to each other blasted away anything in its path but both regenerated so fast, it didn't matter. This was a true battle of two immortals. All forms of jutsu were considered useless. All forms of tricks were null. This was now a battle of fists.

"You can't keep fighting like this Fox!" Orochimaru said "You have to run out of energy soon!"

Naruto looked at the monster "Don't count on it, I'll fight you through the millennia."

"Suit yourself!" The demon came charging at him. Sasuke intervened with a Chidori. The white beast shook as he was harmed for a second.

"Naruto, can you hear me?" Sasuke yelled at the demonic Naruto not knowing if he could hear him or not. Naruto nodded. "I think if we both attack together, we have a chance!"

Naruto nodded again. "Let's beat him Sasuke."

Both Naruto and Sasuke had both started attacking Naruto with his claws, Sasuke with his fire. Sasuke wondered if they were doing anything. Naruto didn't care, he wanted to slash him as much as he could. Try any type of attack he thought would work. Both knew that explosives and knives were all but useless. And trying anything with illusions was even more useless at this point.

Both Sasuke and Naruto backed away

"Sasuke, notice something?" Naruto asked

"No, have you?" Sasuke asked

"There has been one attack that has seriously harmed him from each of us."

"For me, it's been the Chidori." Sasuke realized

"And for me, it's been the Rasengan." Naruto said "Let's try using only those two attacks."

"Fine!" Sasuke said charging it.


"There she is! Hey, Temari!" Gaara yelled

In the sky was her fan and she looked in their direction.

"Well, there you guys are." Temari said once they had all stopped

"What's up? I thought you would have reported back to Baki now." Kankuro asked

"I did, I had to bring two jounin to the fight." Temari explained

"Yeah, kinda figured someone would have to be there to help." Gaara said

"But I've been tracking a presence this way." Temari said "Maybe two."

"Who is it?" Ino asked

"Dunno, but let's find out." Temari said

Everyone followed Temari as she followed the signature. It wasn't long before two people came into view.

"It's Sakura!" Lee said

"But who's that half dead guy she's holding?" Shikamaru asked

"It could be Sasuke." Gaara said

"No this guy's bigger than Sasuke." Shino said

They all landed in front of Sakura.

Sakura was happy to see them. "Everyone!"

"So it was you I was sensing." Temari said

"Who is this Sakura?" Kiba asked

"Don't be saying your cheating on Sasuke now." Ino said

Sakura laughed "Funny Ino," she said "He's Sasuke's brother."

"Brother?" Neji asked, "I didn't know Sasuke had a brother."

There was silence.

"Am I the only one who knew about this? I've heard that so many times. Anyway, I need to get back to the village. He's hurt badly." Sakura said

"Get on, it'll be faster this way." Gaara said creating a platform of sand.

"Okay," Sakura put Itachi down onto the sand. "Ino, help me out." Sakura said tying back her hair.

Ino did the same and stepped onto the sand.

"You fast Gaara?" Sakura asked

"Sure am." Gaara said

"Full speed then." Sakura said

"Okay, hang on to whatever you can." Gaara said as the mass of sand blasted forward.


Blasts of red and blue crossed each other, as they were each hitting the hideous beast. Each doing at least some damage to it. The little bit of damage they were doing wasn't enough. Both of them had only done so minimal damage that it was almost ineffective after awhile. Soon Sasuke had used all he could.

"Na…Naruto, I'm reaching my limit here. I launched twenty of the Chidori and that's well over my regular limit." Sasuke said

"I know, you rest for a while Sasuke. Get back to 100 percent. I'll hold him off." Naruto said

"Fine." Sasuke said sitting down catching his breath. Naruto went straight back to the battle not stopping for one minute.

Sasuke looked at Naruto. "Heh, damn it Naruto." He said to himself "You've gotten so strong since our fight at the chunin exams. I can't believe you're still that same idiot I once knew. One that charges in without thinking. Reminds me of the fight with Haku."

"All you did was yell out, you gave away your position right away."

"Hey you! It's time I kicked your ass!" Naruto said with his finger pointed outwards.

"I thought you were an idiot for doing that. Even more when you got in the line of battle."

"Hey, Sasuke..." Naruto said

Sasuke's plan to destroy it from the outside had gone to shreds.

"What the hell are you doing here Dobe!" Sasuke yelled out.

