Chapter 3-Rhapsody

You thought this was love, such weak emotion.
What I did to you, kissed and stroked golden ocean,
Of your hair and eyes I watched with passion but hate,
And lips I kissed, oh you thought it was fate.

When I see you under me, so dead and weak,
Giving up to me, screaming with lust,
Makes me feel sick.
Leave you dead, turn into ashes and dust.

Such hatred you never faced before,
But believed in love and asked for more,
And I gave myself, taking your life in dirty hands,
Crashing bones and heart, making sands.

And how funny you looked when I see you on moonlight,
With soft smile, calling me for one night.
In bed to smell your mortal flesh,
Bite and suck, but I would kick you like trash.

And enter your little body to bring pain,
I remember your voice, still makes me insane.
And you cried and begged-"Fuck me more!"
And I did. You were my little whore.

Then you hugged me and pulled to your small chest,
Pathetic human thought I need to rest.
But I lied with you, in your hug,
I was your adjective drug.

And now I lie alone, on the cold ground.
There is silence, with no sound,
Me and my hate, alone in pain
You were my lover, you made me insane.

Just the last day of my suffer,
I tried to act tougher,
But you were here, on my mind
All my life I was blind.

And before I died again,
I regret for not telling you then,
I was afraid and weak
To admit that I love you, Edward Elric…