Warnings: This is a new writing style I'm testing. I hope this works out.

Proper Education

"The second half of a man's life is made up of nothing but the habits he has acquired during the first half." –Fyodor Dostoevsky


Boom. The moment that sperm hits that egg his life begins. It only takes a second of contact, maybe even less, for nature to determine his existence. It'll take about nine months for the vessel his existence travels in to form and thirty six hours for it to come out into the world.

When he's born, everything is decided—from what color his little booties will be, to the college he'll attend—and he will accept it. Because there's nothing he can do, but wail and spit up every once in a while.

Then his life begins (at least he's conscious of it now), and he's a human in training. From the start he strives for perfection. He doesn't wail at ridiculous hours of the night to be fed, nor does he get irritated when something is wrong. Time goes on without sparing him a glance, and before he knows it, he's walking and talking just like them. He's taught to act, and he learns that Time is hardly of what they call "essence", since it's nothing but seconds and minutes strung together to make days and years. And once he knows how to act, how to perform his role as a human being, he has nothing to do but wait until his next lesson.

And that's his life up to this point. It's a cycle of performance and wait, Time and production.

He keeps this cycle going because it's one of the many habits instilled onto his brain.

Lesson one: Recklessness leads to consequences that are to be feared, following orders leads to results that are to be worshiped.

This mantra keeps him safe from the monstrous claws of individuality, where creativity may lead to foolishness. He learns that foolishness is counter productive and nothing is more frightening to him than being useless. Therefore he lives a strict life of ethics because ethics help the world go round. Ethics make him look human.

Lesson two: Appearance is everything.

Yet the sheer veil of appearance fails to cover any ugliness and unhappiness one might feel.

So he struggles to look righteous even though he feels like he isn't completely righteous. He questions, and then stops himself from going further. Questioning leads to examining one's flaws and he refuses to admit he has any of those.

Having flaws means…


Complete and utter…


He is the opposite. He is cool, calm, and collected. He is perfect.

Thus he resumes his training. Taking all lessons without questions and getting outstanding results. He becomes human…super human, because he can follow by and lead by example.

He is man at the highest point of intelligence…

However, he fails to realize the one flaw in men who reach this crescendo of abundant intelligence and limited action…

They Fall.