"But in the end, you were the one who ended it. I would have never beaten him with the power I had. You showed even more at the chunin exams. When Orochimaru attacked us, you were the only one who wasn't daunted by him."

"Boy, why are you not afraid?" Said the man with a torn face

Naruto laughed "Why should I be afraid of you?"

"But what amazed me the most is your fight with Gaara. It was then I knew you were better than me. Because even though he was an enemy, you treated him like a friend"

"G…Gaara" Naruto said weakenily "I…I wanna thank you, you showed what I could have been if I didn't have my friends, a blood-thirsty monster. I understand you more than anybody. You were despised, you didn't know what to do, but when you found something, you went headfirst. I chose to be respected, you chose to be feared, to be honest, you and me are the same." Gaara took a look back.

"You're welcome." That's what Gaara said when he left the leaf village.

"The thing is, I'm not jealous or angry that you're better. It just means that I have to catch up." Sasuke said standing up getting another chidori ready.


Naruto felt it. A strong source of chakra behind him. If he didn't know who it was, he would have turned back and have been distracted for a moment. Naruto jumped out of the way. Just as he did, Sasuke appeared where he was.


A blast of electricity literally blew Orochimaru into pieces.

"That one… was for Itachi." Sasuke said panting heavily.

He fell back again.

"Sasuke… that would have killed any mortal man, no doubt." Naruto said

Sasuke got back up. "But we're not dealing with a mortal man are we?"


Orochimaru reformed and writhed. Something caught Sasuke's eye when he was pulling himself together. In the middle of the beast was a woman. Orochimaru growled while he returned to his monstrous form.

"Both of you… You'll both die now. I'm tired of playing you're pitiful games." Orochimaru yelled in anger.

"Naruto, did you see that?" Sasuke asked

Naruto nodded "It's where his chakra core should be. It's his real body."

Naruto and Sasuke felt someone's chakra behind them.

"Flames of hell!"

"Lightning Blade!"

Orochimaru had now two holes in his stomach. One scorching with white fire, the other burns from electricity.

One of the people the boys recognized. It was their sensei Kakashi Hatake, the other was a man was in Akatsuki robes.

"Sorry we're a little late." Kakashi said as his eyes smiled

"We were held up by this green cannibal." The man said

Sasuke noticed something.

"That eye. You're an Uchiha." Sasuke said

"Obito Uchiha, good to meet ya cousin."

The white figure roared loudly.

"Sensei, go help my Dad. We'll take care of this." Naruto said

"Naruto, don't be foolish, We're here to help y-"

"-I'm sorry Sensei. This is a matter we have to settle." Sasuke said

Both Naruto and Sasuke stood and walked toward Orochimaru.

"Those boys. When did they surpass their sensei?" Kakashi said

"They have a fire in their eye. There's no stopping them." Obito said

"Well, lets go help our sensei then." Kakashi said

Both of them walked over to their sensei.

"Well, looks like my students are here to help their dear old master!" Arashi said once he saw the two.

"Kazuma, you back with us?" Obito asked

"Sure am. That headache is long gone." Kazuma said

"Where's Kushina?" Obito asked

"Sasuke asked for help, so she's over there still. Dunno what she's doing." Arashi said

"I'll check." Kakashi said going over, the first thing he saw was Hinata on the ground.

"Lady Kushina!" Kakashi yelled as he landed

"Kakashi, it's good to see you again." Kushina said not picking up her head.

"What happened to her?" Kakashi asked

"Sliced through the chest. I'm still seeing if I can put her in a sustained state, but it's not going well." Kushina said

"Is this why Naruto is…"

"Yes, no doubt my son cares about her very much." Kushina said

"What about sensei and Kazuma?" Kakashi asked

"They're fine, they just didn't follow directions. They'll be able to walk in a little while." Kushina said "It's still no good."

"Is she still alive?" Kakashi asked

"That's the thing that's bugging me the most. She should be dead from such a mortal wound, but she's hanging on by less of a thread." Kushina said "I'm trying to get her back, but she can only hang on for so long before…"

"I know," Kakashi said


Naruto and Sasuke were trying desperately to come up with a plan. Both blasted numerous holes of Orochimaru off but before they could get to the middle, the wound closed.

"We know what we have to do, but we can't get it done." Sasuke scowled "How can we get to he center?"

"Keep blasting 'till we see an opening. If that doesn't work, keep blasting." Naruto said

"You're a methodical man Naruto." Sasuke said blasting another Chidori to Orochimaru's side.

Orochimaru himself was blasting a purple fireball every so often to keep them off of him. Naruto was hit once and it disintegrated him, if it wasn't for the Kyuubi's power helping him, he would have been dead on the spot. Sasuke knew if the fireball touched him, he wouldn't be so lucky.

Naruto didn't even flinch when he was hit, he blasted through whatever hit him and crossed Orochimaru's torso again. Sasuke had made sure he didn't get hit and matched Naruto's speed with his Mangenkyo Sharingan. Both boys fought as though they weren't human. Both crossed each other in perfect harmony. It was like watching a masterpiece.

"We got to do something to keep that hole open." Sasuke said "We need something strong."

"Sasuke, I can summon Gamabunta. But he can't hold it alone!" Naruto said

"Fine, then I'll summon Shenryu! He can help." Sasuke said "Ready?" Sasuke said taking out his scroll


"Kichiyose no Jutsu!"

"Kichiyose no Jutsu!"

Both a giant toad and a giant dragon appeared in the battlefield.

"Bunta! Tear and hold!" Naruto yelled

"Shen, you do the same!" Sasuke yelled as well

"Roger!" Gamabunta's gigantic sword sliced through the tissue surrounding Orochimaru.

Shenryu grabbed one side and Gamabunta quickly grabbed the other.

"Go for it!" Shenryu yelled

Naruto charged his Rasengan and Sasuke his Chidori. Both charged in and slammed their attacks into Orochimaru's body.

The middle body didn't move. But the boys could hear a shriek of pain like one they've never heard before.

"Damn, it didn't kill him." Sasuke said

"Of course not. Did you really think it was that easy?" Naruto said

Sasuke chuckled "Not really, I guess."

"We need something with a little more power." Naruto said thinking it over

Sasuke smiled like he figured it all out. "Naruto… The Rasengan and the Chidori are the only thing we have that can hurt it truly, right?"


"What if we were to mix them? The techniques I mean." Sasuke said

"Mix them? It causes it to explode."

"What if we were to form it from the beginning? We never tried that." Sasuke said

"It's last resort and were out of options, lets try it."

Both boys stood side to side holding one arm out each. As they did, they felt a power. A great and strong power in-between them even before they initiated their jutsu. As they both started, they felt the power grow and take form. A gigantic purple ball spiraling in the air as electric sparks shone of them.


"You have taken your last life!"

"You can harm no one any longer!"

"With this Jutsu…"

"We will avenge all the lives you have controlled and taken!"

"This is for Hinata."

"This is for Itachi!"

"We will end your so called reign!"

"With this Jutsu…"

"We will End This!"

"We will End This!"





"One thousand spiraling birds!"

"One thousand spiraling birds!"

Both boys ran at the woman who was in the middle. The woman whose body now belonged to Orochimaru. They both slammed the purple sphere in the middle of the beast. The woman now shook in pain. Purple blood ran through its body. The white monstrosity fell apart as the body holding it together disintegrated more and more. It was clear. Orochimaru had a fear in his eyes as he saw the flash of red and blue fly past him. It was his first and last time he felt truly afraid. He had no plan for this. He had no tricks that he could pull. He was dead.

Both of the boys breathed heavily. Both were to say the least, piss tired.

Both fell to the floor as Shenryu and Gamabunta disappeared fulfilling their duties.

"I fucking hate snakes." Sasuke said

"You said it." Naruto said

Sasuke tried to get up, but fell back again in fatigue.

"Here, let me help you up."

"Yeah, thanks Sakura." Sasuke said until he noticed "-Sakura?"

Sakura had her hand held out.

"Geez, Sasuke. I told you to be careful." Sakura said

"Well I'm not one to listen very well." Sasuke said

"Let me heal you. Naruto, I'll do you afterwar-"

"-I'm fine" Naruto said limping in the opposite direction

"Was it something I said?" Sakura wondered.

"No, it's just…Hinata." Sasuke said

Naruto didn't care if every bone in his body was broken, he had to see her. He had to see if she was okay. He saw the tree where she fell. His dad, Kazuma, his sensei and his mother were surrounding her.

"Naruto…I…I couldn't…"

He wasn't listening to anyone. He saw her and his knees collapsed at her side. Running his fingers at the slash. He still didn't want to believe it. He didn't want to believe she was dead. That he couldn't hug her anymore, couldn't laugh with her anymore, tell jokes to her. He didn't want it to be true. Naruto closed his eyes and hoped when he opened them, it was all a bad dream.

"You can still save her." Kyuubi said

This caught Naruto's attention. "How? How can I save her?"

"You have to give her your power." Kyuubi said "A Jinchruki can give life to those that didn't deserve to die. But, it comes at a price."

"What price?" Naruto asked

"My power will be all but gone. I doubt you'll be able to use my powers for some time." Kyuubi said

"Does that mean… you'll die?" Naruto asked

Kyuubi laughed "No Kit, I'm with you till the very end. It's just, that it will be harder to call on my powers."

"Is that all?" Naruto asked "Good, because I can't depend on your powers when I'm in trouble. Or else, what will I do when you can't be there? I'll be useless. Just a burden on everyone else. So Kyu, Do that! If it will be harder to call on your powers, that just means I'll have to train twice, no five times as hard!"

Kyuubi just laughed "I knew you'd say that Kit!"

Naruto opened his eyes. Hinata was still there. She was still dead. He hoped that he could change that. He placed his hand on her wound. He felt it. Hinata's heartbeat. He felt her come back to him. She came closer and closer all the time. She felt so close. She was a hand distance away.

Naruto felt something on his cheek. Whether it was his tears or something else he didn't know. He opened his eyes and saw a hand. Reaching up to his cheek.

"Hi, Naruto-chan."

Naruto was elated. He grabbed Hinata in a strong embrace. He cried on her shoulder for so long. Thanking everything that she was back. She was able to breath again.

He never knew such a strong feeling before.

Hinata pulled back and reached into her jacket. She pulled out a pocket watch. Inside the watch was the two of them taking a picture.

"Happy Birthday Naruto." Hinata said

Naruto laughed, he was happy that she was able to be so cheery.

"I think its time to go home now." Arashi said

"You said it," Kazuma said "Haven't been home in like thirteen years."

"Wait, what about the fact that we were part of an evil organization?" Kushina said "Wouldn't that raise some alarms?"

"Once again Kushina, you're right." Arashi said

"Over here!" Sasuke yelled near Orochimaru's corpse.

Everyone rushed over "What is it? Is he alive?" Naruto asked

"No look." Sasuke pointed to the corpse.

Inside were tan pieces of paper with names glowing.

"What do they say?" Sakura asked

"This one says Uchiha Itachi, and this one Uzumaki Kazuma." Naruto said

"They're papers that control the mind. These papers cannot be removed even in death. They are a reminder of you're sins of control." Arashi said "Once the name written on the paper becomes weak or dies, if the paper is torn, the former power of the person will be added to

"Wait, can't we use these?" Naruto asked

"What for mind control?" Arashi asked

"No, as evidence" Naruto said

"Of course!" Kushina said "If we show these, mine and Kazuma's names will be cleared!"

"Itachi's name too." Sakura said

Sasuke's eyes widened "What did you say Sakura?"

"Sasuke, I didn't tell you yet but, It's Itachi, he's alive!"

Sasuke was overjoyed.

"I think it's time to go home now sensei." Kakashi said

"Yeah lets go." Arashi said

"I got the body." Obito said


Everyone was indeed tired. But so glad. Kakashi gained his best friend, Sasuke gained his brother, Arashi gained his wife and his twin, and Naruto gained a second chance.

As they entered the village, everyone was waiting for them. All the people who helped them on this mission. All of their friends.

"Took you guys long enough," Gaara said "I thought you'd never come back."

"Yeah, we we're all going to assume you had died or something." Shikamaru joked

"Geez, I can't believe you guys, making us wait like that." Neji said

Sasuke made a quick gesture at all of them and ran past them.

Sasuke made a beeline to the hospital. He wasn't surprised Tsunade was the doctor for him.

"Tsunade. How is he?" Sasuke asked

Tsunade smiled "What? Don't have any faith in my skills Uchiha? He's fine."

Sasuke was elated

"Go on, go see you're brother." Tsunade said

"Thanks Tsunade-Hime!" Sasuke said

"Oh? He added the suffix." Tsunade said as she chuckled to herself. "Wait for it…"

"Which room is he in?" Sasuke yelled out

"Knew he'd get it. Room 592!" Tsunade yelled back

Sasuke wasted no time. He was already a good ways away from the room. Then he saw it. Room 592

Sasuke entered quietly. "Itachi?"



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